Dieya: Ok well I'm going to start off at chapter 201 in the manga series because that's a good place to start. (The options on the first page are still opened.)


Allen sat their in the dark dungeon in a hypnotic state, Timcampy wrestling to get out of the chains. Seals decorated the walls and on Allen and Timcampy.

All was Quiet, then all of a sudden a door came out of nowhere. It was checkered and shaped sorta like a heart with a crown on top. (I wonder who that could be. ;D )

"ALLEN!" said the tomboyish looking girl Road Camelot.

"How could those terrible people do this to you?" as she ran hugging Allen and kissing him on the lips.

"…" Allen just sat there quiet not even looking at her.

"Allen we're going to take you home now." said Tyki Mikk walking out of the door "But you really should be more quiet Road, this is enemy territory."

"I DON'T CARE, as long as I know Allen's safe."


"Tyki what's wrong with Allen, he's not saying anything?"

"He's probably just in denial that his friends would lock him up and let him die here."

Road just looked at Allen and thought 'Maybe he'll wake up from this trance when we get him out of here.'

"Let's just get him out of here and worry about this later." Tyki said while throwing Allen over his shoulders.

In the Ark in a random room, Allen changed into comfortable clothes by whoever you want it to be. (probably Road, wink wink. ;D )

(They magically got Timcamy in the Ark somewhere, just so you know.)

'I feel so weird right now, where am I?' Allen thought while groaning.

"Tyki, he's waking up!" a cherub voice said.

"Welcome home lad." a male's voice said.

As soon as Allen realized where he was, he was pissed. "I said I didn't want to be apart of your god damn fami….aaaaaaaAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH"

An unbearable pain shot through his head while blood seeped out.

"Well lad, you won't be saying that for long."

Dieya: Well their you go, the first chapter is up hope you enjoy. If you have any suggestions or grammar lessons for me please tell me.