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Chapter 21


"Doctor Pym?" Chakwas said seeing that he was beginning to regain consciousness from his chemically induced coma.

"Where…uh…" Hank tried to ask as Chakwas was checking his retinas for any sings of trauma.

"Don't move Doctor Pym, you've been through an ordeal and we've only just managed to get things in order." Chakwas explained as he slowly sat up.

"Doctor Chakwas? What's going…Where's Janet?" Hank asked as he began to remember what went down.

"She's currently in a meeting with the other Avengers, I'll call her immediately…she been here everyday waiting for you to wake up." Chakwas said as she went to do so.


Shepard was inside of his quarters trying to rest his mind from the event's of his coma, Cerberus, The Illusive Man and his impostor still out there doing god knows what.

It's just crazy, a clone of me and he's a nut job

Cerberus is running SHIELD

A portion of my team is with Fury in hopes they find evidence against them

Yeah things are looking up right now!

He had to try and figure out what to do next but without the opposition making a move it was difficult to do anything.

"Commander I have a message for you." EDI said.

"What is it EDI?" Shepard asked snapping out of his thoughts.

"Doctor Chakwas has informed everyone that Doctor Pym is awake and the other Avenger's have been informed." EDI said.

"I'll be there right away EDI." Shepard said.

Shepard got up and left his cabin and took the elevator down to the main deck and off the ship as he quickly went down to the basement towards the medical bay as he saw them all there surrounding…an empty bed?!

As then in walked Doctor Chakwas. "I'm afraid Doctor Pym has left the mansion and wishes to be left alone for a while." she explained shocking them all.

"I have to find him!" Janet said shrinking to her miniature size and flew off.

"Jan! hold it I'm coming!" Carol said flying after her.

Most of The Avengers knew they should stay out of this even though that Hank was their friend but when it came to him and Janet it was between them both.

"I think we should stay out of this one." Tony said as they all agreed with that motion.

Shepard however did not agree with that as he marched out of there. "You guys can stay out of it but Hank's my friend and that impostor caused this to happen so I plan to try and fix this." he said as he left following both Janet and Carol.


As both Janet and Carol following her went to find Hank they had an unknown observer above the rooftops with a camera. "Well as you can see we are watching the two females leavin their nest and headin out to find their ol mate!" as the camera showed it was Dead Pool with an impression of a poor Australian accent commenting on it.

But then he saw following them on foot was his target. "And now exiting nest is the wild creature known as the Shepard which is known for being too stubborn to die!" Dead Pool again commenting as he zoomed in on Shepard as he followed both women to find Hank, Dead Pool then turned the camera on himself.

"Now viewers, I your awesome host will do my next feat for the name of entertainment and to all my fans out there I the Master of Murder will capture and kill Commander Shepard live on air! So stay tuned for the capture!" he said turning off the feed.

Meanwhile Shepard caught up to them both and it seemed Janet already talked to Hank as Carol was consolidating her.

"Why won't he talk to me?" Janet asked really confused about Hank's behaviour.

"Jan he's in a bad place right now and after all that went down-"

"I know he wasn't himself and that he would never do this to anyone or me and that I-John?" Janet stopped in mid sentence to see the surprise arrival of the Commander.

"Sorry I had to try and help out, this is all my fault." Shepard said as he was trying to catch his breath.

"Why do you think this is your fault?" Janet asked.

"That impostor caused this to happen and I wasn't around to stop it." Shepard said feeling responsible for the incident.

"It wasn't your fault you were in a coma for Christ's sakes!" Carol said trying to throw blame of him.

"She's right John, it wasn't your fault no one could've predicted this happening and Hank…well he's shaken up about it I mean after Ultron went rogue and then he almost gave up on helping people he then directed it in helping the Quarians, Hank Pym is a good man that incident was the doing of a non existent thing with your face John, that's all he was and I hope we get him for what he did to us all." Janet said with vengeance in her voice.

