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Chapter 2

Shepard, we trusted you…

You said we won't fail…

Human, your futile mission will not succeed, all organics are obsolete, the machines will be the dominant race…


"What's the status of our patient?

"Stable, his heart rate normal, blood pressure normal, but his brainwave activity is off the charts, I've never seen anything like it."

"He's been like this for hours now has there been any development?"

"None he hasn't regained consciousness, but my advice is we wait."

"Inform Colonel Fury of the situation."

"What about the wreckage?"

"It's been sent to a tech expert, if anyone can figure it out it's him."


Hank Pym a.k.a. Ant Man, was working as always in his lab but was interrupted by the rather large amount of wreckage that was brought to him by an old colleague of his.

"Um Reed why did you send me this?" Hank asked really confused.

"I'm very sorry Hank but I've got too much work here and keeping these villains locked up in the Negative Zone is taking my time up , it's the wreckage that fell from space SHEILD did ask me to look at it but I thought since I'm unavailable I hope that you could find out what it was if this was last minute I could-"

"No it's okay actually this could turn out to be a huge find, I'll do it thanks Reed." Hank said as he hung up.

Hank was looking at the wreckage and clicked his fingers together.

"Jarvis." Hank called.

"Yes Dr. Pym?" Jarvis asked.

"Tell everyone at the mansion I do not wished to be disturbed I'm busy…very busy." he said as he went to work.



"Sir, Sir, He's waking up!" a doctor said.

The doctor rushed over and saw Shepard waking up as his eyes slowly opened and saw the doctors looking over he just shot up.

"Easy there, you're pretty banged up, your lucky to be alive most of the injuries you've suffered would've killed a normal man." the doctor said as he checked his pupils for anything abnormal.

"Where am I?" Shepard asked holding his head.

"You're safe now, just relax." the doctor reassured him.

"No I've got to…ah." Shepard squinted back on his bed in pain as his ribs and shoulder were hurting.

"Sorry but you're to remain here until further notice." the doctor said.

"Can you at least tell me where I am?" Shepard asked again.

"You are in the headquarters of the Strategic Hazard Intervention Espionage Logistics Directorate." the doctor answered.

"Bit of a mouthful to swallow." Shepard said.

"I know so just call us SHIELD." the doctor said as that was easier to say.

"SHIELD? Okay I have a name but what planet am I on?" Shepard asked.

"You're on planet Earth, you were found in a wreckage of a spaceship, do you remember what happened?" he asked.

Shepard was shocked he was on Earth but he then tried to think back to the last thing he remembered.

We managed to get to Harbinger's core…but…uhhh…can't remember the rest.

"I don't know what happened, can I please talk to the superior officer?" Shepard asked.

"I'm afraid he's…unavailable can you tell me your name?" he asked.

"Shepard…Commander Shepard, anything else?" Shepard asked.

"Nothing more just making sure your mentally stable, we'll let you rest Shepard so get some sleep Shepard and we'll see you tomorrow." he said making notes as he left.

However the doctor walked to a door next to the room and went in as he was in a room with an invisible two way mirror looking in on Shepard.

"So doctor what do you make of his story?"

"He's stable and said he was Commander Shepard." the doctor said.

"Shepard? Never heard of him."

"Maybe but he's still a patient and needs lots of rest, his injuries were life threatening, he had a grade two concussion, several what appear to be gunshot wounds, a fractured rib, a dislocated shoulder, he'll be bed ridden for some time." the doctor explained his injuries.

"Then he's staying there until he's fit for questioning."

"Colonel Fury I have a blood sample from him, it may hold some answers to his identity." the doctor said presenting the small vial to him.

"Yeah, analyze the blood see what you can find." Fury said as the doctor nodded.


This is intriguing, I've never seen such technology so far advanced than ours, these components don't even exist!

Where did you come from?

Hank thought to himself as he used the microscope to look further in the components that were left among the wreckage.

"Don't tell me you've been here the entire time?" his close up of the circuitry was obstructed by Janet Van Dyne a.k.a. The Winsome Wasp who looked a little upset. "This lab looks like a bomb struck it!" she said noticing the mess surrounding it.

