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"Oh wow" Serena murmured, "Now I know where he gets it from". She giggled. Susan laughed too.

"Yes, Mr. Drake and Darien are like long lost brothers, it's scary really" Susan said while sipping her tea.

"So are his parents still around?" Serena questioned, Susan hummed and placed her tea down.

"Yes they are but right now they're Italy, Mr. Drake is interested in investing in a vineyard. They should be back anytime now". Serena at this information.

"So how did Mrs. Shield agree to be his wife?" She leaned on the table with interest. Susan laughed.

"My, my aren't we nosey". Serena blushed, leaned back and looked down.

"Sorry, I just wanted to know since Darien wants me to become his wife and since he is his father, I want to know how she survived him after all these years" She explained herself. And it was true; if she were to get married to his man she would need all the help she could get. Susan thought about it then looked at her.

"Alright then, I'll tell you but it stays between us got that?" Serena nodded. Susan took another sip then place the cup down.

"He did what Darien did with you; kidnapped her." Serena eyes were wide at this information, 'so they are like lost brother's' Serena thought bitterly.

"But did she fight back? I mean if she looks anything like Raye then Raye must have inherited her anger?" She question. Susan nodded.

"Oh yes, but the more she fought; the more Mr. Drake wanted her". Susan sighed.


"LET GO OF ME, YOU JACKASS!" A younger version of Susan walked towards the screaming woman and a gasp escape from her as she looked through the crack of the door. There was Mr. Drake pinning the woman that sang at the Welcoming party in honor of Mr. Drake himself, on the bed.

He ran his hand on her long, smooth tanned legs while she struggled to get out of his grasp; he chuckled.

"So you rather give him your body, after I ordered you to break up with him? You foolish woman, look what you did, because you ignored my warning he's in the hospital". She whimpered.

"I already told you that I don't love you, what part of 'Don't love you' you don't understand" She whined. He growled, he grabbed a fist full of her hair and pulled her head back.

"I know you don't mean that, you're just angry that I hurt that little boy" He hissed at her. She snorted.

"He isn't a little boy, he's a man" That comment made him snap. He released her and then slapped her hard on the cheek. She yelped and cradled her face in her hand then she heard him unbuckling his belt; he grabbed her hair and made her turn to face him.

"If you gave yourself so easily to him, then you don't mind returning the favor to me now do you?" He angrily said. Her eyes widen in fear, she began to crawl away from him but he pulled her towards him.

"No, please no. I didn't give in to him, I swear, I didn't have sex to him. Please NO!" She screamed as he started to pull off her school skirt.

"Don't you dare lie to me, I have proof you bitch!" He yanked her skirt off and was award with lacy black and blue panties; the ones he sent her.

"My, my look what we have here, and here you said that you wouldn't wear anything I sent you." She blushed then frowned.

"What make you think that I don't own a pair just like them?" She retorted back. He just smiled.

"Because, I know that these are limited addition sets from a well known fashion designer in France so I doubt anyone here in Texas sells these kinds, so to answer your question, no I don't" He replied simply, with a shrug of his shoulder. She wiggled to be set free and he sighed. "Why make my life so hard, sweet tart? Just say yes and we'll get married in a months' time" She stopped and huffed.

"You know I want to finish my Senior year and go to college. If I marry you then I'll have to give up my life's hard work to become a stay-at-home mother because that's the women in your family do and are" She responded. He held her tighter.

"So you don't want to be a mother?" He asked softly. She sighed.

"I do Drake, but not right now, I want to get a degree in business and help my dad with the bar." He nuzzled between her breasts and sighed at the lavender scent she uses for body wash, it calmed him a lot.

"Alright, how about this; we'll get married but we won't have children until you finish college, deal?"She 'hummed' in thought as she stroked his hair.

"Okay, you got yourself a deal" He laughed out in joy and pulled out the engagement ring he bought the second day he was back. The ring was sliver with tiny diamond around it, The stone was big, pink and in a shape of a tear drop with tiny diamond around it. Bella gasped in awe and he slid it on her hand.

"So it's officially, we're getting married" She whispered and she felt him nodded on her chest, then there was a slight pause before he sighed

"I'm sorry I hit you and called you a bitch, but when you said that, that made me snap". She sighed and raked her fingers on his hair.

"I'm sorry too; I shouldn't have said what I said…you do know I would never cheat on you, right? And you shouldn't have beat him, he didn't do anything wrong" She said, he snorted.

"I had every right, I'm your boyfriend and he kissed you"

"Right, but on the cheek, he was saying he was sorry that he cheated on me with that slut and that he wanted another chance with me but I told him that I was with you and that I'm very happy. You shouldn't worry" She resorted. He sighed then began to leave light kisses on her chest; she blushed.

"Wha-what are you doing?" She asked. He looked up.

"I'm bored Sweet Tart, and when I'm bored I tend to do stuff like this and besides you didn't mind that one time remember; you know that lake, under the full moon and stars, that night you gave me-"

"YES, I know!" She stops him and blushed, now that night was a really good night for the both of them. He chuckled and then lifted himself and began to unbutton her school shirt. She looked at him with an eyebrow raised.

"Now what are you doing?"

"I'm in the mood so if I were you I would remove your panties before I rip them off; you don't want to go home without them and then your father to see you without it either" He laughed when she huffed but complied. That's when Susan quietly closed the door to give them privacy and left to do her duty.

End of Flashback

"So wait, she was okay with what he did to her?" Serena asked in shock. How could a woman like Darien's mother end up with a man like Drake? Susan laughed lightly.

"Well when I asked her about it she told me that he reminded her of a puppy, always following her where ever she went she found it very funny but cute but she was with her boyfriend at the time but he was cheating on her with a loose girl because she didn't give in to him, that is until she got to know Mr. Drake". She sipped her tea, "Now tell me Dear, doesn't Darien remind you of a puppy?" Serena opened her mouth but shut it, now that she mention it…

"Serena? Serena where are you!?" Serena sighed and bowed her head in defeat. Susan just smiled.

"I think your puppy is looking for".

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