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Oliver was terrified; all he could see was the four balls of numbers erupting from his brother's laptop. He tried to run but they just came closer and closer until


His brother Chris was already awake eating some cereal, specifically coco shreddies. Chris was a kind of emo 16 year old with pale skin, bright blue eyes and short wavy black hair which at this time of the morning all over the place. The egg that he found in his bed with him was laying right next to him on the sofa. Yep, you read right, but it wasn't just any egg. It was larger than an ostrich egg and purple. Then he heard a scream.

His 13 year old sister Grace had also woken up with an egg, only hers was pure white. She had fair skin too but had chocolate brown eyes, waist length, wavy blonde hair and pierced ears. "Grace?" Christopher shouted as he bounded down the stairs. She turned to him and pointed at the egg. Chris then rushed upstairs to get his egg then came back down to show it to her. "Oliver" they both said in unison.

Oliver had woken up from the nightmare with his eight year old mind trying to comprehend it. Oliver was quite tall for his age, slim and had brown eyes and short dirty blonde hair. "Just a dream" he muttered to himself. Then he saw the two eggs at the foot of his bed. One was brown, the other lime green. Then he saw his brother and sister run in with their own eggs."What are these?" he asked Christopher. "I don't know anything except we all woke up with eggs in our bed" Chris replied.

"Well there's one thing to be certain about" Grace stated. "What?" both of her brothers asked. "They aren't ours" she replied, "I mean you guys can't and I'm still a virgin". "Right" Chris said sarcastically, resulting in a smack on the head from his sister. Just then a letter came through the post, to which the eldest Bennel went to collect. "It's for us" he stated to the others. This is what it had inside:

Dear Christopher, Grace and Oliver Bennel,

If you are reading this then that can only mean one thing. The world you know of is in danger! At this point you must be wondering why I am contacting you instead of the army. Well, this is because the Digital World needs children to fight against it.

Yes, the Digi World is real as are the eggs you have been given. Over time you will be find more Digi eggs and Digimon for you to fight with against the dark forces that will shortly appear in your world so to accept each of you must do the following. Christopher must gently rub his egg, Grace must do the same with her eggs and Oliver follows suit. You will get your cards and D gauntlets in due course

Sincerely, Lord Bokomon, historian and caterer to the celestial trio.

When Christopher had finished reading this Grace immediately realised something. "I only have one egg but this letter says something else. Something must have happened to these guys on the way here" she stated. "Maybe the Digi stork dropped it off at the wrong house" Oliver replied. "Okay, who wants to save the world?" Grace asked the two. "Guys, no" Chris said. "Why not?" his younger siblings asked him threateningly. "As long as mum and dad are in Venice on their second honeymoon I'm in charge and I say no"!

Then the eldest two noticed that Oliver's eggs were glowing all over. "Oliver!" Chris shouted at his brother, but it was too late, the eggs were hatching.

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