"I was given this at the last minute by Doctor Richards, this could be the scientific find of the decade." Hank said engrossed in his work.

"Do you know what time it is?" Janet asked as she returned to normal size.

"Um it's about seven fifteen, why?" Hank said as he continued to work.

"Did you forget?" she said.

He was still working as she continued.

"We had plans, remember?" she tried to remind him.

Again he was head deep in work.

"Hank? Are you even listening to me?" she asked annoyed.

As he was still looking into the microscope she swatted him across the head in annoyance.

"Ow! Jan what was that for?" he asked rubbing the back of his head.

"You're always working, it's like you're on another planet!" she said now incredibly irritated.

"I'm sorry Jan but I have to know what this is, it's too fascinating to overlook." Hank said.

"Then I guess it was a waste of time sorry to bother you." she said as she transformed back into her insect size and flew off.

"Jan!" Hank called after realising he'd hurt her feelings and face palmed himself for that.


Shepard was trying to think back to when he and his team hit Harbinger but the last few moments of that fight was a grey area as it did frustrate him he could not remember what had happened.

Why can't I remember? Did the bomb work? How am I back on Earth?

He decided to try and get out of his bed and hopefully try and look around where in the world he was.

He yanked out the needles out and monitoring systems off as he sat up but his abdominal injuries were stopping him, but he willed himself out of bed as he got out but he fell to his knees as the pain was sharp but tolerable as he struggled to get to his feet but forced himself up and was now on a vertical base.

He went to the door to try if it was open but just realised he was wearing only a backless hospital gown and was not going out that door bare bottom in the breeze.

Looking around the room he saw a small cupboard next to his bed and opened it and found some track pants and a plain t shirt with an eagle emblem on the left side of the chest and the words on it spelled SHIELD.

Putting them on he went to the door but it opened and in came a male nurse as he had some syringes with him and Shepard guessed what they were for.

"Mr. Shepard what are you doing out of your bed?" he asked.

"I want to discharge myself, is that a problem?" Shepard asked.

"I'm sorry sir, you cannot leave, Colonel's orders." he said.

"You're gonna try and stop a SPECTRE?" Shepard said.

"What are you talking about? You're concussion must be more severe than we realised, now I'm not going to ask you again…please go back to your bed." he asked.

Shepard stood defiantly and the nurse behind his back got the sedative ready to use as he took off the safety cap.

Shepard rushed at him as he took the syringe out and went to use it to sedate him but the soldier was too quick and grabbed the wrist of his which held the syringe but using the free hand of the nurse he used it to strike him in the face as it stunned him and quickly Shepard got behind him and wrapped his arm around his neck and had the syringe in his hand and the nurse was at his mercy.

"Now, how do I get out of here?" Shepard asked while clutching him.

He knew he had no choice. "Take the corridor down the left and follow it until you reach the elevator." he said terrified.

"Where's my equipment?" Shepard asked.

"It's two doors down from here, on it's way to inventory." he said trying to remain calm.

"Thanks I don't want to hurt you but I'm sorry for this." Shepard said as he injected the nurse with the sedative in the arm as he drifted off to sleep.

Shepard dragged the unconscious nurse towards the bed and put him in there as he put the heart monitor equipment on him as this will buy him some time as he then knew he wouldn't get far looking the way he did as the bandages were showing all over his body and took the nurse's uniform and wore it even though it was pink he didn't care.

He went to the door and saw it was a key card only access and realised the key card he had would get him out of there as he swiped it and it unlocked the door as he opened the door and peeked through it to look both ways of the corridor as it was clear.

Walking the corridors he carefully made sure no one saw his face and acted naturally as he looked for the room with his equipment and managed to find it after nearly walking by it.

Luckily no one was in there as he went right in and looked around the room for his gear and saw it all lying on a table and quickly took of the scrubs and threw on his gear.

Shepard felt comfortable in his N7 armour, it was jet black and white, he decided on those colours to show his break from Cerberus.

What was even better was his weapons were still attached to his armour, clearly they couldn't get them off and checking his handgun everything was in working order as he checked his Omni-tool for his location but it was clearly damaged but managed to get it working and his locator could not pin point his location.

Must be jamming it or something, I have to get out of here and contact Alliance HQ.

