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It was the job of the Sky to understand and accept all.

So when Luce first saw the other six members of the soon-to-be Arcobaleno, she knew he (or she) would be one of the hardest nuts to crack.

Viper was the quietest of the not-so merry bunch. He only nodded or shook his head when Luce asked him about things or, he simply didn't say anything. The Giglio Nero boss thought for once that the hooded fellow was mute, until that day when she had offered him some of her freshly baked oatmeal cookies.

"How much are they?"

The statement hung heavily in the air, making Luce stop for almost a minute.

She smiled.

"Of course they're free, dear."

She noted that he moved his head up a bit, as if surprised.

He looked at the baked good on his hand.

It was the first time in a very long time that he had something for free.

After some weeks, Luce had finally managed to make Viper talk more than often. It was a great accomplishment, actually. Getting to know their cloud was easy, and having tea in the afternoon helped her to connect with their storm.

So that's three out of six. Not bad when you have the six greatest and most powerful hitmen in the world as your family.

She rubbed the swell on her tummy, feeling some contractions here and there. Some of the stress is really piling up on her. She rested for a while and leaned on the counter top and decided to do breathing exercises as she gazed outside.

It was there that she noticed something odd about Viper as she accidentally saw him from the kitchen window.

His feet weren't touching the ground.

He was floating.

She never would have noticed it if a breeze hadn't come by and made his clothes sway a bit.

Luce stopped doing her breathing exercises. No, she actually forgot to breathe. It was the very first time she had seen such a feat with her own eyes.

"What do you want to know?" he asked her one afternoon, completely catching her off guard.

She didn't expect he could also read minds.

"Everything you allow me to know." She answered in a calm voice as she sat down.

She listened.

He told her when he was very young, he saw a creature observing him from a far; it came with him wherever he went. He told his mother about it but he only got a beating in return. It was there when it started whispering things to him; things he really didn't understand at that time.

Not long afterwards, he discovered he could make things float with the command of his mind, talk with creatures normal people can't see, read minds occasionally, move to another place without even lifting a finger, and make things of fiction become reality.

He told her that when he was six, he had sent his father to the mental ward when he tried to touch him. His father apparently started seeing ghoulish creatures after he had forced him to lie down in bed.

He told her he had been disowned by his mother and called him the Devil's son.

He told her he had been sold to an old man with an indecent smile. He saw something inhuman smiling along with the man. It was the same creature that had always followed him up to now.

He told her he had the chance to talk with Adolf Hitler while staying with the old man with the lewd grin. He was quite the humorous man, actually. It was also in that time when he was dubbed crazy by his companions (who were also children, and there were a lot of them) when they saw him laughing and talking by himself.

He had killed for the first time in the age of seven. He started to have nightmares from then on. When you are seven, seeing the light in a man's eyes vanish isn't the most common thing to see. It wasn't the most pleasing thing either.

He ran away from the man with that lecherous grin after he had killed him.

He told her he had been taken in by a witch and from her, he learned how to properly use his powers.

He killed his 'master' when he heard from a ghost that she was going to sell his soul to 'them'.

He told her he discovered killing was the most appropriate job for him. And kill he did.

When he started killing, the creature who had been following him only from a far now had tagged closely beside him. He could also hear its whispers more clearly now.

Luce had wondered why he had told her so much that afternoon.

He only sipped his milk tea and told her he knew that she was different.

Luce once asked Viper why he wore such long and dark attire.

He let her see what's in the other side of his cloak-like clothes.

There were covered with ancient symbols and writings. She also caught a glimpse of his heavily tattooed skin. He said that those were protective spells.

He told her he was possessed by so many spirits (good and not) and it was, mind you, not very pleasant.

He told her it was also because sometimes, his powers had outbursts, similar to those of solar flares. When that happens, someone would probably run away like a maniac or drop dead on the spot.

He particularly didn't like casting illusions to hide those sorry individuals.

Viper believed in so many things that were implausible to some. But he didn't believe that there was a God.

He told her one rainy morning that he had met the Devil himself.

Luce felt chills crawling down her spine when he told her the Devil was the most beautiful creature he had ever seen.

"I learned one thing from him," he said, and Luce paid attention to his light voice, "We are all followed by demons from birth. But when we are young, we are surrounded by a light that doesn't allow those creatures to harm us. As we age, that protective light diminishes, but our conscience grows. That's when we're all on our own."

Luce asked him if that 'light' is the evidence that there is something greater than us.

He stared at her under those hood of his, as if he can see her (he can, but she never knew how).

He told her if there was a God, why did He let his child self lose his innocence so early?

She felt the hidden pain in his statement. It stung her like a poisoned needle.

It was there that she realized it; Viper is broken as a person.

Luce knew Viper loved money.

She thought maybe he is what he is because he had so little when he was young.

She felt he hungered for love and affection; something he ought to have when he was a child. To him, love was like a cookie jar on a high shelf. No matter how much his short and weak hands try to reach it, and no matter how many chairs he stood on, he knew he can only admire it from a close distance; he can never truly have it.

She felt he had hoarded so many material things for him to replace the things he wished he had.

And that pained Luce. She wished she can make him change but she knew it was too late for that.

When the time came for them to accept their fate as the Cursed Seven, Luce remembered that Viper had openly cursed the tiny body that they now possessed.

It was a private joke among the seven of them, how the saying 'big surprises come in small packages' suited them so well.

Viper didn't find that funny at all. He was actually the first one who was honest enough to admit that he loathed his current form.

The rest of the Arcobaleno were left without words. They were slapped by their own carefully cultured pride, while it pointed a finger at them and laughed because they were cowards who were too scared to admit that they'll never be the same again.

Luce was the Sky Arcobaleno; the boss of the Cursed Seven. And Viper is her mist.

The illusionist bid her good-bye one summer day, when the cicadas were still crying and there were mirages on the road when one passes by.

"I've accepted Varia's offer." He told her, as if asking for approval.

"That's great news, dear." The blue eyed woman smiled warmly like the sun that shone upon them. "You'll be having a new boss then," she chuckled. "I'm quite jealous."

The next move Viper took made Luce's eyes warm up.

He hugged his pregnant boss gently and whispered to her the words that shoved her to tears.

"You'll always be my boss, Luce."

She suppressed a sob and hugged him back. The illusionist kissed her cheek and Luce knew from that moment she'll never see this child again.

It was because Viper never liked company. He had some underlying fear when he was with other people; a fear that had been long engraved in his psyche that he never would admit. Perhaps he was too scared.

Luce felt the form she was hugging was slowly turning in to mist – to the illusion that may have deceived them all along.

There was a time that Viper had told her he was just a figment of everybody's imagination. He told her that as long as we believe at something even if that is not reality for others, it would become existent. Reality is defined by the people who see it, so when they were told that an illusionist named Viper was joining them; he became real in their reality. He was a lie and he had tricked them all.

But Luce is the Sky and she knew and understood all. She smiled to herself as her Mist dissipated in to the air, leaving a distant echo of the words 'good-bye'.

Lie or not, Viper was surely more than real when he spent those times with them.


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