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Here is the sequel to Gundam Seed: Dimension Jump

On a misty plane four people appeared. They were two pairs of a guy and a girl. With the first pair, the girl had long blue hair and grey eyes and was wearing a skintight body suit with a jacket over it. She had elf like ears and was wearing a winged tiara on her head. The boy had brown hair and eyes and was wearing a skintight bodysuit with a tiara on his head. They were Lafiel Abriel and Jinto Linn.

With the second pair, the boy had brown hair and black eyes and was wearing a red military uniform. The girl had blonde hair and red eyes and was wearing a pink military uniform. They were Van Flyheight and Fiona.

"Where are we" asked Jinto looking around

"Who are you" asked Van stepping in front of Fiona

"My name is Jinto and this is Lafiel" said Jinto

"You're the ones Kira and Lacus told us about" said Fiona

"You know them" asked Lafiel

"Yes" said Van

"But I don't know how we got here" said Fiona

"I brought you here" said a voice

All four of them turned around and saw a glowing figure standing before them. "Who are you" asked Van

"I am the one that brought you here" said the figure

"And the one that sent your friends to you" it said

"So you are the one who did it" said Lafiel

"Yes" said the figure

"Why" asked Jinto

"To learn the lessons they needed to survive the challenges ahead" said the figure

"That is also why I have called you here" it said

"I am going to send you to them to assist them in their challenges" it said

The figure waved its hand and the four of them were covered in a bright light. When it cleared it showed all four of them wearing civilian clothes. Van and Fiona had an alpha on their heads and a clyuno on their wrists. All four of them had an equipment belt on their waist with a blaster pistol, Star Forces handgun, and a lightsaber. "These are the same gifts that I gave the six of them when I brought them here" said the figure

"You can ask Lafiel how to use the alpha and clyuno since they came from her people" it said looking at Van and Fiona

"I have modified yours for it to work like it does for the Abh" it said looking at Jinto

"I have also modified your clyunos so they will never be out of range" it said

"Neither gun will run out of ammo" it said

"As a precaution, only you may use what I have used and modified and will remain invisible unless in use. Except for Lafiel's and Jinto's alphas and clyunos" it said

"Thank you" said Jinto

"Good luck" said the figure

The four of them disappeared in a flash of light.

When the four of them opened their eyes they saw they were in a city. "I guess this is where they live" said Jinto looking around

"I will try contacting Lacus" said Lafiel

It was a couple of months after the end of the Bloody Valentine War and Kira, Lacus, Miriallia, and Dearka were staying with Cagalli and Athrun in her mansion. They were sitting in one of the sitting rooms when Lacus' clyuno started beeping. "Who could be contacting me" asked Lacus

"We are all here" she said

She pushed the receive button and said "Hello"


"Lafiel" exclaimed Lacus

"How and what are you doing here" she asked

"This glowing figure sent us to help you"

"There are others with you" asked Lacus


"Jinto is with me along with two people named Van Flyheight and Fiona"

"They are here too" shouted Lacus


"Stay where you are and we will come pick you up" said Lacus


Lacus cut the communication as Athrun said "Those challenges that the figure talked about must be coming up soon"

"You would think we would get a little break" said Cagalli crossing her arms

Kira, Lacus, Dearka, and Miriallia went to the garage and got into two cars and drove off.

Lafiel, Jinto, Van, and Fiona were sitting outside a café near where they appeared. "You know about us, so why don't you tell us about yourselves" said Lafiel

Van and Fiona told them about where they are from, about themselves, and how Kira and his friends helped them.

Two cars pulled up to the café and Kira and Dearka beeped their horns. The four of them looked over and saw that Kira and Dearka had come along with Lacus and Miriallia. The four of them walked towards the cars as Kira asked "Where did those clothes come from"

"I never seen you wear clothes like that before Lafiel" said Miriallia

"They appeared on us along with this" said Van showing his clyuno

"You got the same stuff we did" said Kira

"Yes" said Van

"Ours were altered to match yours as well" said Jinto

"Have you taken a look at your lightsabers yet" asked Kira

"What" asked Lafiel?

