Chapter 1

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Somewhere in the USA

Deep in a wooded area there were sounds of metal clanging against metal echoing around the forest and a shuffling of leaves floating about as if someone were running through them very fast and all at once two figures took shape fighting each other one a white armoured person who was female by the design of her outfit and a male looking person in a silver-like armour.

The white armoured figure was fighting with a long staff, about a metre long and seemed to have a blade hidden inside of it but looked rarely used at all, the silver armoured person was fighting with what looked like a metal scythe but then suddenly switched to a long katana that had a black handle with a silver like fabric wrapped around the handle and a metal Tsuba, Habaki and Seppa at the beginning of the shining blade that seemed to glisten in the sun as its rays touched it.

Want to know who these people are, so do you? Well these people are none other than Udonna the Mystical Snow Warrior Witch and Harry Potter, Magical World Celebrity & Wizard.

For those of you who do not know what I mean then listen as Harry was the only one to live from a terrible magical curse/spell at only one years old that fell millions in his homeland and this gave him a title which was The–Boy – Who – Lived but was given this title at a price as his parents James and Lily Potter sacrificed themselves for this to happen.

The child was then kidnapped by a manipulative old man named Albus Dumbledore on the night of the parents deaths and the young man's survival, this elderly man was actually thought as the leader of light for the Magical side of Great Britain.

But he was simply a deluded old man who makes his goals for both fame and fortune, with no regards to whoever gets in this old man's way and by any means possible for these goals to be achieved all for his so-called proclaimed 'Greater Good' which really meant for the Greater Good of himself.

The young boy/man lived in an abusive home with racist bigots who hated and despised anything Magical, who were also the only thought relatives of the young boy/man.

But that had changed when the child received a letter to a magical school called Hogwarts where he learned magic for a year under the watchful gaze of said deluded old man and was forcibly manipulated into saving a magical artefact from the supposed dead Dark Lord that was previously thought to having been killed on the night of the child's survival of death, nearly 12 years ago.

But the Dark lord Voldemort had possessed an unwilling servant who had been made to try to get the object that would fully revive the evil Wizard but was stopped by the same young wizard who had done the same defeat to him all those years ago.

The boy learned of the old man's manipulations and had trained to protect himself along with others who really cared for the boy and led him to become his own person and not some chess piece that the old man can play with.

It was soon drawn to light that he learned about one of his supposed friends who he met at this school was simply another pawn who was used as a spy for the old man to report Harry's thoughts and plans.

But that failed as the spy was lazy, ignorant and stupid and was unable to stop Harry from finding out the truth which was that he had more family and power than he had ever realised.

This is why he trained to protect all that he holds dear as this is where the Snow Witch comes in as she was the boy's mother's older cousin and was kept secret from everyone else by Harry's mother so that the boy could be free to do what he wished without being made a sacrificial lamb/weapon by the manipulative old man.

The young wizard liked the place that he lived. It was named Briarwood a town that had its magical people and non magical separated by a portal that was near the forest that both magical's were now sparring at and Harry liked the fact that people in Briarwood did not gawk or stare at the boy or at his previously cursed scar of which he got from the Dark Lord on the night Harry had survived the tragic night he lost his parents.

The fact that the people living in Briarwood knew him was for the fact that he was not known as being famous in the non magical town and could act like a normal boy without the risks of being mobbed by those who knew that he was famous made Harry very happy and feel peaceful for this simple fact.

He also liked to visit the Local Music Store, that was in town, regularly and was one of the best places to go to as that was where Harry's newly made friends worked.

Their names were Xander who was an Australian easy-going nice guy, Charlie or 'Chip' as he liked to be nicknamed was an excitable Magic enthusiast whom Harry had to be cautious about mentioning anything about Magic as he would ramble on about it for days.

Then there was Madison or 'Maddie' as she liked named was a kind-hearted girl who is an aspiring film director who had befriended Harry first which was in fact her natural charm at befriending almost anyone straight away, Vida or 'V' as she was nicknamed who was an excellent DJ and worked the DJ section of the store with a mixing board and finally Toby a weird but funny man who owned the store.

Toby, upon immediate learning that Harry played the Guitar had begged Harry to play with encouragement of his other new friends did play a few songs and was proclaimed a great Guitarist and musician by his friends of which made Harry feel proud and joyful that he had done something himself and receiving praise, when not having to receive it for his fame in the Magical World where he was born.

Harry had Remus to thank for teaching him the guitar and Remus was in fact Harry's uncle of sort's and was friend's of the boy's parents when Remus was younger.

Said man was living in an apartment not too far from the store so he could look after Harry for Udonna as she did not go out into the non magical side of town unless it was an emergency and trusted Remus to keep the boy safe.

