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Snatchin' Moments


Scabior was tired. He wanted nothing more to take a long shower and fall asleep. And by that he meant a hot shower and sleep in something more comfortable than the crappy camp beds they slept in night after night.

Which was what he was going to experience tonight.

To reward his team of a mostly successful first month of snatching he decided they could all stay at a pub for the night – have a bit of free time. They ordered lots of firewhiskey and sat around the table, swapping tales, the warm air and clean surroundings brightening their moods. Then they had slowly peeled off either to bed or to the bar. King had gone to play some dart game, Mikael had gone to bed after several minutes of sitting in silence, Dion was talking to the bar owner about business, Greyback had also gone to his room – snarling at any patrons in his way.

Scabior had stayed at their table and was quickly joined by a off duty barmaid called Lucci – who clearly wanted to get laid which was something Scabior would normally grant if not for the fact he was practically dead on his feet and to help out Griffin, who could barely afford to buy his own firewhiskey, he'd agreed to share a room with him so bringing back company just felt like bad form.

He knew he would regret it tomorrow but he said goodbye to Lucci – and her friends who had joined after a nice long chat when he realised it was nearly midnight. He went up to his room, ducking his head as he went up the spiral staircase and strolled down the small hallways. He reached his room to find it locked and noises coming from within: heavy breathing, giggles, a moan. He froze.


Then again he hadn't said Griffin couldn't. So there was no point in him getting angry. He'd just go in there tell Griffin to stop so he could sleep. No harm done. It wasn't like he hadn't walked on Griffin in the past doing strange and weird things. He pulled out his wand the door clicked open, walked in and opened his mouth and closed it again.


"Wot the feck are you doing in my bed?"

Griffin glanced up from between his partner's legs. "What does it look like?"

Scabior was not amused. And neither was the woman who was pulling the sheet up over her naked form and glaring at Scabior and Griffin.

"My bed broke," shrugged Griffin.

"How did your –" he looked at the bed and he shook his head, "I won't even ask – why 'ave you felt the need to smear all ya semen where I'm gonna sleep, ya berk?"

"Didn't really think about it to be honest," said Griffin, "though if it makes you feel any better you can have her after,"

The woman made to slap Griffin but he quick as lightening grabbed her hand, stopping her.

"Now, don't do that," he said to her, before looking back at Scabior, "Well?"

"I don't take your seconds, mate," said Scabior, though at the sight of her – and she was a pretty little thing – in that sheet, her fierce eyes his cock twitched.

"You sure?"

"I am here you know," she huffed which they both ignored.

He ran his tongue over his teeth – considering, imagining and ultimately deciding he was not going to have Griffin's seconds. "Yeah, I'm sure." And promptly turned around to leave.

"Where you going to sleep?" hollered Griffin.

"Kick King off his bed," he said as if it was obvious.

"Sweet dreams," chuckled Griffin.

Scabior locked the door behind him and went to find King's room.


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