Shepard now armed and ready to fight his way out remembered what the nurse said about the directions to the exit and made his way out of the place.


"Tony? Are you here?" Hank called.

"Up here." Tony said as he saw him floating in the air in his neural suit as he slowly came down to the ground.

"I need to talk to you, it's about what Reed sent me today." Hank said.

"Oh yeah how'd you get on?" Tony asked.

"The technology on board that ship is astounding, it's like all parts of it were created ahead of our time, most of the elements and parts don't even exist!" Hank explained.

"Really? Well I guess I should have a look and bring back a sample of this to have it analyzed, but then again it would be easier if we asked-"

"Sorry Mister Stark but I have an urgent message from SHIELD." Jarvis said.

As the screen popped up and the image displayed Colonel Nick Fury and he did not look happy as always.

"Stark…I'm reluctant to ask you for you and your team's help." Fury said.

"Really Nick, you need our help for a change, whatcha do this time create a monster entirely out of used tissue papers and it's making a hell of a mess out of your-"

"Stark! I haven't got time for this, a prisoner escaped and I need you and your team to find him and bring him back is that too hard to understand?" Fury asked.

"How'd he escape a fully fortified SHIELD base?" Tony asked.

Fury's look said it all. "That's classified." Fury's usual answer to everything.

"Whatever…where is he?" Tony asked as a blip came up on the screen.

"We planted a tracker on him, he's in New York, do whatever it takes to bring him in, I want him alive." Fury said cutting the feed.

"I guess we'll have to wait later." Tony said as he brought out his comms card Avengers assemble!


Shepard still did not know how he got out of there but thanks to his experiences of previous missions and his time locked up in a Cerberus prison gave him the edge to evade capture and escape the base but what got him was he was on a sky base but luckily he managed to steal an aircraft off there, the controls looked a little basic but the tech was low grade, Joker could pilot this thing blindfolded he thought to himself.

It was all smooth sailing until they discovered he'd escaped and began to chase him down.

He tried to pilot the thing but flying wasn't his strong point and the ship took a lot of hits as he ended up crashing the craft right into the water below and had to swim all the way to shore.

Finally getting out of the water and ashore on what appeared to be a dock he pulled himself out of the water and took a breather as he tried to collect his thoughts on his next move.

When I get back I'm having a long shower! A really long one!

Better get out of here and hide somewhere, come up with a plan and contact The Normandy…where ever I actually am.

He looked around and got to his feet and ran out of the docks as he ran by dock workers who noticed him but they just ignored him as he ran but his injuries were slowing him down as he managed to make it into what looked like a city and quickly ducked into an alleyway.

Catching his breath he had his eyes on the ground and saw a newspaper and picked it up to have a look and what caught his eye changed everything.

March 15th…2010

No…No! this is insane…this can't be right? I'm…I'm…I must be going insane or either that the Quantum bomb it…

He was cut out of thought as an arrow narrowly hit him and was stuck next to him in the wall and looked up to see the culprit taking aim again as he knew he had to do more running.

"Damn! I missed!" Hawkeye said not believing he actually missed his target.

"You get him?" Iron Man asked.

"Uh sort of." Hawkeye said.

"As in you missed and he's running away?" Iron Man said.

Hawkeye mumbled under his voice as he pursued Shepard.

Shepard ran through the alleyways and looked back to see two men pursuing him from the rooftops as he kept on running.

The end of the alleyway was nearing and getting into the open would increase his chances of escape.

"Hold it there buddy!"

Shepard stopped in his tracks and saw something descend from the air and block his exit, it looked like a cyborg, it was yellow and red and could fly.

"Okay SHIELD want you back in custody in one piece so do us a favour and surrender and I promise we'll do it gently." Iron Man said

Shepard looked around him and saw several others surrounding him, the guy who shot at him, dressed in purple and blue who resembled an old school archer, some guy in black, a little guy flying on an ant, a small bug girl and some guy dressed in what he could only describe as a guy wrapped in the flag of what he knew as the United States of America, a country on Earth.

He knew they were serious as they each looked ready to fight and knowing full well he could surrender and live to fight another day but then again…What would my team do?

A standoff between Shepard and The Avengers! What will Shepard do?

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