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Chapter 1- Sasuke- Massacre

"Careful on your way back young one!"

"Ok, bye sensei!" A young, innocent Sasuke said with a grin while hurrying back home, his bag filled with a load of homework. And that was probably the last bright smile they will receive from Uchiha Sasuke. Sasuke hurried home with his little feet. He finally got home to the Uchiha district.

When he arrived… it was 7:30 p.m., and there was a full moon, so perfectly round, and this will later serve to remind him always of this dark, dark night.

Where is everybody? It's so dark, they can't all be sleeping already…

Sasuke continued to run to his home ignorantly, then he suddenly looked up on the electric pole. I could've sworn there was someone there… Then when he came across a dark valley, his brain finally registered what he was seeing.

Blood. Bodies. Dead bodies.

"Wh-what…" Sasuke muttered trembling from fear. "Tou-san, kaa-san!" Sasuke finally reached home, and he went to their living room, his parents, namely his mother, would be there waiting for him to come home.



I'm so scared. Someone's in there… "Move, stupid feet, MOVE!" I saw my parents' bodies slumped over each other.

"Father, Mother!"

I saw a figure standing over the window. I'm so scared! The man shifted a bit, and the moonlight hit his face. The man turned towards me. He was my brother. I was relieved… well a little. I know nii-san will protect me, no matter what. He promised me that.

"Nii-san, tou-san and kaa-san are… What happened! Who would do such a thing!"


I was so shocked, and I felt pain erupt from the place below my left shoulder. I instinctively placed me hand in that place. It was bleeding, well I guess I'll have to place my hand there.

My eyes widened. Did Itachi just… did he throw a shuriken towards me?

"Nii-san wha-"

"Foolish little brother… Mangekyo Sharingan!"

Blood blood there's so much blood! I saw my brother, my parents… my aunt and my uncle… They're all killed! They're all gone! They're all dead! Nii-san… nii-san killed them? NO! It can't be!

"Nii-san please stop! Why are you showing me this!"

I collapsed on the hard ground. I was panting heavily. I knew I was drooling, but I don't care. I looked up. I saw my father, blood was leaking from his mouth. Mom and dad are dead. Mom and dad are dead! I can't hold my tears anymore.

"Nii-san… why?"

"… In order to measure my capacity… to know how strong I really am…"

"Just for that… junk… you killed everyone?"

"… It was necessary." I was shaking… not just from fear but a mix of anger, fear… and betrayal. I knew I was no match for him. But that won't stop me! I lunged at my brother, hoping to hit him or something. I was no match, the reward I got was a punch in my gut. It hurt… but the real pain was in my heart. It was bad enough that everyone was dead, but to think that Itachi was the one who killed them, that was the part that hurt the most. I'm scared…

"Don't kill me!" I ran towards the door and dashed all the way, trying to escape him and get out of the Uchiha District. Too late, he appeared right in front of me.

"Don't kill me… please…"

"Foolish little brother… You have that potential, you have been jealous of me, and therefore you have hated me. You aimed to surpass me, and you will be the one whom I will test my capacity against. So I'm allowing you to live… for my sake. Killing you now will simply be a waste of effort. You are no match for me. You shall get these eyes like mine, before you can stand up to me… but there is one requirement…"

The wind blew, and Itachi's hair ruffled with the wind. Making him look even more like a hartless murderer.

"You must kill… your closest friend, just as I have."

No, it can't be, Shisui died a day ago. It was suicide…

"Does that mean you killed… Shisui-san?..."

"Thanks to him I have obtained these eyes." Itachi turned around.

"No! You can't be my nii-san! Because…"

"Foolish little brother… if you wish to kill me, hate me, despise me, and cling to your pitiful life without honour! And one day, when you have the same eyes as I do, I will find you."

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