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Chapter 23: Trial 3 part one: How to save a wife.

It seemed to be mid morning in the clearing. It was a good thing that Tori had some donuts on him otherwise it would be uncertain if he and Buraimon would have ever found anything to eat. They had chosen a good place to have their lunch, located under a shady tree.

"So, if you're right this is our test to get us to the ultimate level" the weathered faced boy said as he munched on his sprinkle covered donut, "Do you have any idea as to who we'll get a a new partner"?

"Well, hopefully it's going to be someone we can get along with" the samurai replied, "at my father's temple I used to spar with our messenger Ravemon's son Falcomon".

"Aren't they ninjas? The enemy of samurais"?

"I don't really know" Buraimon replied when he jumped up and slashed at a nearby bush, causing a pink clad, sceptre wielding angel to jump out, wearing an irritated and slightly camp look on his visored face.

"Like, what is your problem? Here I was, like trying to find some diginoir trees to, like cheer up my boss and you just, like totally had to try and, like kill me!" the angel huffed, "and you, like nearly tore my sash"!

"Um...sorry, I guess" Tori sweatdropped as he approached the angel, "sorry, my partner Buraimon is very protective. I'm Edward, but please call me Tori"

"OMG, you're, like one of those tamers, right? My boss is so totally gonna be happy!" Piddomon cheered before grabbing both Tori and Buraimon and flying at speeds faster than Grace getting online at the sound of a new Halo game being released.

Within a minute of struggling the two found themselves in a lit cave and saw a large, muscular, red scaled dinosaur playing with a Minomon, before noticing the trio.

"Hey Dad, Piddomon's back" the dino shouted to the back of the cave, "and he's brought a human"!

That was when the cave rumbled as a giant dinosaur skeleton that towered even over the large dinosaur and looked like it would squash the bug digimon like an insect before bowing slightly in front of the pair.

"Tyrannomon, take your brother into your room for a few minutes" the Skeleton said gruffly to the Tyrannomon. To which said dinosaur took his smaller insect brother deeper into the cave, but not before the two could wave a hello to the newcomers. "Have a seat, please" the skeleton muttered as it sat down on a large rock.

"I think it'd be wise to comply Edward" Buraimon whispered to his partner, "a SkullGreymon isn't usually this literate and combining their emotional tempers and their dark shot attack always ends badly"

"Fine" Edward sighed as he sat down and the floor, "your Piddomon brought us here talking about us being needed by you, although he could have just asked us to come instead of dragging us here"

"I, like totally said I was sorry" Piddomon huffed.

"No you didn't" the samurai smirked, causing the fabulous angel to hang his head in embarrassment.

"Yes. You see the Orochimon that lives in those mountains to the west is a very violent digimon, always in his drunken rages and thrashing about" SkullGreymon sighed, "a few days ago my wife was getting some supplies and since Orochimon has had a grudge against me for some time he kidnapped him and is keeping him prisoner"

"Him?" Edward asked, "but wouldn't your wife be-"?

"Yes my wife is a male, do you have something against it?" the missile wielding skeleton asked darkly before regaining his composure, "I'm so sorry but you must understand I am under a great deal of stress. Orochimon has threatened to kill my wife and our children if I go after him and this digimon who has gone off to battle Orochimon has not been seen for quite some time. I'd hate to burden you but please, find the other digimon and bring my wife back safely. I love him so much I don't know how I could hold myself together if anything were to happen".

"I think we should do this" Edward whispered to Buraimon, "I mean, although it is probably one of the most disturbing things I've ever heard this guy sounds really desperate to get his...'wife' back"

"Agreed" the samurai replied before turning to the SkullGreymon, "we humbly accept your request".

"Thank you" the dinosaur replied before the bug from earlier came sliding down from his father's collarbone and by Edward's feet.

"Please sir, if you see my mommy please give him this" Minomon chirped as he handed the tamer a locket on a simple iron chain with a large bronze rectangular pendant on the string, "he forgot to take this with him"

"Um...don't worry kid; we're going to make sure your mother comes home safe and sound" Tori smirked as he put the locket around his neck and signalled to Buraimon that they should make their way to the mountains in the west.

"Buraimon, how are baby digimon formed?" Tori asked as the pair were jogging through the forest by the dusty mountains, "I mean it can't be like the human way if two...guys can perform it"

"Well, it involves two digimon using what's called a life share capsule" the samurai explained, "it's four times the size of a digi-egg and costs half a house usually. You place a scrap of data from both parents into the machine and an hour or so later there's the digiegg. Of course, there are some situations where twins are created such as Grace's Gatomon and BlackGatomon, yet those are rare"

"Well, Grace is one of those girls who're rare to come by" Tori replied, "the first time I met her it was my first day of English school after she beat me online on HALO. A few years ago I lived in Japan and after a few complications I had to trade bullet trains for a British replacement bus service"

"Must have been hard moving to a foreign country" Buraimon sighed, "but I can relate. I still find your world very strange"

"Our worlds are pretty weird but that's what makes them great" Tori sighed as he looked at the wallet in his hands. In it there were four pictures. One of him and his family, another of him holding Hyokomon, another photo of him hugging Grace and Claudia one time when they were at a fairground whilst watching a fireworks display that was shown in the background but the final one was always so foreign to Buraimon. It looked like it was taken on a train with one person in view. She looked very slim, pale skinned with shoulder length dyed cherry red hair and dark brown eyes. She couldn't be any older than 10 but she was reading a book about a small person with a very weird name of Dorrit.

"Oh, this is my ex, Scarlet" Tori said to Buraimon as he noticed the chicken's curiosity, "we used to be in love but...well it ended a while back".

"It must have been hard seeing that Skullgreymon in love" Buraimon sighed, "so, who ended it"?

"I did" Tori sighed, "a few months before I moved to England I found out that she had another guy. I'm over it, don't worry. Yet, I've realised that I can't just rush into another relationship".

"Makes sense" Buraimon sighed as he removed some dirt from under his talons, "but one day you'll find the one for you Tori, make no mistake"

"Well it'd have to be a girl who's sweet, friendly, someone who's not afraid to speak her mind and knows how to at least play HALO".

"You mean the new one? As in the game Grace beat you on"?

"Any of them actua- Hey! She had the boom stick! It wasn't a fair fight!" Edward huffed as his partner just chuckled. That was when they saw it, lying on the path battered and bruised with it's purple ninja robes tattered and quite a few feathers absent in its cream and orange plumage. "I guess there had to be a ninja ostrich somewhere" Edward sighed, "hey Buraimon, think you can help me get this guy in the shade"?

"Of course" the chicken replied as they both carried the large ostrich to under a tree, not knowing that silently Tori's D scanner was finalizing the registration process...

Okay... please don't flame me too much for certain references. I bet you'll guess who Tori's new partner is in at least thirty seconds. Next time, I have imagined a beautiful image in "Trial 3: How to save a wife part 2"!