Hey guys! I'm New Jersey *grins* I noticed some of my siblings have been writing these and I don't wanna feel left out so.. Yeah here it is. Please review and ask any questions you choose EXCEPT perhaps if you're an impatient Yorker who teased me for not having my own ask fic cause I'm invisible compared to him.. Which isn't true!.. Stupid brother… His just jealous of my awesome roller coaster! (A/N King Da Ka) and.. Just to get a few things clear I say jersey, not joissey and Jersey Shore gives me a bad name! Besides that have fun people, I hope you dudes have an awesome time commenting on this! :D

A/N yeah I'm from jersey so this is the accent I use where we live but it could be different depending on the area(if its even an accent). Lol I just picture this is how jersey and York would talk to each other. And jersey didn't mean it York can review..

New Jersey: no he can't! I'm still mad at him!

Me: for what?..

New Jersey: some things cannot be expressed in words..

Me: XD? Anyway R&R please