The Last Black

Harry ran a hand through his hair tiredly, his eyes scanning over the people who were talking quietly amongst themselves. The war memorial had just ended and Harry had thought it never would. It had been painful and tiring, and hard when he'd been brought up to make a speech (against his own will, but he really couldn't say no to Kingsley who'd just given him a grimace in a 'do it' sort of way).

Harry ran a hand through his hair again with a sigh added this time as he suddenly felt a slight bump in his side.

"Oh, sorry," A feminine voice said, and Harry looked around to meet dark brown eyes. He took a few steps back and saw a girl much older than him that he'd never seen before looking at him as though she'd seen him before. Harry just nodded and was about to walk away when she suddenly said, "You're James and Lily's son, aren't you?"

Harry looked back at her surprised, having never been addressed that before, especially in the more recent years. It felt good to be called something besides 'the famous Harry Potter'. He nodded his head slowly before saying "You knew them?"

"Not well, I was two years below them and in a different house," The girl said shaking her head before adding, "But I knew Sirius Black well." Harry couldn't help but raise his eyebrows slightly at that. Before he could say anything else, however, Kingsley appeared.

"Harry-" Kingsley started glancing slightly over at the girl before doing a double take and looking back at her. "Anna? Anna White?"

The girl – or Anna as Kingsley had said – pressed her lips together as a slightly amused expression appeared on her face and she nodded her head slightly. "Hello Kingsley," She said quietly, the amusement clear in her voice. Harry just looked at them both confused.

"But we thought you were dead! Where have you been all these years?" Kingsley said and it was Harry's turn to do a double take as he looked back at the girl with interest.

"Around – I thought it better to stay where I was, since I was comfortable there and much trouble had been gone through to get out of the country," The girl – Anna – said, waving her hand, though Harry noticed her eyes never wavered from him.

"Harry, can you please take Teddy," Andromedea was suddenly at Harry's side, holding out the young Metamorphagus whose hair was changing from a purple to orange as he giggled. Harry took her and she smiled at him in thanks, looking tired as her eyes were rimmed red.

"Of course," Harry said taking the baby who quickly changed his hair to match his godfather's, and smiled up at him, looking at him with the same green eyes. Harry just smiled as Hermione and Ron were suddenly on either side of him, the rest of the Weasley's not far behind.

"You want to head out Harry?" Ron asked, as Hermione looked at Anna with interest. It was Andromedea who spoke next, however.

"I'm sorry, but do I know you? You seem familiar..." Andromedea said as she looked at Anna confused and the attention was once more brought to the brunette, the Weasley's also turning to look at her as they arrived beside Harry.

"Yes actually, your cousin introduced us once, Anna White," Anna said with a slight smile as she waited for her to remember just when she was talking about. The other's all turned to look at Andromedea while Kingsley tried to think of why Sirius would have introduced the two (because that had to be the cousin she was talking about).

Andromedea looked at the girl thinking, and suddenly a memory from a long time ago stirred in her memory.

"Do you know how dangerous this is Sirius?" She whispered as she stood in her doorway, eyeing the car.

"Please, Andi, I just need you to do this one thing," Sirius said, glancing back at the car as the window rolled down and a girl looked out. Sirius shook his head slightly and said, "Not yet Anna." Andromedea was just able to get a glimpse of the girl inside before the tinted window hid her once more.

"Why are you even doing this Sirius?"

"It's...a favour for someone..." Sirius said hesitantly, his eyes flashing back to the car.

"The only people who'd you do this for either isn't seeing someone or, well, I doubt Lily would do this." Even Sirius smiled slightly at that.

Sirius was silent for a few more minutes and Andromedea didn't think he was going to answer when he finally said, "Reg loves her."

Andromedea pulled in a large breath as she stared at Sirius for a few seconds, her eyes darting to the car once more. Finally she said, "OK, I'll do it."

Andromedea's eyes widened as she stared at the girl that stood before, the shock clear on her face. Everybody looked at her confused but before anybody could say anything another person joined their party.

"Mum, what's taking you so long?" Everybody's eyes darted up to the new addition to their grouping and a few people had to take a few steps back as they looked at the oh-so-familiar face before them.

'Sirius,' Harry thought as he starred at the face that reminded him so much of his godfather that he'd lost years ago. But then his senses came back to him and besides the impossibility of that he realized there was also something off, and a picture he'd seen a while back came to him. 'No, not Sirius,' Harry corrected himself as comprehension came to him, 'Regulus.'

"Leo, I thought I told you to stay at the inn!" Anna said making a few people jump and a look of understanding cross Andromedea's face also as she shook her head slightly.

"It was boring and you were taking so long," the boy, probably only months older than Harry, a year at most, shrugged slightly, shoving his hands into his pockets. It was then that everybody realised he was wearing jeans and a t-shirt and not robes.

Anna sighed as she shook her head before looking at the others and saying, "May I introduce my son, Leo Regulus Black."

The few who hadn't made the connection before eyes widened and a few even gasped as they heard the 'Regulus' part, most likely expecting a different middle name. The boy – Leo, just raised his eyebrows slightly at the reactions that he got and shook his head, his eyes on Andromedea with interest, obviously having somehow realised who she was.

"I think we have much to discuss," Anna said with a serene smile as her eyes roamed from Harry to Andromedea.

Yes, Harry couldn't help but thinking, apparently they did, because apparently there was one last Black.

OK, so I finally decided to put that one more chapter to this story, the one you all seemed to want, but this is definitely the last chapter. I thought this was a good way to end it. OK, now for a few facts you may be wondering about or I just that I'd like to mention:

-His name. Leo is a constellation, and as they always name their children after stars&constellations...I'm really surpried no one's used that name before when they make a 'Sirius's child' or something of the sort, because it follows tradition&is a common name (at least nobody has that I've seen.) Also, Regulus is the brightest star in the constellation Leo, so I thought it fit.

-Birthday: So, I mentioned 'looked only a few months older, a year at most'. Well, I looked in the hp-lexicon and it says that Regulus dies sometime in 1979, Harry was born in July of 1980 & I said Anna was seven months pregnant when Regulus approached his brother, so...I decided that Leo's birthday would be on September 5th, 1979, which is exactly two weeks before Hermione's birthday. So, if he'd gone to school with them, he'd have been in the same year. I don't know why, I just thought since I could...ya...

-Andromedea's part in getting Anna out of the country. I really don't know what it would have been, but I needed a way for them to meet&since I couldn't think of a reason Regulus would have introduced the two, I thought she could have played a part. I mean, it must have been really hard for Wizards in 'Voldemort times' since most Witches&Wizards hid in their own country when they would have been perfectly safe in another as Voldemort wasn't as well known in other countries, mostly in Britain, probably no where out of Europe.

-...I actually think those are all the facts. If you're wondering where they hid, I was thinking Canada or U.S.A. ...maybe Australia - somewhere well developed&out of the way.

That's about it, any questions just ask, and if anybody thinks they want to write more of Anna&Regulus' story, or maybe Leo's, then just ask, I'd love to read it!