Chapter 1

The Plan

Coop was troubled by Kat.

He called Dennis on his walkie talkie and said: "Dennis, I have a plan to get rid of Kat"

Dennis asks How.

Coop tells him the Idea

Dennis says "Okay"


Coop is ready with his plan that he is writing in his secret notepad while Kat was sleeping

He was writing

Mission 2344- Get the Kat out of here

Step 1- Get Fishy Frisky Bits from the kitchen

Step 2- Assemble them from our house to a dog catcher company


After that

Coop said very softly so that his voice does not reach to Millie's room and Kat will hear it

He completed Step 1 and was on Step 2. When he was done, he reached in his room before Kat woke up

Kat woke up and saw the Fishy Frisky Bits and followed it

Coop saw Kat from his window

Kat got caught

Coop was happy


(Date of Publication: December 10, 2010)

(Authors Note: The text is 99% the same from the original publication; I've fixed spelling errors and the formatting when dusting off this story for completion in 2020.

You'll notice that later chapters have much better quality, which is expected after a 10-year gap between chapters. I wanted to preserve the original writing rather than "re-make it".

I wanted to show how much I've grown from a primary school writer into a college-senior writer. Thanks for reading!)