Chapter 10 - Discovery

The move into the villa went smoothly. Inuyasha spent the whole day mapping the 'small' castle while the staff cleaned and unpacked their things. He found that his room was the master bedroom on the east wing over looking the gardens where the first rays of sunlight would light his room first before any part of the villa and it was the only master bedroom in the castle. Confused he asked his brother about it and Kamikaze told him that this was his villa that their father built for him as a birthday present when he came to his maturity. This place was his built by their father for him and it was only right that he had the only master bedroom as the master of the home.

Kamikaze smiled with glee when his brother seem to be more interested in his own land and their father than have his mind dwell about their brother. He was glad that his little puppy is having fun and the joy in his eyes shine bright compare to the dim shadow that was always there when they were at the palace. Walking with Inuyasha towards the east wings he explained that their father had design the villa for the pup and his mother when he heard of his existence. Their father had wanted Inuyasha to grow up in the western lands so that they were protected and close to the palace so that father could visit anytime he wanted. Sadly, that never happened because when father passed on, he couldn't take the title since he had his own lands to rule and the council disagree with him ruling both the Western lands and the Island countries. So the title was passes on to Sesshommaru since he was next in line to inherit father's lands.

He had wanted to bring the young pup and his human mother here but since he was not the lord of the western lands he can't. Not without bring harm towards to them even though he was clan alpha. He wouldn't be able to protect them when he doesn't reside in the western lands but at the Island country. He felt that he failed them both. Failed to correct Sesshomaru's way of upbringing through his mother, who had hated ningens and that father had become unfaithful to her with a ningen. Failed to see the lies that Sesshonmaru and the council had told him about what really happened the night of father's death.

'I'm so sorry my little puppy. I should've checked or at least demand to see your body to confirm your death two and a half centuries ago.' He looked at his brother with so much grief and sadness that it rolled off of him in thundering waves.

Inuyasha turned to around when he felt the waves of depression that was rolling off his brother and did something that he had not done since is confinement to the scared tree; he hugged his brother.

"It's alright. There's nothing you could've done anyway." Inuyasha pet his brother and was pulled into a tighter hug by the arms that were now wrapped around his waist wen moments ago lay limp on his brother's side.

"I should've checked. I should've demanded to see your body or something. I should've know something was wrong when they told me that you and father's remains were burned and sealed before I even saw them. I've failed you, my little brother." Bloody tears slid down from Kamikaze's eyes and on to Inuyasha's fire rat robes and he gave a small whimper when he shield his face in his brother's neck.

"Well, the past is in the past. Keh, what you're doing know is a lot more than what that asshole has done for me all my life." Inuyasha breath in the beach-y scent of his brother and continued, "I'm glad you're here now. It means a lot considering you could have very well ignore my existence."

Sniffing, Kamikaze lifted his head up and looked into Inuyasha's eyes. Giving him a teary smile he said, "Yes, better late then never at this point." Wiping the tears away he grabbed his brother hand and continued their tour. "I don't understand why your retainer never told you about me though." Then he paused, spun around and grabbed his brother's shoulders, "You were in contact with your retainer right?"

Confused, Inuyasha asked, "You mean the flea, Myoga?"

Kamikaze growled at that answer. "You mean you don't even know who you'r retainer was? Either way, yes, Myoga. Did he not educate you on our culture? Or of my existence?"

Inuyasha shook his head. "I don't see that damn flea much. He comes and goes as he pleases. I didn't know about you till Sesshomaru brought me and my pack to the palace."

The older inu-youkai's eyes bleed red and Inuyasha tried to calm his brother down before he transform and destroy the castle. Not knowing what to do he hugged him again. "Brother, please calm down."

Breathing deeply and into the earthy scent of his brother, Kamikaze relaxed just enough to not transform but not enough to spare Myoga when he saw him again. Looking at his cute little brother, he pitifully ask, "Do you know anything about youkai culture? More importantly our heritage? Or have any form of education?"

Inuyasha shifted his legs from one feet to another and looked at the nice clean marble floor. His ears were down and was trying hard to avoid making eye contact with his brother.

"I learned basic things from my mother before she past and from Kikyo when we became friends..." He didn't go on since there was nothing left to say.

Raising his bowed head, Kamikaze gave his brother a tight smile. "Guess I'll have to teach you myself."

Eyes widen, Inuyasha stumbled a 'You don't have to."

"Nonsense. This will be a great bonding moment between the two of us and I can learn about my little puppy since I've missed out on so much." The last part he growled and had sworn to kill the damn flea, beat up Sesshomaru and curse the council if not try find a way to destroy them.

While the two brothers are making plans to farther educate the hanyou, Sesshomaru was wandering the palace in hopes of running into Inuyasha, knowing that he wouldn't be able to stay in once place for too long. Walking around, he didn't hear or smell anything that would've gave the hanyou's position. Squinting his eyes into a frown, he asked the passing servants where his brother was.

"Where is the hanyou?"

The short rabbit youkai shakes his head and replied, "I-I don't know, my lord."

Frowning deeper and terrifying the poor rabbit, he wave his hand to dismiss him. Not wanting to be the one on the short end of that stick, the rabbit walked away as fast as he could since running seems to be a bit rude in front of the lord. But when he was no longer in front of him, he ran until he was at the end of the hall way. Giving a sigh, he breath out, "That was so scary!"