Chapter 1: A Chance Is All He Needs

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Sesshomaru wandered around the eastern woods near the castle. He was thinking about what the council has said not too long ago. He have been told by the clan healer that Inuyasha is going to go in his first heat not far from now. He couldn't wait for his little brother to go in heat. It will be his chance to show his brother that he want to be with him and that he was sorry that he acted like the way he did. Sesshomaru wonder to the great sakura tree that was planted south of the castle. There he sat upon the lowest branch of the pink tree. He pondered, wondered and planned his move with his brother when he comes into his heat.

Inuyasha, with his ningen (human) and two youkai (demons) companions, were traveling west looking for the shard piece of the Jewel of Four Souls. Inuyasha stopped and said that they should go another way. Kagome asked why but Inuyasha didn't kept quite and started to walk back they way they came.

Sesshomaru was thinking on his branch when he smelled the scent of his brother. He thought he had imagined it since his brother never set foot this far into the western lands ever since he kicked him out when he was just a pup but when another blow of the wind carried his scent towards him, he knew that his brother is was here; inside the western land. He couldn't believe it. Leaping off the tree, he started to follow the sent of his brother.

Not far from where Sesshomaru is, Inuyasha was walking away from the scent of his brother and the comforting feeling of his birthplace. The wind blew his brothers scent towards him and he knew he was now getting closer to them. Kogome was yelling at Inuyasha to stop and to tell them where he is going. Inuyasha doesn't want to tell her in case Sesshomaru is going to attack and so he can flee as fast as he can with his injuries that his had kept from the group.

Sesshomaru was running as fast as he could towards his little brother and maybe soon to be mate. Even if he wants to be Yasha's mate he couldn't bare the thought of being rejected by the one that he have loved since the first that he had met his cute little brother. However, it didn't help his case after what he had done to him so many years ago.


The moon rises high above the stars and a howl burn throw the peaceful night at the south in western woods. Forty-nine year old Inuyasha was trying to escape the three youkai that was after him. They came near a cliff, one that over looked the sea with sharp rocks at the bottom and would kill anyone who would be stupid enough to jump. Inuyasha has no choice now that he is surrounded by the three youkais that wanted to eat him for dinner. He didn't want to die but he has no other choice and he doesn't want to be eaten by these youkai. Each of the youkais took a step closer.

"STOP, if you come near me anymore I'll . . . . I'll jump!" young Yasha said

"HA you hear that, the brat's going to jump HAHAHA . . . . go ahead." said one of the youkai with a forehead the size of a watermelon and lime green skin.

Yasha trembled in fear of the demons coming closer by the second and want to eat him or the choice of jumping off a death cliff. Yasha stepped back as they moved in. He had reached the edge and has no where to go now. Is this the end was all Inuyasha could think of. Suddenly the temperature dropped and a killer intent was coming from behind the group. There, behind them was Sesshomaru, the lord of the west. While he was the lord, Inuyasha was the prince. Which his title was never stated to the world but the council and Sesshomaru know that the young pup held the title.

Sesshomaru, who was at the time one hundred and four, looked at the three low lives and the disgrace of a youkai and to the family. He stepped forward and the three youkai moved back and Inuyasha stayed where he is since he had no more room to move or risk falling to his death. Sesshomaru had one hand on the hilt of his Tokijin, the sword that he had made out of his own fang, and moved a step closer. The youkais trembled in fear, one of them that look like an ugly version of a bull frog for a face stepped out and said, "Would you like to join us to feast on this young hanyou, Lord Sesshomaru?"

Sesshomaru growled at the demon and spat out, "Why would this Sesshomaru join you in eating an digesting hanyou? Leave at once or this Sesshomaru will kill you."

The youkais fled not wanting to anger the lord anymore then he was right now. Inuyasha looked at the lord and shake in fear. He didn't know what to do or what was going to happen now that the demons are no longer trying to make him their next meal but now he must face something even greater - the western lord himself.

Sesshomaru looked at his brother and glared at him. He turned around and left.

Inuyasha saw the western lord leaving and he decided to follow him. He seems nice and lonely some how thought Inuyasha as he followed the lord.

Sesshomaru notice the hanyou following him. He wonders why but thought less of it. He turned around suddenly only to have the pup bump into his feet. He smelled fear in the young one which he can care less about.

"Why are you following this Sesshomaru."

"I'm sorry I bumped into you. I want to thank you for saving me and I thought that if I followed you I can find a place to stay since my mother died recently." Yasha said in a low voice and was looking at the ground not wanting to face the lord.

Sesshomaru looked at the pup and started to leave again. He let the pup follow him till the next village which he did not plan on stay in. The village was filled with ningens. Once inside the village Sesshomaru moved quickly through the village and its crowd hoping to lose the hanyou and he did. His scent was masked but the ningen smells around the place. He watched his little brother as he made his way through the crowed looking for the this Sesshomaru. He watched as the ningens began to whisper about the half-breed and his existence being a disgrace to the ningen race.

Inuyasha couldn't find the lord and decided to leave the village before they start to attack him. He made his way through the other side of the village using his hanyou speed which took him about 30 minutes. He walked with his head down and wonder about the village. He left, thought Yasha, but what did I expect from a lord. I'm just an unwanted being and he's the western lord and a pure blood dog demon. Inuyasha sniffed not wanting to cry or show weakness but tears were forming and threatening to fall.

Sesshomaru smelled tears from the hanyou. He didn't understand and he had no idea why he was beginning to care for the hanyou. Was it because he has their father's blood flowing through their veins or was it because of something else?

The lord of the west began to watch over the little hanyou and his growing of life. During this time he began to feel a warmth in his heart and begin to love his half brother. But things changed when Yasha met Kikyo and had fall in love with her. Sesshomaru waited for his brother to be free from the sacred tree that the miko (priestess) had sealed his half brother. He waited but just to find out that his brother had once again fell in love with a miko who was a reincarnation of the one that sealed him in the first place.

With that Sesshomaru became colder than he was before and no longer cared for his brother. They fought for their fathers fang but only to be taken by Inuyasha and that Sesshomaru to lose his left arm and sadly to fall in love with young Yasha once more only this time he fell harder than the last.

-End of flashback-

And this time Sesshomaru will win his brothers heart and the acceptance to be his mate.

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