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Violet Eyes Chapter 5

Spot's P.O.V

I paced at the bottom of the steps in my dress pants and a clean shirt. In my hand was the box, flipping it open close, open close.

"Spot, calm down." Racetrack said beside me. I had asked for permission to marry his sister earlier, of course he said yes. He rubbed my shoulders and I took a deep breath in and let it out. "It's gonna be alrigh'. She is goin to loves it!" he patted my back and smiled at me. Then something caught my eye, something that looked off about him.

"Where's your cigar?" I asked him. That thing never left his side…

"Well, on Christmas, I put it away for Caroline and stop smoking. It's the least I can do…seeing as I never have enough to buy her gift." He frowned a little. We sat there in silence until we heard someone clear their throat at the top of the steps. We looked up and saw Hope standing there in her lilac dress. She looked beautiful, with her hair in curls that fell just shy of her shoulders. She walked down the steps and stopped at the bottom. I quickly shoved the box into my pocket.

"Gentleman, I would like to present the beautiful, the wonderful, the fantastic, Caroline Higgins!" she motioned her arms up towards the top of the steps. At the top Caroline stood in a light blue dress. Racetrack clapped but I was too shocked to do anything. She looked beyond stunning, the way her hair fell perfectly into curls, or how the dress fit each one of her curves. She was blushing really bad as she put her hand on the railing and made her way down the stairs.

When she was at the bottom of the stairs, Racetrack whistled. "Oh shut up Race." She said with a smirk on her face. "I may be in a dress but I can still easily take you down." She turned to me, biting her lip. It wasn't the dress or the way her hair was that made her look so beautiful, it was just her. Her eyes sparkled like they always did and the way she bit her lip, it was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen in my entire life.

"You look stunnin…" my voice trailed off as she smiled.

"Hey Hope, would you be my date to dinner tonight and give these two some space." Race said bowing and holding out his arm. She curtsied and giggled as she entwined her arm with his. Caroline smiled even bigger and turned back to me.

"You look very nice tonight." I smirked, shrugging my shoulders.

"It's natural instinct." She rolled her eyes and giggled.

"Well shall we go to dinner." She said in her best English accent. But I shook my head. "Why not?" Her eyes danced as she asked this question with a hint of innocence.

"Follow me." I grabbed her hand and led her into the living area near the tree. "I was wonderin…Do you know what I asked for Christmas this year?" she cocked her head to the side. This caused me to laugh a little but I quickly contained myself. "Well..." I got down on one knee. "I asked for a yes." I pulled the box out of my pocket and her hand went up to her mouth.

"You are the most amazing goil I have ever met, Caroline. I wanna spend the rest of my life with you. I wanna have a family with you and grow old with you. That is all I have really wanted my entire life. Actually correction, your what I've wanted my entire life." Her eyes got watery as did mine. "Ever since we were little kids I promised myself that I would have you forever. And we all know…"

"What Spot wants, he gets." She finished for me. I nodded.

"Your beautiful Caroline, whether you believe me or not. If I could, I would give everything in the world. And if you say yes, I will try." I opened the box and tears ran down her cheeks. "So whadda say Carol Bell? Will youse marry me?"

"Yes." She nodded her head and I stood up. I picked her up and swung her in a circle. I put her down and put the ring on her finger, nothing had ever looked so perfect. I kissed her softly on the lips as tears from her eyes fell onto mine.

"Great, does dat me I gotta be related to this lousy bum?" We separated to see that it was Racetrack who called from the doorway. Hope was peering under his arm with a huge smile on her face, along with about twenty other newsie with the largest grins on their faces. Caroline and I exchanged looks and both starting laughing.

The rest of the night went by quickly as we all sat down at the table and enjoyed Caroline's wonderful meal. Everything was fantastic. The next thing that happened was Caroline read the younger boys and Hope 'Twas the Night Before Christmas and put them all to bed so they could get up early and open their gifts from Santa. Yes Caroline and Racetrack made sure the older kids managed to get presents so that the younger kids still knew there was a Santa. They never had a problem with it though, they liked Christmas too. But they still got gifts, Kloppman and Caroline got gifts for the old kids.

After all of the other boys were in there rooms and all snug in their beds, Caroline and I snuck off to the roof. She was now back into her pants and one of her long shirts, yet she still looked stunning. I sat on the roof with my back against one of the chimneys and she sat down next to me soon resting her head on my shoulder. I began rubbing her shoulder.

"Spot?" she asked as I kissed her hair.


"I think we should let Hope stay with us. Let her go to school and work as a newsie sometimes for her to make money, and maybe…" She bit her lip. "Maybe we could adopt her." She said. I stopped rubbing her shoulder and bit my lip. "It's up to you though."

"Caroline… she still has a dad."

"I figured that's who punched you." She looked up at me and smirked. "Still, she can live with us. We can send her to school and everything."

We sat there for a few more hours discussing random things about Hope, our wedding, and old memories. After a while we got cold and went inside. I walked her to her room and we stopped and looked at each other. I wrapped her in my arms and kissed her forehead.

"I love you so much." She whispered with her face in my chest.

"I love you too my beautiful fiancé." She pulled away and smiled. "Good night."

"Good night," she pushed open her door.

"Oh, and Caroline?" she turned around to face me. "Merry Christmas sweetheart." She nodded and gently shut the door behind her with a smile on her face.