"Jan, that guy will get what's coming to him but for now Hank will need you and when he does you'll be there for him as we all will." Shepard said as she began to feel a bit better.

"Thanks guys, if you don't mind I need to be on my own." Janet said miniaturising and flying off.

They both watched as she flew off. "She'll be alright, she's much stronger than she looks." Carol said.

"Yeah she is, they'll both be ok and also I know they'll finally be together it's fate." Shepard said as Carol looked surprised he said that.

"You really think it's fate?" Carol asked raising an eyebrow.

"What else I've watched those two and believe me it's gonna happen, sometimes you also have to have faith." Shepard said again surprising the heroine.

"I don't know how you do it John but you just make people believe things they don't believe in at all." Carol said as his face turned to content and just looked out to the city streets.

"I admit I do bring that out in people but how many have I lost because of it?" Shepard asked.

She then put a hand to his shoulder. "John those people put their trust and faith in you and would go to hell and back for you, you inspire your team and we all feel what they feel…I feel that too." Carol said as he faced her.

"Ms. Marvel…Carol I…" Shepard trailed off as both were just stood there face to face as the tension could be felt between them.

"John…the fake you kissed me." Carol blurted out as Shepard was shocked by that.

"He kissed you? Fake me kissed you?" Shepard asked now confused hearing that.

"I'm so sorry I didn't say before and-"

"Was I good?" Shepard asked just stopping her right there.

She saw the small grin on his face as she tried to not laugh but let out a small one. "You really are something Commander you know that?" she said.

"So I'm told, then by that response I was good then?" Shepard said as again she was then beginning to blush.

"John don't make me say it." Carol said as she found it hard to tell him.

"Say what Major?" Shepard asked now curious to what she was about to tell him.

"John U. Shepard I-" she got cut off as something just hit her and she held her neck.

"Carol? Carol what's wrong?" Shepard asked as she just collapsed and he grabbed her unconscious body before it hit the ground.

He looked to her neck and saw a dart there as he pulled it out and had a closer look…

"AH!" Shepard shouted as he felt a dart go into his neck as his vision began to blur and his mind slipping into darkness as he just drifted into unconsciousness.

Walking up to them both was the culprit.

"As you can see folks I have subdued my prey and looks like I have also acquired an extra for tonight's premiere!" Dead Pool said as he talked into the camera. "Now tune in tonight for the exciting premiere when Dead Pool TV presents Shepard's Run!" he announced turning off the camera.


"Hey has anyone seen Shepard?" Garrus asked as he was working on calibrations for his gun.

"He followed Jan and Carol to help them find Hank." Tony said also making some adjustments to his armour.

"Why didn't you go and help your friends?" Garrus asked.

"When it comes to Hank and Jan, we know when to stay well away from their relationship problems." Tony said.

"Humans and your relationships, can't be simple like Turian relationships." Garrus said.

"Like Turian ones are any different from human ones Vakarian!" Jack said walking in.

"Jack your's are all about doing and leaving the next morning relationships, they don't count." Garrus said as Jack just rolled her eyes at that.

"Whatever you guys and you "feelings" it's such a fuckin letdown and oh thanks now I have to go drink this off, do me a favour Vakarian…find Tali and get laid ASAP." Jack said leaving to do just that.

Just then Tali entered and she had something on her Omni-tool. "Everyone we have to see this now!" she fretted as she brought it up on screen.

"Live from…a…undisclosed location it's me your host with the most arsenal known to man I am…

The Maestro of Mayhem…

The Cavalier of Crazy…

The Devil's Favourite Drinking Buddy…

The Most Followed Mercenary on Twitter and Liked on FaceBook…

HHHHEEERRREEESSS….DEAD POOL!" Dead Pool came into view.

"Hey there viewers! It is I Dead Pool and I your most gracious host come to you with another edition of Dead Pool TV as this episode it is a very special one as one brave contestant will have to endure the most depth defying and most deadly conditions to survive and also save a damsel in distress!" he said as then came on a view of Ms. Marvel.

