Attention fans of the story "A Story that Repeats Itself", I have decided to rewrite the plot for a new one that I have created on Wattpad called "Secret she hides". It is about a woman who as you can tell by the title has a secret that she wants no one to know what it is and has kept it under wraps until she meets an Alpha male, who is somewhat familiar to the man she had in the past, and also like the Darien in the ASTRI, has an obsession and can't keep his hands to himself and seems to know what her secret is and she does not know if she should hate him, fall for him or be afraid of him. As for her back story in ASTRI, I have decided to change it around and I think you might like it and if not…I'm sorry. I am not going to remove this story yet I am just going to repost it as a new one so for those who do have me in their Author Alerts and or Favorite: you guys might see the new one soon and for the others who are not just keep an eye out for it or add me, whatever you decide. Hope you guys like it and if not I am sorry but I am going to update anymore chapter here. Please don't hate me, after re-reading every last chapter I cringed and I was like "I actually wrote these chapters?" Some of you might or might not agree but it is the truth but then I started writing "Secret she hides" I was like "This sounds like what Serena and Darien would say and do" and so it was decided that I was going to change it and rewrite it. So there is me message and I hope you guys accept my decision and hope you like the rewrite.