Chapter 7

Meeting the Sand Siblings

Credits: Wolf Master Uchiha

Hey guys! Sorry for the wait. I had this in the computer for a while and I just got too lazy because I dont like Naruto so much anymore.(Because all the episodes are just flashbacks so it's boring now. I like Harry Potter now! :D Enjoy anyways! :D:D:D

"Kisame stop the storm," Sasuke said.

"Yes Kisame stop the storm already, our business here is done, and it's obvious it's bothering the kid," Zabuza said.

"I'm not a kid!" Sasuke yelled angrily.

"Yeah whatever," Kisame said. "Release."The sky gradually cleared and the rain stopped.

Zabuza stared at Sasuke and noticed that he was a bit pale. "Hey, kid. Your not looking so good, I've got some medicine, want to try it?"

"Yeah I guess," Sasuke replied. Zabuza searched his pouch and showed the medicine to Sasuke. "Drink it quickly, because first of all when you're with me, you are definitely not going to waste time idling."

Sasuke took it and drank some. After he was done he returned the medicine to Zabuza. "Where'd you get it?" he questioned curiously. "I didn't even see you stop to buy some."

"I picked up the backpack your brother left, it had some medicine that's for your age," Zabuza said but he wanted to know how Sasuke would react.

"…You should've told me first that it was from him," Sasuke said not looking at Zabuza.


"Because I never want to be indebted to him, and I don't want anything associated with him…" Sasuke muttered, with a little bit of hatred and pain that laced his voice. Zabuza nodded silently.

They continued to walk down the rocky path until Kisame decided to break the silence.

"Let's go stop by a restaurant on our way. I'm sure you guys are hungry and we might as well take a break?" Sasuke and Zabuza nodded in agreement. After half an hour they arrived at Traveler's Inn.

"At last we arrive!" Sasuke said.

"Hehe, I agree with you Sasuke," Kisame said. They went inside the inn and went to the 'restaurant'.

"WHAT? It's a tea shop! I don't like tea!" Sasuke complained loudly. Sasuke hated tea. It had a horrible aftertaste.


Sasuke peeked in Itachi's room, and was disappointed when he saw Itachi working. Then an idea came to him. Sasuke silently walked towards Itachi's chair. He smiled to himself as he prepared to lunge himself at his brother. Itachi stopped and turned around smiling knowingly. Sasuke jerked back and stumbled.

"Ow…" Sasuke whined rubbing his head.

Itachi's smile faded as he went to help Sasuke. "Sasuke, are you hurt?" Itachi asked worriedly.

"Nii-san!" Sasuke hugged Itachi. "I want to play with you!"

Itachi smiled and poked Sasuke's forehead. "Sorry Sasuke, I'm busy. Maybe next time."

"No! Please can you play with me?" Sasuke asked Itachi with pleading eyes.

Itachi looked at Sasuke. He knew he wouldn't be able to resist him. "Alright fine… let me finish my report first, okay?"

"Okay! I'll watch you while you work!" Sasuke smiled brightly.

"Alright otouto come here," Itachi said as he went back to his seat. He got his pen and began writing as fast as he could.

"Yey! You're finish! Come on now let's play!" Sasuke said impatiently tugging at Itachi's shirt.

"Wait," Itachi smiled. "Let me finish my tea," Itachi got a cup and began drinking.

"Nii-san, is tea delicious?" Sasuke questioned curiously. He had seen his parents drinking tea but he never tried them.

"Well, yeah, kind of. Wanna try?" Itachi offered the cup to Sasuke.

Sasuke nodded and began drinking it. Sasuke's expression changed and he looked like he was going to throw up.

"BLEAH! What is this THING?" Sasuke questioned.

Itachi chuckled. "It's delicious and good for your health you know."

"This is so not delicious, and no way I'm going to drink this stuff!"

Itachi looked at Sasuke and grinned. "Finish it, Sasuke."


"Fine then," Itachi faked a sigh. "I guess I won't be playing with you," Itachi pretended to walk away.

"No, no wait! Nii-san!" Itachi didn't stop walking.

"Fine, fine!" Itachi stopped and looked at Sasuke suppressing a grin. Sasuke pouted. He looked at it disgustingly.

"Well?" Itachi asked.

"Please," Sasuke whined. "Don't make me drink this…"


"Agh fine!" Sasuke began to drink and Itachi couldn't stop himself from laughing at Sasuke's expression. Sasuke finished and grabbed Itachi's hand.

"Now let's go and stop laughing at me!" Sasuke said as he dragged Itachi. Itachi still couldn't stop laughing.

Flashback end*

"Stop complaining!" Zabuza hissed. The man at the door of the shop chuckled and looked at Sasuke.

"Yeah, I understand. I used to hate tea, but when you grow up you'll like it. I'm not forcing you. There's a playground at the back of the restaurant. You can go there if you'd like."

"Thanks," Sasuke replied. "You are a lifesaver."

"So you arrived at last. I'm tired of waiting, Leader has ordered us to go to the Cloud. We will retrieve the Hachibi there." Sasori said dully.

Itachi mentally groaned. He was getting tired of travelling from place to place, and he was betting that Madara had something to do with it, but outside, he remained his stern and blank face, leaving no sign of any emotion.

"Alright, I'm ready when you are." Itachi said.

"Pft, and you think I didn't waste enough time waiting here idly. Of course I'm ready, and here is your pouch and Akatsuki cloak. It might be a little bit big and loose, how old are you?"


"Heh, careful, that's the worst year in one's entire life, according to superstitions, of course. Did misfortunes strike you already? Anyway, that cloak should fit you nicely when you get older," Sasori said.

