Chapter 4

The Plan Did Not Work: Part II

(Authors Note: Changed my mind. I've been studying and doing final projects all day. I've earned myself a break-time with writing the final chapter ASAP)


Immediately After

"Yep, that's him" Coop sighs and slaps his forehead: "So much for happiness"

Suddenly, they notice the front door locked and grab it; it's a combination lock written in non-English? It's random cat symbols.

"It looks like...alien symbols?" Coop yells upon the last two words; Dennis jumps back: "I don't get it. Why would aliens be after Cat?!"

"Oh, dear. What could it be?" Coop thinks long and hard as he frantically punches in random symbols.

Pet Catcher's Basement

Immediately After

Kat overhears the boys from outside and scans his eyes around the room; the room is barely lit. So Kat double-blinks and taps his head. Just like that, he has infrared vision. Kat reads some whiteboards and the writings on them with markers.

The marker writings are in alien code and they show a plan to kidnap Kat. This might be hard to believe, but they didn't know what Kat looked like. So they captured any cat they could in Bootsville and tested them for alien-cat characteristics. When that didn't work, they decided to just keep the cats anyway. Animals on Earth were discovered to have a good direction of smell, so they feared that any released animals would rat on them and bring the police here.

Kat's brain lurches and he finally has the strength to break off the cage door. He howls like a freaking werewolf, causing the remaining trapped animals to whimper in fear.


"Aw, come on!" Coop yells as the lock locks into place, caused by too many incorrect guesses. Suddenly, the door comes crashing down on Coop; Dennis jumps back and notices Cat.

Coop groans from below the large door frame: "Owww….Ow..Ow...I'm sorry!"

Dennis shrinks back: "Guys, let's focus on the alien-connection here. You can destroy each other later!"

Kat growls at Coop and heads back inside. Dennis helps Coop get up from underneath the door.



Dennis turns on the lights and Coop helps unlocks all the caged animals.

Dennis reads the alien writing on the whiteboard and stares at Cat: "Are they after you?"; Cat simply nods and shuffles through the inventory hidden under the desks.

"Huh?" an outside voice exclaims, causing the trio inside to pause.

Cat tosses Coop and Dennis some laser guns; they all point as the alien duo enters.

"Jig's up, pals!" Coop yells at them: "I don't know what you're doing, but it seems fishy"

"Woah there, little pal" one of them raises his hands up: "Do you understand any of this? We're trying to get rid of this vermin! By making him and other aliens MIA, we want his species to look like quitters and lose control on our planet!"

Coop sighs: "Trust me, I want him gone too"; Cat doesn't react as he expected that response.

"But, this is not the way: Caging up other animals like this is not okay" Coop reloads his laser gun: "And that's why we're putting an end to this"

All the cats that've been freed now assemble and begin attacking the two aliens.

"Youch! Ow!" they yell as Cat, Coop, and Dennis point the laser guns at them, just in the event that they make a break for it.

Dennis steps forward, but trips over a wire and accidentally shoots the laser; the laser makes the two teleport elsewhere.

Coop jumps back: "A teleportation gun?! To where?!"

Kat shrugs his shoulder. Dennis jitters and his hands shake; he reads that the dial is set to "Milky Way Moon"

"The moon!"

Kat shrugs his shoulder

"The moon?!" Coop repeats with his eyes wide-open: "Eh, they'll probably survive"

Coop stares at Kat: "Well, Kat. I can't believe I'm sayin this, but I'm glad you're back"

Kat smiles for a quick second and nods, but then he growls. Coop screams, shrinks back, and then runs for his dear life as Kat chases after him the room and eventually outside.

Kat's claws might take a while to re-grow, but the mere thought of being scratched was enough to scare Coop and get a good chuckle out of it for the alien cat.

Dennis face-palms himself and sighs: "We're back to normal"

The End

(Authors Note: Hope everyone enjoyed that. Last week, I was browsing through my story list and noticed that I always wanted to finish this fanfic back in middle school. Unfortunately, I never got around to doing so for 10 years.

I noticed that the 10th Anniversary of the fanfic was soon approaching. So I really pushed myself to finish the story in time for that 10th Anniversary. Hope everyone enjoyed this decade-long fanfic in the making. As always, thanks for reading!)