"Carol?" Tony and Garrus said.


"Carol?" Steve said as he was watching TV.

As that caught the attention of T'Challa, Thor, Miranda and Oriana as they all saw it was their team mate and friend on the screen.

"What in the bloody hell is going on?!" Miranda said not knowing what this was about.

But then in flew Wasp as she landed on Steve's shoulder. "Hey what's everyone wa-CAROL?!" she just shouted out not believing it herself.

As the camera switched back to Dead Pool.

"Now viewers as always I deliver a five star show just for you and the lucky contestant entering Dead Pool's Fun House is a man who has in a short amount of time caught the attention of New York and many heroes and villains, he has saved the galaxy many times and has even come back from death itself, so without further ado let me introduce to you…

The New Chuck Norris…

The Master of Miracles…

The Commandant of Courageous…

The Guy you'd want to take home to meet your mother and end up in a soap opera drama…

He is…COOOOOOMMMMAAAAANNNDDERR…JOHN…UUUUUULYSSES…SSSSHHHEEEEPPPAAARRRDDD!" Dead Pool announced as the camera switched to a small room where the Commander was sitting against the wall still knocked out and had a collar of sorts attached to his neck.

"Oh looks like he still taking a nap let's wake him up shall we." he said as then a jolt of electricity came through the collar and he yelped as it woke Shepard up.

"Where…am I?" Shepard asked as he then saw the collar on. "What the hell is this?" he asked about the collar.

"Good morning Commander! Now I know your wondering why you're here and here's why." Dead Pool said as Shepard saw the monitor above him switch on and showed Ms. Marvel restrained and there was something being pointed at her.

"You see that arrow pointed at her? Well it could kill her but however what if I put this on the end of it." he said as he put some sort of orange crystal shaped like an arrow on the end of it as it was pointed directly at her chest. "This right here is a cosmic nullifier and it can hurt powerful beings like Ms. Marvellous here." seeing Carol in danger just pissed him off.

"So Ship-Shep here's the rules, you run the obstacle course, get here and save your gal pal, simple right? NNNNAAAAHHHH! Not exactly as you see that little gizmo around your neck?" he asked.

Shepard looked at it as then a sound of beeping was heard from it.

"Well that sound is me activating the sixty minute timer which when it reaches zero…BOOM-SHAKALAKALAKALAKA!" he said as Shepard knew what he meant.

"Now if you manage to get here in time, you'll save the girl and yourself if not your both sleeping with the fishes and just to make things a little fair I've sent you a little gift." he said as then a panel in the wall opened up and out came a gun with a tied ribbon on it as Shepard grabbed it and loaded it as he was now armed.

"I swear if anything happens to her I'll make sure you'll pay for it." Shepard warned.

"Oh feisty! I like that in my contestants now here's your first obstacle." Dead Pool said as a door opened and Shepard ran towards it as he saw his first obstacle.

It was a room full of cables that were electrified and connected to generators as the door was all the way on the other side.

"Now as you can see this is what I call "THE LIGHTNING ROUND!" so here's the objective get through the room without touching the cables which are electrified by a few volts and you won't be a Kentucky Fried Commander…good luck!" Dead Pool said as he cut transmission and a clock appeared on the screen.


Shepard looked around for a way through as it seemed he was trapped by the amount of wires blocking his path as he then thought back to that time he was trapped by those trip lasers he needed to get past to make his way out of the Cerberus base.

As he saw a way underneath the first blockade of wires and slowly lied down on his stomach and crawled like he was in the trenches as he was able to crawl underneath the wires he managed to make it out but then as he was about to get to his feet the back of his leg caught the wire.

"AGH!" Shepard yelped in pain as the electricity stung him.

The smell of his flesh being burned by the voltage sent him back as he only had another two more walls of wires to go and the second one was about navigating through the wall as he put his right foot through the first wire and sidestepped into it as it was only a meter away from his chest he could feel the heat from it he slowly ducked underneath the next wire and stepped over the one below him as he stepped in but his left arm caught another wire.

