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A little while after everyone got back to the Archangel, the Chairman broadcasted his speech about the Destiny Plan to the world.

"The Chairman has made his move" said Lacus

"Now is the time to make ours and end this once and for all" said Cagalli

The Archangel took off from Copernicus City and headed towards where the Kusanagi was with the Orb Fleet. Everyone went to the Archangel's hanger as the Archangel arrived at the Orb Fleet's location.

"This will probably be the last time we will see each other" said Kira

"Thank you for everything you have done for us" said Van bowing his head

"We will never forget you" said Fiona smiling

"Good luck when you get home" said Athrun

"Thank you" said Van

"I just know you are going to be a great Empress one day Lafiel" said Lacus hugging Lafiel

"You will lead your people and the other nations to true peace and prosperity" she said letting go

"I will try my best" said Lafiel proudly

"I will be with her every step of the way for as long as I can" said Jinto smiling

"I want you to take this" said Cagalli hold out a disk

"What is it" asked Lafiel taking it

"The plans for the Murasame" said Cagalli

Lafiel's eyes widen as she looked at the disk.

"Thank you for this" said Lafiel carefully putting the disk away

"No problem" said Cagalli smiling

"I figured you would like to have your own mass produced mobile suits" she said

Then Athrun, Cagalli, Van, Fiona, Lafiel, and Jinto got into a shuttle and went over to the Kusanagi. Once the shuttle was gone everyone went back to the bridge.

"Contact the Eternal" said Lacus when they arrived

"Yes" said Miriallia nodding her head and heading to her station

Soon Captain Waltfeld appeared on the main screen.

"Is everything ready" asked Lacus

"Yes" said Andrew nodding his head

"I have contacted our friends and they have formed up around us" he said

"Good" said Lacus nodding her head

"We will meet you at these coordinates along with the Orb Fleet" she said giving him the coordinates

"We will see you there" said Andrew as he disappeared

"What friends was he talking about" asked Murrue

"You will see" said Kira smiling

When the Archangel and the Orb Fleet arrived at the coordinates they saw the Eternal leading a fleet made up of Alliance and ZAFT ships.

"Those are Alliance and ZAFT ships" exclaimed Cagalli

"Yes" said Lacus nodding her head

"While we were gathering information on the Chairman's plan, we were also reaching out to those that had similar feelings to us" she explained

"We told them what was going on and they told us what they could and pledged to help us when the time came" she finished

"Have you been able to find it yet" asked Kira

"No we haven't" said Andrew shaking his head

"Find what" asked Murrue

"We found out that the Chairman had some sort of station built to act as his base of operations once he revealed his plan" said Kira

"But we haven't been able to find out where it is yet" he added

"So we are stuck waiting for him to make a move again" said Cagalli sighing

Captain Waltfeld looked off-screen for a few moments before he looked back and said "The Alliance just launched their fleet from Arzachel and are heading towards the ZAFT Fleet"

"Track them" said Cagalli

"Maybe the battle will reveal the location of the station" she added

The combined fleet secretly made their way over to where the two fleets would meet. Once the Alliance Fleet got near the ZAFT Fleet, a humongous object appeared from below the Moon's horizon.

"A humongous object just appeared from the Moon's horizon" exclaimed Miriallia

She brought the view up on the main screen and everyone saw Messiah.

"That is our target" asked Cagalli

"Yes" said Lacus nodding her head

"That is it" she added

"High energy build up detected from it" exclaimed Miriallia

"It's…" she began to shout

But was interrupted when Neo-GENESIS fired and took out most of the Alliance Fleet.

