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Bold - Deeper
Italics - emphasis or strained

Beginning: The First Step

'I don't know how, when or why I've started to notice. I just did. I barelyknew him just that he defeated the rookie of the year in my team, Neji. We didn't even say much to each other either. But, I had started to notice the little things. The flinches, how he would tense but relax when Hinata was near him. The brief flashes in his eyes that showed so many emotions all at once, disappearing just as fast. One thing always stood out though, it was when everyone would leave and when I think HE might have felt safe enough left. Turning back slowly, towards the slums and that one feeling always showed itself. I would have never noticed before, but I did, and when I did I could only watch him go. Watched him draw deeper into himself, watched him smile that fake smile of his, watched as he fell deeper into lonliness.'

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