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"Ahhhhhhh!" screamed two members of the Electric Quartet.

"Turn it off! Turn it off!" yelled their drummer Red Ketchum, as he leaped over their band's lead singer Green Oak for the remote.

"Hey! Red get off of me!" yelled an annoyed Green

"Would you both just shut the hell up or you're going to have to find yourself a new manager!" yelled (Someone I can't forget in this story) their manager Silver Rocket.

After that was said you could hear a pin drop, because of how quiet it was. (Somewhere in all of the commotion Red managed to get the remote and turned the TV. off)

(If you didn't understand that part they were watch a scary movie…so…yea)About five hours later-they were walking down the street with the paparazzi right behind them but they were use to it

"So guys, what do you want to do?" said the pervert of the group Gold Wilson one of the group's guitarist

"I don't know, what do you think we should do Green?" Ruby Maple their lead guitarist (He's still arguing with Gold about who's better) asked as he looked to his right were Green should be but he wasn't.

"Hey guys where Green is?" Ruby said as he looked around for the spiky haired trainer. After Ruby said that everybody else looked around for Green too.

"Wasn't he standing right next to you?" asked Gold

"Yea, but now he's gone now!" replied Ruby

"Umm… guys Silver's gone too." Said Red with a sheepish smile

"What!" everybody else yelled

"Hey have any of you guys seen Green or Silver?" Gold asked the paparazzi

"There they are, wait why are they getting in a taxi?" said/asked Red

Next Time on Dating a Teenage Pop-star

A secret will be told

Green & Silver will get a big surprise

New characters will be introduced

Gold will get slapped

And a hell lot more

P.S. Thanks you guys for everything without you there would never be a IcyNinja951