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Summary: Harry Potter world meet the world of Nightmare Before Christmas! Follow your favorite HP character through the wonder ful world of NBC! Warning Yaoi pairings ahead! Wink wink.

Pre-First Chapter Info.


Tom Riddle as Jack

Harry Potter as Sally

Minister Fudge as Mayor

Nagini as Zero

Dumbledore as Santa

Voldemort as Oogie Boogie

Severus Snape as Dr. Finkelstein

Draco Malfoy, Gregory Goyle, and Vincent Crabbe as The Trio

Sirius Black as Vampire

Remus Lupin as Werewolf

Hermoine Granger and Weasley Family as Santa's elves

Minerva McGonagall as Mrs. Santa

And all others to be revealed as story progresses!

Back Story:

Harry was the product of Lilly the rag doll and James the Mummy falling in love. Unable to produce their own kids they turn to Snape, though rather reluctantly on James' part, to create them a child like Lilly was by Snape old mentor. On the day Harry is brought to life James and Lilly die, and since then Snape has raised Harry. Just wanted to get that out of the way before anyone gets confused and goes 'huh?'.

Next tom and Voldemort are two completely different people in here. They are only associated through the same rivalry that Jack and Oogie have.

Lastly when I get to it S.U.E is not sue, just given that as a heads up.

Last Comments:

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So yeah send me your thoughts.


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