"GENESIS" growled Kira

"They integrated it into the station" said Lacus

"We need to destroy that thing now" said Cagalli

"I think it would be best to split up our forces into two" said Andrew

"One half will take out the station and the other half will deal with the ZAFT Fleet" he explained

"Orb will take care of the ZAFT Fleet" said Cagalli

"We will destroy the station" said Kira

"I will send Lafiel and Jinto to help you" said Cagalli

"Thanks" said Kira

"Captain Ramius, join the Orb Fleet to help take out the Minerva" said Lacus

"Alright" said Murrue nodding her head

"Let's go" said Kira as he left

As they were making their way to pilot's locker room, Stella asked "Do you want me to join Cagalli"

"No" said Kira shaking his head

"I think they were both transferred to the station" he said

"Ok" said Stella nodding her head

Everybody launched and went towards their respective targets. The Destiny and Legend launched from Messiah and lead the mass produced mobile suits towards them.

"Go get him Stella" said Kira

"Right" said Stella taking off towards the Destiny

"Ready Lacus" asked Kira

"Yes" said Lacus nodding her head

"I will leave the mass produced mobile suits to you and Miriallia, Dearka" said Kira

"You can count on us" said Dearka

The Destiny went to attack the Strike Freedom only for Epyon to get in its way.

"Get out of my way" shouted Shinn

"Hello Shinn" said Stella

"Stella" whispered Shinn his eyes wide

"But how" he asked

"I saw that monstrosity you were in destroyed" he said

"I was rescued from the situation you put me in by my new family" said Stella

"But I did that to save you" exclaimed Shinn

"He gave me his word that he would help you and take you away from the war" he said

"And you believed him" shouted Stella

"You are a bigger idiot that I thought" she said

Shinn's eyes widen hearing that. It sounded so similar to what Athrun said to him.

"I trusted you" said Stella

"I believed you when you said you would take care of me" she said

"I thought you really cared about me and loved me" she said

"Only to find out that I meant nothing to you when you betrayed me" she shouted as a seed exploded in her mind

"That's not true" cried Shinn

"Now DIE" shouted Stella as she activated her beam sword

Epyon charged at Destiny who only just managed to bring out its anti-ship sword to block it. They started clashing until Epyon brought out its heat rod and slashed off the Destiny's legs. That caused the Destiny to pause long enough to allow Epyon to destroy its anti-ship sword and the arm holding it. The Destiny tried to bring its beam cannon out only for that to be destroyed as well along with the other arm.

"Now you will pay for betraying me" said Stella

But before she could finish Shinn off, her radar alerted her to an attack from behind. She dodged to the side as she saw the Impulse charging at her firing its beam rifle.

"Shinn" shouted Lunamaria

"Luna" said Shinn

"Stay back" he shouted

"So this is the reason why" said Stella

Epyon activated it Mirage Colloid and disappeared.

"Where did it go" asked Lunamaria looking around

Epyon reappeared behind the Impulse and destroyed its arms and legs. Epyon then kicked the destroyed Impulse at the destroyed Destiny. Luna screamed as the Impulse crashed into the Destiny.

"Luna" shouted Shinn

"If you care about her so much" said Stella

"Then you both can die together" she shouted

She stabbed her beam sword right through both cockpits destroying them both.

"I finally did it" said Stella giggling

Strike Freedom and Angel charged towards the Legend. It launched it Dragoons while Strike Freedom launched its own and started destroying them. Angel drew one of its double bladed beam sabers and charged at Legend. It tried to shoot Angel with its beam rifle only for Angel to manipulate her wings to block each attack. Angel brought down it double bladed beam saber on Legend only for it to be blocked by a beam javelin. They then started clashing.

While this was going on Rey tried to claim that he was Rau Le Creuset.

"You are not him" said Kira

"But you can die like him" he said

After the Legend's Dragoons were destroyed, it was soon overpowered and destroyed by the Strike Freedom and Angel.

"Are you all done Stella" asked Kira

"Yes" said Stella nodding her head

"Then let's go take out that station" said Kira

They were soon joined by Wing and Wing Zero and flew towards Messiah along with the Eternal.