"AH DAMMIT!" Shepard said as he saw the red mark form on his arm as he could smell his flesh burning again.

Come on Shepard! You can do thisCarol's counting on you!

Remembering what was at stake he pressed on as he began to easily make his way out of the second wall and was stopped by the third only…

"Oh I forgot I didn't make an exit for this one so use that noodle of yours and think Johnny!" Dead Pool said over the comms.

The door was blocked by an electrified fence and he had no way of going through it as it looked a bit hopeless as he looked around for a way and saw through the fence was the power box as he raised the gun, took aim and shot at it the bullets were stopped by the electricity as now he had a problem.

Can't reach itmaybe my Omni-blade could.

Shepard brought out his Omni-blade and took a moment to think about it and thought about Carol…

He just took the blade and drove it through on e of the holes in the fence and it hit the power box but he could feel the volts going through his body as his Omni-blade also took the damage and the power was cut off as it finally stopped but it took a lot out of Shepard who was smoking and then he had damaged his Omni-tool and opened the door to the next room.


"Go Shepard!" Joker said as he was watching with the rest of the Normandy crew also cheering their leader on.

"That was a close one keelah!" Tali said as she was holding Garrus's hand tightly.

"You sadistic bastard Shepard!" Jack said after seeing him almost risk his own life.

As above in the mansion there were equal supporters cheering Shepard on.

"Yeah go get em John!" Janet rooted for Shepard to fight on and save himself and Carol.

Miranda reached for her comms. "EDI?" she called.

"Yes Miss Lawson." EDI replied.

"Can you track this broadcast signal and find out where Shepard and Ms. Danvers are being held?" Miranda asked.

"Myself and Jarvis are already doing so and are unscrambling the signal and will know soon." EDI said.

"Hurry EDI they won't have much time left. "Miranda said.


The screen flickered on. "WOW! Well done Johnny! You made it past a very shocking round there, but now we're headed into the second round which-"

"Listen to me right now! Let Ms. Marvel go, you already have me I'll be more than happy to keep playing this game if you do that." Shepard tried to negotiate with the mad mercenary.

He looked to Ms. Marvel and looked back to Shepard. "Oh Johnny how noble and heroic of you to give your life up to save the damsel in distress and that is why I won't let her go my rating would drop and just to remind you the next room is more holy than thou." Dead Pool said as Shepard saw the door open and he entered the second room.

It was a normal white tiled room with a long stretched pathway as Shepard stepped in and the door behind him shut and locked itself he had nowhere to go as the screen in the room had the clock again.


He did not have much time and had to move fast as he just took his first step across the room as the first tile just gave way leaving a hole in the floor.

The screen flicked to Dead Pool. "Oh when I meant holy I mean "Holy holes Shepman!" Dead Pool joked as Shepard looked around but then behind him the floor was beginning to shake as then the tiles dropped.

"Oh yeah forgot about that! The floor is on a timer you may want to run!" Dead Pool said as Shepard did so.

He ran across the room as the floor was beginning to disappear and he did not stop for a second.

"RUN JOHN! RUN!" Dead Pool mocked him as Shepard continued to do so.

Running and running as far as his body could take him, he did not let up just determined to get to the exit as he saw it only feet from him but the floor beneath him was crumbling as he took the leap of faith and jumped to the exit…

The floor behind him was gone and he was holding on to the last of the room's floor and climbed back up to the exit door as he had done it.

"Damn annoying psycho." Shepard said to himself as he opened the door to the next room.


"Miss Lawson the signal is still being traced by Jarvis but we will have a location once false servers are removed." EDI said.

"Keep looking EDI, Shepard and Ms. Marvel's lives are at stake!" Miranda said.

Steve approached her. "Any luck Ms. Lawson?" he asked.

