A woman at the age of 22 was staring at the tomb of her loved one, her mother, who died when she was a the age of 18. She bent down and placed a red rose as it was her mother's favorite flower, if she remember right. Her mother was ill, but it wasn't from her health, it was from grief.

She remember how her parents fought, she never got it until she was 13, her mother had to explained to blame her mother because in her eye's she was the one that started fighting, but when years went by, her knowleged grew on why she did what she did. Plus her mother told her that when she was pregnant with her, he acted out, came home drunk and been at parties where women threw at the men just to have a 'fun night.'

She had an older brother, Sammy, who would protect her, distracted her from her parents, but it never worked. Their father loved them she'll give him that, but sometimes he never acted like one, he would act like he never had children and thats where her mother, Irene, stepped in and where fights began as well. She hated her mother for sometime but as she got older she saw the truth.

One night hell broke loose. Her mother at them down and told them that she was leaving him and wanted to know if they wanted to come with her. Sammy said that he wanted to stay with his father but she said that she want to go with her so they left them and move into a small apartment uptown. Her mother worked tow jobs to support them both but she was dying slowly and only her mother saw that.

She wanted to help her but she said the only was she will help her was going to school and getting her education. She felt like she wasn't helping at all, but respected her wishes and kept going to school. Then one day when she was a home, busy with her homework she got a call for her mother's work place saying that she had fainted and she in no time ran to the hospital. Once she reached there, the sight she saw was something she never wanted to see again.

Her mother was hooked with all different types of tubes and wires conneted to her and the machines. The doctors came in as soon they hear that she was here

"Miss Johnson?"


"Hello, my name is Dr. Torbert"

"Hello Doctor. Please tell me that my mother is okay?" she begged

"To tell you the truth...she's dying" he said some what uneasy. The news shocked her and removed all the air that was in her system.

"What. HOW? my mother is a healthy woman. How can she get sick?"

"Its not my health moonbeam, its my heart" said a triedly voice. She quickly turned and faced her face - tried mother.

"I'll leave you both alone" He said and left the room.

"Mom I don't understand, what do you mean your heart?" She questioned

"Moonbeam, I am dying beacuse of your father. I was sick of his ways and my heart couldn't take it anymore and one day my heart failed and I was rushed to the hospital when your were at a sleepover at your friends Raye." she explained calmly

"Why didn't you tell me? Mom you've been doing all the work and why didn't you let me help you?" She was getting angry. How could her mother not tell her this, she had the right to know, she was her daughter for crying out loud.

"Beacuse I DON'T want you to end up like me. When I was a freshman in college, I met your father and I didn't want a man to distract me from my studies but he kept following me everywhere I go. I finally told him off but that same day her met my sisters and friends and made some stupid act in front of them and right away fell for it.

They made me go out with him, and I felt like he took away my freedom. We went out for a long time and then he proposed. I said no and yet again he went to them and made me marry him, and then thats when I knew that I lost all my freedom I once had and I was empty.

The wedding went smoothing and I was unhappy, but I told myself that maybe I could learn to love him in time...and I did. I've gotten pregant with your brother on the first time, which was on the honeymoon, and I was very happy but then it hit me, I couldn't go back to college. I've always wanted to be a teacher and teach little childrens, like my mother.

As months went by, your father became distant, I never knew why though, but that was until he came home smelling like women's prefume and beer. He was at a strip club, and I was at home doing all the house chores while pregant. I gave birth early at 7 month's. He began to cheat on me with women who he worked with and down at the stripclub, and one night he forced me to have sex with him.

Then two weeks later I found out that I was two weeks pregant with you, moonbeam. Your brother at the time was three and was going to turn four. Your father stopped and I thought it was the end of all of his cheating ways...it wasn't, a woman that he slept with told him that she was pregant with his child and he didn't want to see her again. The woman's name was Sophie, and she went to my home and yelled at my face telling me all the things they done together, and I was heavly pregant and if weren't for your father right now you wouldn't be here and then three weeks later you were born...my little moonbeam.

The woman still claimed that he was the father but he didn't believe her, he said that he used protection and he was sure it didn't rip and if it did, he would have felt it and stopped right away. I've never been so unhappy in my whole life, but love you and your brother with my heart and soul and would never put in that situtation, but for some odd reason it did." She finally stop and saw her little moonbeam crying her heart out at her story.

"Why would you stay with him after all he had done to you. To us?" She didn't want to believe it but all this made sense to her.

"So you both had a family." She stopped to take a breath but ended up her coughing off blood, but didn't was her little moonbeam to see it. "Please. Please I beg of you...don't repeat the same story...you'll end up unhappy. Like me...finish your *cough,cough* education...don't be come *cough* like *cough*...me" She repeated and then she heard it. The flat line. Irene Johnson had just gone to a better life.

The funeral had gone as planned. As they desdened the casket she and her brother, who had just found out how and why his mother died, saw their father and his new wife, who lied being pregant just to keep him, coming up the hill. She walked toward him and slapped him and Sophie right across the face, hard.

"How dare you come here. Have you no shame and repect for my mother, get the fuck out of here Jackson!" She snarled at him and his wife. Ken Jackson never heard such language from her. Ever. The kind and loving girl he once saw grow up was gone and the only thing left in her was hatered and anger.

"I come in piece, Moonbeam" She slapped him once more and was ready to give him another one but Sammy stopped her.


"Hey don't you dare yell at your father like that, you little brat" Sophie snarled at her. That made Sammy snap and slap her so hard that her head turned and fall to the ground

"NOW YOU LISTEN TO ME, AND LISTEN LISTEN TO ME GOOD, YOU LITTLE PIECE OF HORSE SHIT!" He snarled and he eyed at her and his father, "LEAVE NOW AND NEVER COME BACK YOU HEAR ME. NOBODY, BUT I MEAN NOBODY CALLS MY BABY SISTER A BRAT! YOU CAN CALL ME ALL YOU WANT BUT MY SISTER YOU LEAVE HER OUT OF IT!" He was defending his sister like he did when she was small. She smiled alittle at him and he soften alittle for her sake.

Sophie was ready to rip them a new one but ken stopped her and left. They both cried that night and mourned for their lost family and mother. Sammy move in right away with her sister so she can finish high school and go on to college. Good thing he finished college early and gotten a good job working as a lawyer for a large company called 'Shield's Inc.'

She finished with her friends who were with her thick and thin Amy, Lita, Raye, Mina, Rita and Molly. Amy, Lita, Raye, Mina and herself went to the same college but Rita and Molly went to college in London.

They four also finished college, but early like her brother. Amy became a doctor and open her own pratice, Lita became the worlds greatest chef and open her own place, Raye a busniess manager and is now where her brother is now working in, Mina a fashion designer and open her own clothing line and last nad not lest she became a teacher and now is teaching 2nd grade class at a local school that wasn't far from where she is living.

As she continued to stare at her tomb she traced the letters that spelled out

'Irene Johnson


Loving Mother and Wife

Mother to Samuel Jonhson

Serena Jonhson'

She let a tear drop fall as she stood up and walked to car and drove home, never knowing that sooner or later that her mother's story was going to repeat itself but who knows...maybe it will change for the better.

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