"These" said Lacus holding up hers

"So that's what they are" said Van

"No" said Jinto

"Wait until we get back to Cagalli's house before looking at them" said Kira

"Alright" said Jinto

Lafiel and Jinto got into the car with Kira and Lacus and Van and Fiona got in with Dearka and Miriallia. They then drove back to Cagalli's house. They all got out of the cars and went to where Athrun and Cagalli were. When they got there Van asked "Are you going to tell us about these now" while holding up his lightsaber

"It's called a lightsaber. It's a weapon from the last place we went to" said Kira

"This came from there as well" said Athrun holding up his blaster pistol

"What was it like" asked Fiona

"A galaxy wide civilization" said Kira

"Wow" said Van in awe

"How did they travel around" asked Lafiel

"They traveled though something called Hyperspace" said Athrun

"How does it work" asked Lafiel

"We don't know" said Athrun

"They just gave us a brief history so that we could help them" said Cagalli

"Damn it" thought Lafiel

"So how do you use this" asked Van?

"Just hit the switch" said Athrun

"But be very careful with them" said Lacus

"They can cut though practically anything expect for some metals that only exist where they come from" she said

The six of them then turned their lightsabers on and six blades appeared. "Wow" said Jinto

Lafiel, Jinto, Van, and Fiona turned on their lightsabers and four blue blades appeared. They all swung them around a bit before turning them off and putting them away. "Where are we going to stay" asked Van

"You can stay with me until we find you a place to live" said Cagalli

"Thank you" said Fiona bowing

"No problem" said Cagalli

She led Lafiel, Jinto, Van, and Fiona to their rooms for they stay. Van and Fiona took one room while Lafiel and Jinto took two.

During the night Fiona had a vision of a large ruin falling towards a planet with a ship nearby with the emblem of ZAFT behind it. In the morning Fiona shot out of bed breathing harshly. "What's the matter Fiona" asked Van waking up

"I think I had another vision" said Fiona

"You did" said Van surprised

"Of what" he asked

"I think of the future" said Fiona

"We need to tell the others" said Van

They went down to the dining room where everyone else was having breakfast. "Good morning" said Lacus

She then saw the looks on Van's and Fiona's faces and asked "What happened"

"I think I had a vision of the future" said Fiona

"What did you see" asked Kira

"I saw a large ruin falling towards a planet with a ship nearby with an emblem that was on your shoulder behind it" said Fiona pointing at Athrun

Six eyes widen at that as they shot out of the room. "What's the rush" asked Jinto

The four of them quickly ran after them and saw Athrun typing fast on a computer. He turned to them when they came in and asked "Did the ruins look like this Fiona" pointing to the computer screen

Fiona looked at it and said "Yes"

"Junius Seven is going to fall to Earth" shouted Lacus in a scared tone of voice

"We need to do something" said Cagalli

"We don't even know when it will happen" said Dearka

"Why would ZAFT do this" asked Miriallia

"I don't think ZAFT is going to do it" said Athrun

"And I do think we know when it will happen" he said

"What do you mean" asked Dearka

Athrun turned to Fiona and asked "Could you describe the ship more"

Fiona nodded her head and closed her eyes and began describing the Minerva. Once she was done, Athrun said "ZAFT doesn't have any ship like that"

Kira's eyes widen as he caught onto what Athrun was thinking. "You think that ship was shown as a way for us to know when Junius Seven will fall" said Kira

"Yes" said Athrun

"When ZAFT launches it, we will know Junius Seven will fall soon" he said

"What are we going to do to stop it" asked Cagalli

"Leave that to me and Kira" said Lacus

"Alright" said Athrun

"Are any of you going to explain what you are talking about" asked Lafiel

The six of them turned towards Lafiel as they remembered they didn't tell anyone where they came from. "Opps" said Cagalli sheepishly

"We forget to tell you about where we came from didn't we" she said

"Yes, you did" said Lafiel crossing her arms over her chest

The six of them started explaining the Cosmic Era, Naturals, Coordinators, and the Bloody Valentine War. When they were done Fiona said "You don't look different"

"We know that" said Cagalli

"But we can't get everyone else to recognize that" she huffed crossing her arms

"So that's why your communication officer reacted like that we he heard the United Mankind's message" said Lafiel

"Yes" said Lacus

"The Eternal was originally a ZAFT ship" she said