Hey sorry, I haven't UD just haven't felt like it, well Here it goes and this is going to be in Jacob point of view, so let's get started!


The house of wax just finished, it was disgusting, they wax them alive! I look over at Bella…..she's asleep and she's leaning on my shoulder, I'm glad Edward left, he ruined her when he left, whenever Charlie rang up he would always mention Bella and how void she is and sad she was, I always had a soft spot for her and I hated Edward the minute he started dating her but now he gone and I hope one day she will feel the same way as I do, I love her and I will always will, I look at the clock, its 11:30 pm….Huh thought it was later. I don't want to wake Bella up so I just my head back and put my arm around her and fall asleep and then she puts her hand around my waist and then I close my eyes and fall asleep…..


"Bella!" She's running away, I have to follow her, something following us then I have the pain in my should and I collapse, I'm so hot, I'm sweating, I see her run back to me and look up in the darkness, something bad going to happen I know it "Bella, you… have …to..run..." She looks at me, she's scared, "Jacob, what's wrong, we have to go, something chasing us!" I groan because the pain is getting worse…..she has to run, "Bella, run, go, Leave me, I'm fine, GO!" I can see her not wanting to but in the end she does, she runs into the blackness….the pain is getting unbearable, I loom to my sides and wolfs come out of nowhere! They look like there waiting for something...I double over because of the pain and I'm getting hotter….then suddenly nothing, no pain…and look at my hands and there wolf paw's….

(End of Dream)

I suddenly wake up and I'm sweating and Bella is looking at me worrying "Jacob, are you alright, your sweating" That was a weird dream…but I can't tell Bella, she'll think I'm weird of dreaming of her so I tell her "Ah…don't worry, it was just a nightmare, that's what you get for eating lollies and watching scary movies at night, I'm okay Bella" She still looking at me with worry in her eyes but she gets up and grabs glass of water and orders me to drink it so I do, I look at the time and its 9:30am " Hey, belle, I'm wondering to you want to go hiking today?" She looks down at her hands and fidgets but in the end she says it's okay.

Well, I thought I would end it there; next chapter will be them hiking…fun….

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