"Not yet but hopefully EDI and Jarvis can track them, it's just how did he know those details about Shepard?" Miranda asked.

"We had his details on file here but the only people who know besides us is SHIELD." Steve said as Miranda made a guess on who is responsible for this.

"Should've known he was behind this, why is he targeting Shepard? Why is he even alive? Why did he involve Ori why is he…" Miranda now getting frustrated and then began to get upset.

As then she was held by the arms of Steve Rogers and she embraced him in that moment feeling vulnerable about the entire situation they were in, that she was in as both looked to one another, they stared at each other as it felt like an eternity…

"Hey John's in the next room!" as the voice of Janet snapped them both out of their daze as Steve went to watch leaving Miranda to work on finding Shepard.


Shepard made it to the next room as it was in darkness but the cameras had night vision and were watching him in the dark as the viewers and the host could see him but he could only see black.

"Well done Johnny!" Dead Pool shouted over the comms.

"Just stop this damn game before things get out of hand." Shepard tried to reason with him.

"Oh but Johnny we're having so much fun watching you run the obstacle course and this final room you'll be glad to know is the test of obstacles." Dead Pool said as the light came on and the room was revealed.

It was just an ordinary room, no electric fences, no flamethrowers, no blades just an empty old room, with no exit but had a TV monitor as it switched to Dead Pool and he saw the clock.


"Here it is, no one has gotten this far and I didn't exactly think ahead on this one." he said.

"Then do the easy thing and end this game, it's just ridiculous." Shepard said trying again to negotiate with him.

"Uh I'm afraid not you see this room isn't the obstacle…this is." Dead Pool said as he had a massive button in his hands and pushed it.

The room then just filled up with water fast as it seemed that he was now trying to drown him but then looking up and saw that the ceiling was now covered in razor sharp spikes but make things worse the water was now up to his knees and he could see that when the room filled he would either die of impalement or drowning as the ceiling was now lowering down on him.

"Now it's live or die time Johnny! Let's see you use that noodle of yours again even though this is an inescapable trap so good luck the clock's ticking!" Dead Pool said as the screen switched to the clock.


The water was now up to his abdomen as he was floating and the spikes were getting closer and closer as he had to think

C'mon John thinkyou got this far!

He was now up to his neck in the water and saw no way out as the spiked neared him he had no choice but to dive underwater as he took a deep breath and submerged below the water as he looked around and saw no way out below and with the spikes drawing near he was running out of time and oxygen.

No way outit can't end like thisnot after everything I've sacrificed

But then something caught his eye below.

Gears? The ceiling! If I can jam them it could stop the spikes!

Thinking fast he brought out his gun and fired at the first gear with a few rounds hitting it as some bounced off one managed to hit home as it jammed the gear and the ceiling was slowing down but still going as he went for the second gear and fired at it and the same happened again and this time the gear jammed and the ceiling had now stopped.

One problem remained…he was now almost out of oxygen as there was till no way out and no way to get air Shepard was going to drown.

Dead Pool watching the action was surprised by the turn of events.

"How the…Johnny you are a genius but a drowned genius, I should leave you there and collect my moolah…but maybe I should just do this." Dead Pool said as he pushed a button.

As the monitors showed below the room a hole appeared and was draining the water out and Shepard got sucked out with it as he travelled down with the water he landed down hard in a room as he began to cough up the water and gasp for air.

Walking up to him, Dead Pool knelt down to the drenched Commander.

"Well done Johnny boy you've beaten Shepard's Run but now I think I'll take you to your prize." he said as he grabbed him by the arm and led him to an elevator and led him up the top floor.


"Where did the transmission go?" Tony said as he and Jarvis were trying to find it's source.

"I'm sorry sir but the signal has been rerouted again shall I keep searching?" Jarvis asked.

"Keep looking Jarvis we can't afford to let them die!" Tony said as he also went back to helping in the search.

However in the Mansion above Miranda and EDI were also having similar problems.