The Orb and ZAFT fleets were battling it out with Akatsuki, Infinite Justice, and the Ligers tearing through the ZAFT forces. The Archangel and Minerva were firing at each other until the Minerva got into position to fire its Tannhauser. Only for Akatsuki to destroy it with its beam rifle. Then the Infinite Justice sent its backpack though the Minerva's engines destroying them and causing it to crash into the moon's surface.

"Let's see how you like having a Lohengrin fired at you" said Cagalli

"Fire" she shouted

The Archangel fired its Lohengrin at the Minerva destroying it.

The Strike Freedom, Angel, Epyon, Wing, Wing Zero, and the Eternal arrived at Messiah and fired at it only for a shield to appear and block their shots.

"A shield" said Kira

"That must be what those rings are for" said Lacus

"Launch the METEOR" commanded Kira

One of the METEORs detached from the Eternal and attached to the Strike Freedom. Using the METEOR's beam swords, the Strike Freedom cut through the rings surrounding Messiah destroying the shield. Once the shield was gone everyone fired at Messiah badly damaging it while the Strike Freedom went into the main hanger and fired everything destroying everything that was in there.

"Lacus, Stella, join me in here" said Kira

"We are going to make sure he is dead" he added

"Right" said Lacus and Stella

Kira sent the METEOR back to the Eternal as Angel and Epyon landed next to him.

"Stella, stay here and guard our Gundams" said Kira

"I will" said Stella

"Let's go end this Lacus" said Kira

"Yes" said Lacus nodding her head

They both got out of their Gundams and headed towards the main control room with their blasters and lightsabers out. Surprisingly they ran into no resistance while on their way to the main control room.

"I guess everyone either left or is dead" said Kira

They arrived at the main control room and found it destroyed. They saw the chair in front of them spin around that they quickly fired at. The Chairman's dead body fell out of the chair as it finished spinning around.

"Now we don't have to listen to any more of his speeches" said Kira

"Even though he lost, he probably would have still tried to convince us what he was doing is right" said Lacus

They quickly left the main control room and made their way back to their Gundams. When they got there, they quickly got inside and all three of them left Messiah. Once they were outside, Angel and Wing Zero charged up their Twin Buster Rifles and shot at Messiah destroying it.

"Launch signal flares and get me an open link" commanded Lacus

"You're live" said Andrew

"This is Lacus Clyne of the Eternal"

"We feel it will be pointless to continue fighting and are disengaging" she said

"I repeat, we feel it will be pointless to continue fighting and are disengaging" she said

"I hope you will as well" she said

The Archangel, Eternal, and combined Terminal Fleet launched signal flares and soon after the ZAFT Fleet launched signal flares as well. Everyone started returning to their ships.

"It's over" said Cagalli sighing

There was a flash of light that when cleared they all found themselves on the misty plane again.

"You have done well in using what you have learned to face the challenges you had" said the glowing figure

"This is the last time that we will meet" it said

"But before I send you all home, I have one final gift for all of you" it said

The glowing figure wave its hand and two pendants appeared around everyone's neck. Kira, Lacus, Athrun, Cagalli, Dearka, Miriallia, and Stella had pendants in the shape of the emblems of the Abh Empire and the Guardian Force.

Van and Fiona had pendants in the shape of the emblems of the Abh Empire and the Alliance, ZAFT, and Orb in a triangle formation. Lafiel and Jinto had pendants in the shape of the emblems of the Guardian Force and the Alliance, ZAFT, and Orb in a triangle formation.

"Those pendants when pressed against your Gundam's main screen will allow you to travel to the dimension that emblem is from" said the glowing figure

"Good bye" it said

There was a flash of light and when it cleared everyone was back in their Gundams. When they looked around they saw that Wing, Wing Zero, and the Ligers were gone.

"It' all finally over" said Kira sighing

"Let's all go home" said Lacus smiling

Everyone nodded their heads as they returned to the Archangel, Kusanagi, and Eternal.