Chapter 3

The Plan Did Not Work: Part I

Pet Catcher's Basement

10 Minutes Later

Kat tries to scratch off the bars of the pet cage that he's being held in. He howls and tries to scratch, but it doesn't work as his claws have been cut with a chainsaw, after much difficulty.

The other pets in the room are also locked in cages; they all shrink back in their tiny cages and shiver as Kat howls even louder and appears aggressive.

The owners of this fine establishment are nowhere to be seen; they're at the pharmacy store, getting tons of bandages after capturing Kat for reasons that shouldn't need to be explained.

Suddenly, there are screams from outside.

"Kat!" a familiar kid yells from outside the building: "Are you there?!"

Kat growls and tries to rip off the bar-caged door on his lock, but it's unsuccessful.

From the Outside

Immediately After

Coop and Dennis hear the growling and look at each other.

"Yep, that's him" Coop sighs.

To be continued

(Authors Note: The last chapter will come out in a few weeks; I have finals coming up, so that's where most of my time is going now.

Today marks 10 years since I published Chapter 1)