"Are you sure about this EDI?" Miranda asked.

As then the door opened and in came a cyborg.

"I am positive, I have backlogged it and it is the same source code." EDI said as they all looked shocked that it was the same AI of The Normandy.

"EDI?" Janet said not believing she was standing in front of them in physical form.

"Yes Miss Van Dyne it is me." EDI said as she approached Miranda.

"EDI you told me it was their code." Miranda asked.

"The signatures match and also we may find them within minutes." EDI said.

"Find them quick EDI, they won't last long." Miranda said as EDI began her search again.


Shepard's eyes opened as his vision was slightly blurred but he got up to on knee and looked up to bright lights and to then to a few cameras.

"Congratulations Johnny boy you did it!" Dead Pool said as a bunch of party poppers went off and confetti fell from the ceiling.

"I must say you made this the highest rated show on the net and you know that your trending worldwide right now? Well now enough of that here's your first prize!" he threw a device to him as it landed I front of him.

"That's the thingamajig that will disarm the collar around your neck." Dead Pool said as Shepard took the device and used it as the collar just shut down and released from around his neck.

His vision came back and saw the clock above.


"Right on time there or you would've been gone in sixty seconds!" Dead Pool said. "Now for the main event of the evening." he said as a spotlight shone on a restrained Ms. Marvel.

"Let her go right now I played your game!" Shepard demanded.

Dead Pool wagged his finger at him. "Not yet you still have one more challenge…me and I aim to collect on my contract so put em up Johnny boy!" Dead Pool said as he activated another timer.


"You have three minutes to beat me and save the lovely damsel in distress but if you fail not only do you die but she gets a cosmic nullifier arrow through the heart." Dead Pool made the ultimatum.

"So get up Johnny and let's not disappoint the viewers and show your not a heart breaker." he mocked him as Shepard just got up to his feet.

"Let's do this and when this is over you tell me who hired you and why." Shepard said making a deal with hi..

"I'm not a deal breaker but alright deal…LET'S DANCE!" Dead Pool said bringing out his automatic weapon and fired at him as Shepard went for cover and fired a few rounds from his gun as the mercenary returned fire.

"Come on Johnny boy stop hiding and let's actually wound one another!" Dead Pool said.

Shepard needed a plan as he took a small peek and saw that he was ready to shoot him as soon as he came out, knowing it was suicide he looked to the clock.


C'mon Shepard think! Time is running out you can't let Carol die!

He only thought of one option and knew he could die doing it.

"Why don't we settle this like men and give the people a show?" Shepard asked.

The madman thought about it. "Alrighty then Johnny, mano e mano then!" Dead Pool said throwing his guns down and giving Sheppard a chance to emerge as he was stood face to face with him as he drew his sword out and Shepard's Omni-blade was back online and drew that out as both men were at a standoff.

They came at one another with such speed and the sound of their blades clashing could only be heard as the world watched them fight.

"Gotta say Johnny you're actually making me sweat!" Dead Pool said as he swiped at him missing his face by inches but cutting his left cheek drawing blood.

That just sparked his anger and he came at the madman and was furiously trying to hit him until he knocked him back and as he when to block his attack and with one huge blow his Omni-blade broke his sword in two.

"Johnny…did you think I was that easy to beat?" he asked as then he made a gesture to the clock.


"Crap!" he shouted and ran towards the captive Ms. Marvel as he tried to find a way to free her before time ran out.

"Hang on Carol, I'll get you out." Shepard said as he desperately tried to free her.

"Uh….John? Where…what the hell is going on here?!" Ms. Marvel asked as she saw him trying to free her and that there was an arrow pointing at her as she saw the clock.


She tried to free herself but the metal restraints were very string and not even her strength could break them.


He looked to the clock counting down.


"This is gonna hurt." Shepard said.


The contraption fired and the arrow came at Ms. Marvel but the projectile was blocked and it went straight into the shoulder of Shepard with a loud crunching sound as he took the blow.

