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"Oh my flying cookies! THEY DON'T HAVE SNOW? That's just wrong on SO many levels! I mean- What's a Christmas without snow and hot cocoa? Don't tell me they killed the SMORES too!"

People all around the marketplace glanced at each other, rolled their eyes, and continued on as if a girl yelling and flailing about was a normal thing.

Well… I guess you could say that it IS kind of normal ever since I learned how to speak…. Hey! Don't judge me! You'd be on the floor throwing tantrums too if YOU found out that you're moving to a tropical paradise full of hot guys and a crystal clear beach!



…Wait, you wouldn't? WELL THEN. I guess you don't get a cookie at all!

"Would you calm down Jun? You're making a scene… again." The soft voice of my best-est best friend, Maki-Maki, spoke from behind me, successfully stalling my mental rant.

"But Maki-Maki, the big boss is making me transfer schools to some place called 'Destiny Island!' And you know how I'm especially scared of the hot boys and their rabid fangirls of doom! You remember what they did to Mr. Ducky and Sir Bun-buns after my buddy left? Well I sure do!" I began to sob dramatically, "it'll never be the same again!"

"My name isn't Maki-Maki! And for the evil bunny's sake, that was three years ago!"

Oh, that's right! Maki-Maki doesn't like me calling her Maki-Maki. Her name's actually Makino, but I thought it was too boring and did her a favor by calling her Maki-Maki! She should be grateful that her life has color and that the evil pickles won't eat her brain!

"And stop mentally ranting! You have to go pack up your stuff so that you're ready to leave tomorrow morning. Remember, the school you're going to is called Fantasy Academy." Maki-Maki sure does know how to be a buzz-kill.

"Yeah, yeah, just don't get boring while I'm gone! My years of hard work would be ruined!" I gave her my biggest grin, which always got people to compare me to this one awesome guy named Luffy. They always say that we're too alike for our own good, but I hadn't even met the guy! He's a pretty famous adventurer that was born here though. You should google his picture.

"… Just go, Jun." Maki smacked my head lightly before turning around and walking down the Tram Common, lifting a hand up in a lazy wave. "Later."

"So long my precious friend! You shall forever be in my memories as my best friend while I'm dying in the hands of cruel fangirls!" With that, I made my way through Twilight Town and into my home, for a brand new adventure awaited me.

…Too cheesy? Yeah, I thought so too. It's more like:

Oh the horrors that await the people of Destiny Islands


Somewhere on Destiny Islands, a large group of girls hiding in the shadows and watching three very handsome boys, shuddered violently as if a strange mixture of anger and fear consumed them briefly.

The three young men in question though, suddenly let out simultaneous sneezes and shuddered at the ominous warning in the atmosphere.

Oh they were afraid now.

End Prologue

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I'm thinking of making this a cross-over with Naruto and mostly only involving the main characters in the series. Like, as the people who mainly interact with my OC, Jun, only being Sora, Kairi, Riku, Namine, Naruto, Sakura, Sasuke (to my horror), and Kakashi with snippets of every other character once in a while.

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