The rain was falling steadily over Roseville, pattering off roofs and pooling in the hollows and pockmarks that littered the sidewalk. It rained on the houses. It rained on the trees. But most of all, it rained on the two figures who were traipsing noisily through the park.

Lucy jabbed her finger into Mike's chest.

"Oh? So you deserve better? Not good enough, am I? Just something to be discarded!" she shouted, fists clenched. "Thrown away! So after all this time, I'm nothing?"

"Oh, grow up, Lucy. You know it had to come sooner or later.", growled Mike. "I'm moving to Rickter and that's it. It has nothing to do with you."

Lucy's slap sent Mike staggering sideways. He turned to her, eyes narrowed, his voice suddenly quiet.

"I thought we could part on equal terms, Lucy. I thought you'd be mature enough to handle it. But no, still clinging on like always." He turned to leave. "Find someone else. Leave me alone."

Lucy watched him go. She felt the anger bubbling inside her, blinding her to the rain and the dark.

"You'll never be free from me, Mike. I'll make sure of that." She looked up. "Never!"

It was half past ten by the time Mike had packed everything for the move. He looked around his bedroom, now sadly barren. Blur was out someplace, with a promise to return by the following morning, and his mom was in the lounge.

The Korat sighed, collapsing backwards onto the bed. It seemed much smaller nowadays; his feet touched the end when he stretched out. In fact, the entire room seemed smaller, accentuated by the lack of posters that had previously adorned the walls, now packed into the case which lay at his feet.

The clock downstairs in the hallway chimed eleven, waking Mike from his reverie. He rubbed his eyes, and picked up the card that lay on his bedside table. It showed a Sakura, a flowing cherry tree, in full blossom. Underneath it, a different hand had drawn two figures. Mike opened the card, and read for the thousandth time the flowery, flowing script:


I hope this card arrives safely, I know how unreliable the postal services are round here! I've already got my stuff moved into the apartment, and the bed is nice and warm! Can't wait for you to arrive. Miss you so much..

All my love ,yours forever,


Mike traced with a finger the ornate text, his mind elsewhere. He put the card down delicately on the table, on top of his cell and wallet. Yawning hugely, he lifted up the duvet and settled into the mattress. Darkness closed in on his vision, and he felt himself drifting off to sleep.

Outside his window, a shadow detached itself from the multitude of others that outlined the darkness. It drifted over to his window, and slid underneath. The air around Mike's sleeping form rippled and contorted, and the Korat appeared to deflate in some way. The shadow withdrew, and the air was still once more. Mike's breathing slowed, and, with a quiet sigh, stopped.