"AHHH!" he shouted in agony as the arrow was embedded in the flesh and bone of his body.

"JOHN!" Carol shouted as that display just pissed her off and she just broke out from her prison and went after Dead Pool.

"Now calm down no need to-" she just threw him into the production equipment which caused it all to lose the feed as that laid him out.

She went back over to Shepard as the arrow was causing him pain.

"We gotta get out of here now, you need medical help." Carol said trying to help him.

He then put his hand to hers. "Carol listen to me pull it out." he asked her.

"You'll bleed out we have to have this removed properly." Carol said trying to plea with him.

"Please get it out it'll be alright I promise." Shepard asked her as she was reluctant but knew she could trust him.

She nodded and put a stern grip to the arrow and pulled it out as the sound of flesh being pulled and torn was heard as Shepard was gritting his teeth as the arrow was almost out and she pulled the arrow out and threw it away.

"Ok John we have to-oh my god…" looking to the wound in his shoulder she could see it was healing.

"I know your not believing this but I'll tell you everything after I get some answers!" Shepard said getting himself up and going over to Dead Pool who was moving but dazed from the assault from Ms. Marvel.

He grabbed him by the neck and held him up with some amount of strength almost choking him.

"Okay now since I won in front of the entire world I want answers…who sent you?" Shepard demanded.

"Uh…SHIELD's head honcho." Dead Pool responded.

Both Shepard and Carol looked surprised at him just admitting that. "Okay then why kill me?" he asked.

"I don't know he just said kill you and I get paid." Dead Pool said as it was clear he knew nothing else and threw him down to the ground.

"So The Illusive Man wants me dead, nothing new there." Shepard said as Carol began looking around.

"Where are we?" she asked.

"An abandoned offshore oil rig in New Mexico, figured this would do for the show." Dead Pool said as he got up. "So any chance that you guys want to do another episode?" he asked.

They both looked at one another as both their fists collided with his face knocking him out as they just walked off.

"Shepard? Can hear me?" his comms was going off as he could hear it was EDI trying to reach him.

"EDI? Glad to hear you, can you get us out of here?" he asked.

"We're on route now after the feed was lost we were able to pin your location, is anyone hurt?" she asked.

"No EDI only minor injuries, how do we get out of here?" he asked.

"I've sent the map to your Omni-tool, we'll be there in minutes." EDI said cutting transmission.

As then Carol approached him. "John you said you'd tell me how you healed like that?" she asked.

"Remember when Fury got me back from SHIELD and woke me up?" he said as she nodded. "Well he used a formula called the Super Soldier formula, apparently it's the same thing as Steve has." he told her as that surprised her.

"Wait the formula was lost the day he became Captain America?" Carol asked.

"No there was a backup but they couldn't reproduce for some reason, but it worked for me but this is only temporary and this I got lucky." Shepard said.

"Your damn right you did…what were you thinking? You could've died! Carol said as she looked worried.

He could see the worry as he put his hand to her shoulder. "Carol…I'm fine, we're fine we got out and I just wanted to say that I would've died happily knowing you were safe." Shepard said as then she took her mask off to look at him.

"John." she then just pulled his face towards her and kissed him. "Don't ever do that to me again." she said as that took him by surprise.

"Yes m'am." Shepard said as they both walked out of the area.


The Illusive Man seeing Dead Pool fail to kill Shepard made him angry.

"He failed to kill him." he said as a figure was standing behind him also watching.

"I know I can do this, last time he got lucky but this time he'll die."

"No I want a different target and I trust you want another chance at her?" The Illusive Man said brining up on the big screen a picture of Miranda.

"You have no idea how satisfying it will be, what about Shepard?"

"It's in the works, the good General is making progress, when he's done he'll not only solve our problem but he'll be the first in line of out own Super Soldiers." The Illusive Man said.

Shepard defeats the mercenary but now The Illusive Man is targeting Miranda and who is the will be assassin?

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