Her head shot up, had she imagined that movement? She was of a hive mind with her children, and they felt footsteps in the sand, was it real? They had changed so much in the three-quarter century since they had been planted on Hunter's Eye. They had turned a shade of dusty red to match their desert surroundings; they had long, slender bodies, because their primary mode of transport was digging through the sand like worms, while their feet and legs had become long and wide, to tread across the shifting ground. She had sealed herself into the walls of this cave, and she lived off what she could find, including her own children on occasion.

But now, food and wombs had been delivered by the Yautja, and she wasted no time in setting her son on them. She saw him, through his eyes (or lack of such), bursting from the dry sand, climbing one of the tall stone structures that encompassed this barren world, her son leapt from one to the other, stalking the three humans, and the robot. He gripped the edge of the obelisk, preparing to leap, when the android turned, flame bursting from the framework on his body, her son leapt to the side, dodging the fire, he hit the ground and swung his claws at the nearest human, who dodged back, his tail followed his hand and the human ducked beneath that too. He drew a large rifle, and fired wildly on full auto. Her son dodged them repeatedly, and shot into the sand. He heard muffled voices while moving around the group of humans, the human he attacked and the androids, before springing out of the sand behind them, he tripped the female up with his tail and raised his hands, preparing to strike. A gunshot rung out and the last thing her son registered was the pain, and the loss of sight.

She screamed, he wailing voice echoing through the caves, her head fell and she hung it in sadness, silence had swallowed the sound, and she sat there, for minutes, for hours, before the Yautja's clicking filled the cave. She looked up, and saw it, facing her. She saw behind it, an egg opening, the small facehugger crawling out, in her mind, she heard its shrill, young voice, Mother, it said Let me kill for you, Mother. She willed it to stop, but it pressed on. How many times had she sat and hated the Yautja? How many days had she sworn her revenge against the one who put her here? Could hatred like that be passed on in the hive mind?

The facehugger leapt at the Yautja, who turned, calm and collected and gripped it at the base of its tail, the facehugger screamed in its mind, screamed for its mother, before the Yautja attached it to his shoulder cannon. She felt her wayward child's pain as radiation and electricity danced through its innards, before the Yautja placed its corpse on his shoulder, she bit her tongue, feeling her own blood filling her mouth, before she spat at the Yautja, who blocked it with an alien shield. The acid tore through the shield, though not as fast as it would flesh. The Yautja inspected the shield with curiosity, then turned and walked away, that bastard, she thought.

Hours later, the cave flooded with light, drones stood and turned towards it, she turned her head and the light flooded her sight, then she saw through her children's eyes, warriors and a facehugger being herded into a wide arena, the facehugger was carried off by the Yautja and placed in a small cage. The warriors crawled across the ceiling, trying to hide themselves from the light, then they smelled the telltale pheromones of humans.

Standing in the centre of the arena were three human soldiers, and one android…