Author Blabs: Okay, I know you'll all be mad at me because I've got to finish "Hold your tears back" but I just read "Barefoot Gen", and it inspired me so much. I just HAD to write this! It's exactly what happens in the book, except in a Teen Titans version. So give all the credit to "Barefoot Gen" not me! This is a Fanfic where a bomb was dropped on Jump city. Beast Boy and Cyborg are dead while Starfire is dying… Robin and Raven are still alive but very sick. No, this is not a Rob/Rae Fic, but it might make you cry.


Robin walks over to Starfire. Raven is sitting beside her, crying.

"R- Raven? What's wrong? Why are you…? N- No... Tell me it's not true!" He brutally drops what he is carrying and runs over to Starfire.

"She's… She's cold! Starfire!" He pinches her. "Cry, Starfire, cry Dammit! I pinched you so hard it must have hurt! Why aren't you crying? Come on, please cry! Make some noise!"

Raven doesn't move. She just sits there looking at Robin with cold, sad eyes. A few tears roll down on her cheeks:

"…" Robin just looks at Starfire in disbelief.

"S- She's not crying… Or yelling… Or even breathing!" Raven finally decides to speak:

"Robin… Starfire died three hours ago, while you were out looking for food. Just before she died, she cried and cried with all her might, she must have been hurting so. Then she became quiet, and never made another sound…"

She looked over at Starfire before continuing "Starfire, I'm sorry. Your friends did all they could to save you, but they couldn't even give you one happy moment. Forgive me… Forgive us, Starfire…"

Raven then walks over and starts digging. Robin just stands there. Then, he asks coldly:

"What are you doing...?" She doesn't even bother to look up…

"Digging a grave for Star…"

"You're crazy! Starfire's not dead! She doesn't need a coffin!" Raven smiles.

"What are you smiling about? This is not time to laugh!" He screams. Raven finally looks over to him.

"I've already cried my eyes out, Robin. I've had so much to cry over, I don't have any tears left… it's no use, Robin. She's gone…"

Robin looks at her with disbelief:

"…" He grabs Starfire away from Raven.

"NO! I won't let you put Starfire in there! She's alive!" Raven sobs.

"Robin… Please, I know it's hard. But you've got to accept it…" Robin starts crying, and finally lets Starfire's body go… Raven joins him and starts crying too:

"Farewell, Starfire…" Robin cries even harder.

"It's not fair! Her tiny life gave us a reason to laugh, and now she's gone and died before us!"

A few days later, Raven places Starfire's skull next to Beast boy's and Cyborg's.

"My dear friends, Beast boy, Cyborg, now Starfire will be joining you… Please take good care of her; she suffered so much pain in this world… Be good to her… Be good to her…"

Two weeks later, Robin is in the same sad state he was at Starfire's death…

"I've had enough of crying… I've got to be strong now… No matter what happens, I won't give up! I'll be strong.

He then remembers the promise he made to his father before his death. He told him that he would never give up. "Father, I won't forget! I'll go on living, no matter what it takes! I'm not going to cry anymore!"

He walks off, this time, with hope…

And Raven just smiles…