The pair of fighters stopped their spar and deactivated their Magical Armour as they were now done training which Harry had steadily kept at with Udonna to keep him in shape and stay sharp.

They both walked to a seemingly old-looking tree of which was carved to have an entrance with the face of a sleeping dragon.

They stepped through it once it opened up for them. Inside was whole room made of magical devices and dark wood which was named Rootcore, which was filled with ancient weapons and books, one of which was the most powerful magical artefact in the room called the Xenotome which would give advice in the most dire of need - be it spell, enchantment or information, it would give it when called upon.

But it has yet to reopen and has remained closed since Rootcore was created after the last Mystic Battle were Udonna had lost her most dearest of friends and family, one of whom was her Husband Leanbow and her son Bowen who went missing just at the end of the battle.

The two people were brought out of their respective memories by a loud crash nearby the main room of Rootcore which revealed Clare Evans, who was Udonna's niece and Harry's apparent older cousin who was a blond young women about 17 by her looks whose mother was Udonna's younger sister Niella who died sacrificing herself for a great cause and was raised in being a Witch like Udonna but has trouble with spells and ends up causing accidents.

Udonna says with a sigh, "Clare, you haven't been practising magic without Remus's or my supervision have you." Clare looks sheepish and answers back, "I thought that I had that transport spell working but I ended up crashing into a vase."

Udonna sighed again in exasperation but doesn't say anything except for Harry who gives her a kind smile and says, "I'm sure you can get it Clare you just need more instruction and confidence and take a calm slow breath when you do a spell."

Clare absolutely beams back happily and thanks Harry for his words as he has encouraged and supporting her since he had met her and she has gotten much better because of the encouragement as she has caused less messes and problems with her spells.

Udonna shakes her head at the mess of Clare's accident and fixed it up with a snap of her finger's, then she tells Harry "You should be going soon as you have yet to get your second year school supplies."

Harry remembered that he had received a list for his second year things when he was at Remus's apartment during the holiday's and had planned on going soon after he had gotten the list as he was coming into his Second Year of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Also he was going to see Hermione who he had talked to on his new mobile phone he had gotten earlier this year so that he would not have to write letters but he was still receiving his mail from other people he knew but was instead using the owl owned by Remus to not raise suspicion and if it was asked he would write that Hedwig, his secret Avian Owl/Winter Phoenix, was unwell and Harry had gotten a spare Owl so that she could rest and feel better.

Some of the letters Harry had gotten back were from a few people he knew and others were from businesses he apparently owned with the fact of him being heir to 4 magical families.

(To find out about what I mean, read the prequel fanfic to this one or look up in later chapters.)

He had recently made dealings with one of them which was a magazine called 'The Quibbler' that was an investigative magazine of which looked into strange theories or animals that many thought to not exist and still do and the Editor of this magazine was Xenophilius Lovegood who had a daughter Luna who was starting her first year the same as Ginny Weasley, Ronald Weasley's (A/N:Harry's friend, but not for long 'Evil Grin') younger sister.

Harry thanked Udonna and went to get dressed then later came out with his wand's, as Harry made his own set during the summer, and his new robes/clothes which he had also bought as he was wearing a dark silver shirt with a white phoenix motif and a pair of black denim trousers, he also changed his hair to look just like it did when he first got it styled as his long few months training had made it grow long for a time.

The reason that he could change his appearance was that he was a Metamorph, which was someone that had the ability to change his appearance at will, and he added a nice healthy tan to himself to complete his look but he made sure to have his watch with him at all times as this is where he keeps his special Armour. (A/N: Read Mystic Summer for reference)

Harry said that he would see them later on and soon went out of Rootcore and made his way to the portal to meet Remus at the music shop where the Wolf had also made friends of the staff there.

Especially 'Chip' as the werewolf was simply astounded on how much information on Magic that Chip had, and the fact that the young man was a non magical person.

As Harry made his way to the store, he got out of the portal and took out his shrunken motorcycle which was in fact a present from his Tutors and Trainers, it was a great gift (A/N: For more info read the other Mystic fanfiction) of which he hopped on and rode to the store.

There he met the gang and Remus who was talking to Maddie and laughing with her about some joke, Harry greeted everyone and said to Remus that it was time to go and get our things for school to which V said "Ah, the supplies for that boarding school you go to in Scotland, what was it named again?"

Harry replied with a snort answering "It's called Howard's School for the gifted 'V' and I have to get my things today otherwise I won't have time to look it up and fail my classes so me and Remus better get going."

So with promises to call and talk to the gang they said goodbye and walked out of the store where Harry magically shrunk his bike and put it in his pocket, then side-along apparated with Remus to Diagon Alley to begin his shopping and meeting Hermione again.

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