Author's Note: This whole thing, was inspired by a youtube video, that is fairly amazing.

Disclaimer: I do not own these characters, or the show.

The phone slips from your hand, as you realize what Cordelia was doing. You half hope she'll pop out but she won't, she's gone. You have to let her go.

You remember all the times that you almost lost her. The year, when her visions were so bad she wouldn't wake up, when she got sucked into Pylea and the portal wouldn't open, when she went to a higher dimension and came back with no memories, when a demon crawled inside of her, knocking her into a coma, taking her away from you.

You remember all the times you couldn't stand her, back in Sunnydale when you had saved her from a demon and she wouldn't let go of your arm, when she was moving and had stayed at your apartment, when she was pestering you for more money, when she was asking you personal things.

You remember all the times you cared for her, while she was crying over Doyle, when she was laying in bed hovering between life and death, when she was trying to gain back her memories and learn who she was.

You remember all the times you needed her, and you realize that all along you needed her. Throughout the whole mess with Darla, everything with Connor, and all and everything else, you relied on her, and you fell in love with her.

You don't remember when the exact moment was, when you fell in love, or when she become the person you could always count on and trust.

It hits you hard then.

Cordelia Chase is gone. No one knows but you.

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