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I looked out the window of the train, I sighed in sorrow. I did not like what was going on or the pass few weeks. The fight during World War 2 was horrible. Lives lost, everyone sad, and now kids being separated from their families.

The door opened and I looked up to see it was. Four kids walked in and sat down. The oldest had dirty blond hair and big blue eye. My guess is that he was 15. The girl who sat beside him had long brown hair. I looked at the boy who had dark brown hair. He saw me looked at him and smirked at me. I guess he wasn't that friendly.

I felt a tug on my jacket and looked down. The smallest girl had short blondish brown hair. She smiled at me and asked, "What's your name?"

"Lucy, don't talk," the oldest boy said.

"No, that's alright. My name is Katherine Laken, but I like to be called Katie."

Lucy smiled and said, "I'm Lucy. I'm 8 years old. That's Peter, Susan, and Edmund. They're my brothers and sister. Do you have any brothers and sisters?"

"I have one older brother, but he's in the war," I said.

"My father's in the war too. Maybe my brother met my dad," Lucy said.

I smiled at her and looked back at the window. When Lucy said her dad was in the war, it got me thinking about my dad.

When the train stopped, I got up and grabbed my luggage. I was surprised when I saw the Pevensies got up and grabbed their luggage too. When were got off the train, Peter turned to me asked, "Who are you waiting for?"

"Um, I think his name is Professor Kirke," I said.

Peter's eyes widen and said, "No way, that's where we're going."

We wait for what it seems like an hour. We ran down the platform to have a car pass us leaving a puff of smoke in our faces. I coughed when the car passed us.

"The professor knew we were coming" said Susan.

"Maybe we have been incorrectly labeled" said Edmund looking at his name tag.

Before I could speak, a carriage came up to us. I felt a shiver up my spine when I looked at the lady. Lucy grabbed my hand like she was afraid of the lady.

"Mrs. Macready?" asked Peter.

"I'm afraid so" she said looking us over "That's it? Haven't you bought anything else?"

"No ma'm, it's just us" said Peter.

"Small favors" Then she motioned us to climb on the carriage. It took us at least 30 minutes to get to Professor Kirke mansion. I gasped when I saw it. It was so amazing.

We walked inside when Mrs. Macready starting talking. "Now there are a couple of rules you need o follow, there will be no shouting, or running. NO TOUCHING THE HISTORYCAL ARTIFACTS!" She shouted at Susan who was about to touch a statue. I giggled after Susan slowly put her hand down.

"And above all, there will be no disturbing of the professor" She pointed at a door then led us up to our rooms.

Lucy and I stood at the door for a couple of seconds until we saw a shadow stop at the door. We looked at each other and ran up the stairs to get to the others.

After dinner, I started reading a book until I heard Lucy saying, "The sheets feel scratchy"

"Wars don't last forever Lucy, we will be home soon" said Susan

"Yeah, if homes still there" said Edmund.

"Isn't it time you were in bed?" said Susan

"Yes mum" said Edmund.

"ED!" shouted Peter.

I rolled my eyes and placed my book down. I walked over to Lucy and said, "Don't worry Lucy. Think about this. We have a huge mansion for ourselves. We can play inside and outside too. It would be fun."

Lucy looked at me and said, "You really think so?"

I smiled and said, "I know so." Lucy smiled at me and I knew I did something right. I turned and looked at Edmund as he smirked at me and walked to his room. After Lucy was asleep I continually read my book. I felt a hand on my shoulder and I looked up. Peter stood behind me. "Thank you for helping Lucy. She's been having a hard time ever since our Dad left for the war."

I sighed and whispered to myself "I know how she feels" Peter looked at me all confused. I smiled at him and said, "I'm glad I helped."

When Peter left I lead on the bed and smiled. I knew this trip wasn't a waste after all.

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