If you knew what had happened to me you might even wish for death…Could it get any worse? But Itachi couldn't die. He still had someone, someone he had sworn to protect whatever happens, everything. He'll give up anything for him. But you never keep your promises. Itachi flinched a little bit. "I see…"

Sasori had noticed that he had flinched. "Scared?"

"No," Itachi said successfully blocking those thoughts blocked. "Let's go," he said, already donning the Akatsuki cloak.

"I'm Sasori by the way,"

"Itachi Uchiha," Itachi said walking out of the hideout side by side with Sasori.

You're wrong this time Sasuke. That is a promise, a promise I will keep.

The playground was large for one just for a restaurant. Maybe this Inn isn't as bad as it looks like, Sasuke thought. He decided to walk around a bit first. He was thinking about Itachi until he heard some laughter.

"Loser!" "Monster!"

Sasuke got curious and decided to walk closer. He saw a bunch of guys laughing and pointing at someone. Sasuke turned his attention to the swing and saw a boy crying. He looked like a year younger than Sasuke and had red, naturally spiky and messy hair. He was holding a teddy bear limply on one hand and the other wiping tears from his eyes.

"No wonder no body likes you!" A boy about twelve years old laughed. "I bet your own father doesn't give a damn about you!"

Sasuke got really mad, he knew that taunts like that hurt the most. He shoved the one whom he knew was hurting the boy the most. "Hey! You have no right to speak to him like that!"

Sasuke went to the boy crying. "Hi, what's your name?" Sasuke asked gently patting the boy's back. The red haired boy put away his hand on his face and looked at Sasuke.

"G-Gaara," He whispered.

"Oh, hey there, I'm Sasuke. Why are you just allowing them to tease you like that?" Sasuke frowned. "They have no right to say that!"

"B-But it's true… nobody loves me because I'm… I'm a monster," Gaara sobbed.

"That's not true!"

"Hey! Mind your own business!" a boy yelled at Sasuke. Sasuke glared at him.

"Leave him alone or I'll take you down myself," Sasuke muttered darkly.

"Bring it," the boy smirked. His friends had formed a circle around Sasuke.

"Hn," Sasuke said. "Don't blame me if you get hurt."

Three of them charged. Sasuke ducked and did a roundhouse kick and it hit them right on the head. Their leader growled and ordered the others to charge too. This time they were to many punches and Sasuke failed to dodge. He got hit hard on the chin and little bit of blood escaped. He winced and they took advantage to go and kick him and after a while Sasuke fell headfirst on the floor.

"So kid, your family hate you too?" their leader taunted. He gripped Sasuke's collar and spitted at his face. Sasuke growled in disgust, just then the bully recognized the emblem on Sasuke's back.

"Uchiha, neh?" he provoked. "Why, from what I know they're all dead! Killed by one of their kinsmen! Such a shame, don't you think? Weak, power obsessed clan!"


"Really, now?" he said as he drew his fist back and hit Sasuke on the face. "Look at you then, you're pathetic, weak and worthless. You're evidence that their nothing but weak!"

No! Uchiha are not weak, and I'm not weak! I'm not! I'm not! "I'M NOT WEAK!" Sasuke yelled as he punched the bully hard in the chest, knocking out all of the wind inside him.

"Wha-what's that?" he cowered in fear and ran back to his friends.

"What?" Sasuke asked confused.

"Sa-Sasuke…" Gaara said. "You-your eyes."

3 crimson drops appeared on Sasuke's blood red eyes. Sasuke's mouth hung open. I… I have the Sharingan. I… It was just then that Sasuke noticed that their movement slowed, and he could literally see the chakra path on their bodies.

He glared haughtily as his Sharingan spun wildly, trapping them in the other world.


The bullies collapsed just after 30 seconds.

Kisame and Zabuza arrived on the scene with a worried Yashamaru and 2 other kids with them. They stared at the bullies in shock and then their gazed fixed on Sasuke.

"What?" Sasuke asked. "I was just defending myself."

"Gaara! Are you okay?" Yashamaru asked worriedly. Sasuke and Gaara explained what happened and Zabuza and Kisame just kept nodding while Yashamaru asked plenty of questions. The children didn't ask anything. After they finished explaining Yashamaru turned to the mist nins and Sasuke.

"I owe you for helping Gaara here," she smiled. "We have a room at the 4th floor, want to go and rest a bit?"

"I guess it won't hurt," Kisame replied.

"I might as well take a shower…" Sasuke nodded in agreement.

"Alright, thank you miss, we appreciate it," Zabuza said politely.

"You're very welcome."

Sasuke stared at the 3 siblings chatting with each other. He was liking the girl more and more by the minute. He thought it as cute the way she smiled, and the way she frowned when the boy teased her. The girl seemed to notice him for the first time and blushed.

"Hi, I'm Temari, and this is Kankuro. What's your name?"


"Hey there buddy!" Kankuro said as he ruffled Sasuke's hair.

Sasuke growled and shoved him off. Temari chuckled at this which made Sasuke blush.

"Uh hey guys nice to meet you. Let's go and play upstairs?" All of them agreed in unison and they debated on what to do.

Zabuza was still wondering how Sasuke learned to use the Sharingan plus genjutsu at such a young age.

"Strange, isn't it?"

Zabuza got out of dream world and stared at Kisame who was staring at Sasuke. Kisame chuckled and looked at Zabuza.

"Indeed. I have never seen anyone so young who was able to get the Stage three Sharingan and use genjutsu at the same time." Zabuza said now looking at Sasuke too.

"He will be strong, won't he?" Kisame asked. "He will be useful when the war starts…"

"…Yes, no doubt about that, and with the right guidance he might even surpass Itachi… or Madara."