A/N: Alright, weirdest thing: I had my phone camera set up so that anything recorded will be saved and had it on last night. When I woke up, not only had it stopped recording (due to dead battery), but there was no new video. Hm…

57-62 are from Angie J Triffed, and 74-80 are from caralina100

57. When watching Toy Story, you sit behind ALL of your toys to see if they move.

58. You talk to your toys, hoping they'll talk back (!)

59. You and all of your friends have Toy Story related nicknames.

60. You haven't eaten tortillas since you saw Toy Story 3 (you never know when Mr. Potato Head might need one).

61. Pidgeons make you laugh (original TS2 joke).

62. You have a "Spanish mode" that your friends don't question…

63. …Because it's "activated" by someone poking you between your shoulder blades

64. You have a dog that looks just like Buster or Scud

65. There is not a single Toy Story video on YouTube that you haven't seen.

66. You have a wall of your bedroom filled with pictures of Toy Story

67. You have gone into the attic and took out every toy so that they didn't have to live in storage any more

68. When buying a house, you request one with an address of 1225 Sycamore or 234 Elm

69. You have actually watched Earth Invaders or Rodeo Cowboys

70. You actually know what I was talking about in 69 (!)

71. You notice that Trixie was pressing two or three buttons at a time when replying (!)

72. You watched/want to watch My Neighbor Tortoro because Tortoro was in Toy Story Three (!)

73. Your ring tone matches Andy's

74. You dress up like your favorite character...

75. … so often that people think that you think it's Halloween every day of the year

76. You still play with your toys (!)

77. You know the dvds so well, you can quote the commentary

78. Your old piggy bank is named Hamm

79. You often find yourself daydreaming about Toy Story (!)

80. Your old stick pony from when you were little is named Bullseye