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Chapter 6: Movie day/Night

I'm driving into Jacob's house with the movies; I can NOT wait for the day to begin! First we are going to start with Saw 1 then Saw 2 and then Saw 3 and then the house of wax; I got all these from the video store and got them out for 3 days!

I've parked just outside his house because it's drizzling like always, I get out and with the movies and quickly run up the stairs.

"Hey Jacob, how's it going, ready for movie day?"

"You bet I got sour and cream chips, coke, snakes"

This day is going to be AWSOME! We go inside and everything is laid on the table, so I set the DVD up and put the Saw 1 on and we both seat on the love seat because it's right in front of the T.V. I get the remote and press play.

"Let the movie begin" I whisper

-1 hour and 20 something minutes later-

"O…M…G" I say shocked

"Yeah, I know"

Half the food is gone but I feel like bringing it back up and I think Jacob feels the same way; we have a 20 minute wait for toilet and refill the drinks and food.

"Okay, you ready of Saw 2" I ask

"Yeah, I forgot how horrible scary they are! Let's get Saw 2 started"

I take the disc out and put the Saw 2 disc in and we sit back down and I press play again

-1 hour and 20 something minutes later-



"OMG" I finally get words out

"Yeah, I know" Jacob also finally got the words out too

We just sit there and stare and the screen. We finally get up and refill the food as the food is nearly gone. I again put the Saw 2 disc out and put Saw 3 disc in and we sit back down and press play again.

-1 hour and 20 something minutes later-



"Um, so let's refill the food and I got to go to the toilet" I ask. We both get up and I head to the toilet and he heads to get more food and drinks, he must have a lot of food in the kitchen.

We come back and I put the House of wax on and I press play and the movies starts.

. . .

Well, I decided to end it here but there is going to be a part 2 and I decided to change the time from 9 am to 5 ish pm. I'll update soon.

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