Chapter 18

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Last time

The group were soon transported to the Headmasters office in-front of the stone Gargoyle which made Neville and Harry hurry up to the Headmaster's room where they were soon to be confronted by worried friends,meddling old men and angry red heads.

Hogwarts - Now

Harry, Neville and Luna along with an unconscious Ginny had just gotten to the Headmasters Office door.

Harry could hear raised voices and some scared ones, so with a shove of his hand the door opened with a loud bang and silence followed from the occupants of the Room.

Who from what Harry could see were nearly the whole Weasley family minus Charlie who Harry could tell as Bill had shown an old picture of him and Charlie when they were in Hogwarts during Harry's training in the summer.

Harry along with his group walked in and made it possible set Ginny down on a nearby couch/sofa where Mrs Weasley had snapped out of her shock and rushed to her daughter were she looked her over and saw that she looked ok.

She turned to the quiet but observing Harry who had been looking around the room in concentration but was snapped out from it by Mrs Weasley who spoke "What happened to my Ginny, how did you save her and who harmed my daughter?"

Harry waited a moment to observe and collect what he needed to say without being too suspicious in-front of the old man who was looking at him and Neville with interest and also Harry could see that Fred and George looked slightly relieved at Ginny's safety, Her father looked tired but had a small smile on his face at Ginny's rescue and return but was also Ron looked bothered and moody as usual but Percy looked tense and nervous.

After his observations Harry spoke "I will tell you what happened but please do not interrupt or ask questions until I have finished are we clear on that?"

Harry gave pointed looks at Ron and Mrs Weasley who looked to protest but Ron looked even more surly at this but both gave reluctant nods to Harry as did Percy and Mr Weasley so Harry began his story "I was just finishing up some homework for Charms and a little afterwards Ginny had came up to me looking very nervous and tense but she was trying to tell me something important as she seemed to know about the attacks in the school but was struggling to tell me and just when she was going to do so Ron had then interrupted us causing Ginny to run away as she wanted to tell me and not Ron who may I add has been a royal pain to me and for being so ignorant and uncaring of Ginny's health and care as this is related to how she was connected to the attacks"

"When I had finished speaking to Ron I had seen Ginny run out of the Common Room with Luna Lovegood who is friends with her and I suspected that Luna had gone to find Ginny to bring her back to the common room."

"But a few moments later Professor McGonagall had announced another attack and fearing the worst I had Neville go with me to find out if Ginny or Luna were attacked but when we got to where they would be all I saw was another message written in blood telling of how both Ginny and Luna were captured by the heir of Slytherin and taken inside the Chamber of Secrets and from there Neville and I had followed a water trail to the second floor where the first attack had occurred."

"When we got there I thought that the only place that the water could come from would be the abandoned haunted bathroom which the trail did lead to when we looked and had discovered that the actual chamber was under the bathroom which is haunted by the ghost of a dead girl and the actual first victim of the creature that the Slytherin heir could control whose name was Myrtle or nicknamed Moaning Myrtle who told Neville and I of her death and how it occurred."

"This lead to Neville and I finding the entrance to the chamber through a password made entrance that I had quickly solved and the two of us had made our way down to the creature's lair where Ginny and Luna had been taken and when we had found the bodies we had discovered who the Heir was and how the attacks occurred."

Harry took a pause in breath and continued "The heir was actually Voldemort or as he was known years ago by the name of Tom Marvolo Riddle who was related to Slytherin by his mother Merope Gaunt which I was told by Tom who had explained how he was related to Salazar Slytherin but the fact that Voldemort has been supposedly dead did seem strange but Tom had explained how he used one of his followers to revive him by partially possessing a student through a dark but innocent looking artefact that had been in the shape of a Diary that had apparently belonged to Tom but the book was filled with spells and enchantments like a very powerful Compulsion charm that had made, and bear with me on this, Ginny mistakenly believe the Diary had been an extra gift from you Mrs Weasley for Ginny going into her first year at Hogwarts but the diary's magic had controlled Ginny to an extent and made Ginny able to control the beast that had made the attacks possible which was in fact a Basilisk that was controlled by Tom through Ginny and make Ginny only partially aware of what she had done."

"But the diary happened to have secrecy spells that made it near impossible for Ginny to tell anyone so after Tom had told Neville and I this I then had Neville distract Tom for a while so that I could to try and destroy the diary that was still in an unconscious Ginny's hands, but I also think that Tom had controlled Ginny and made her stun Luna and bring her into the chamber as-well but had left the message as a trap for me who you all know that Voldemort would have wanted a chance to kill me for what I had done to him when I was a baby."

"One thing Tom did not think was that I would bring help like Neville who while distracting Tom I had been able to destroy the diary using an old but strong fire curse that was out of a very old book that I had bought out of a second hand book shop in Diagon Alley out of interest and if you are wondering if it was an evil spell then no it is not the dark fire curse some of you may be thinking it was in fact its light-sided brother spell that destroys dark items but can be controlled unlike the dark fire type that destroys anything in its path."

"Anyway, when I used the light sided fire spell it had completely destroyed Tom's control of Ginny making the Basilisk unable to be summoned by Tom through Ginny and when we needed to get out and safely away from the chamber in-case of other dangers this phoenix here whom I believe belongs to the Headmaster had came to us and took myself, Neville, Ginny who was still unconscious and Luna who had woken up when the phoenix appeared and lead us straight to here."

Harry then took a seat on a nearby stool to rest after his explanation when Neville who had gotten the message asked "Any questions you may ask me as it seems that Harry is very tired from all this so please ask away."

Mrs Weasley who paused in breath began to speak "How did you know that it was a Basilisk that was attacking the students?"

Neville answered for Harry "Harry had seen a picture of one in a magical creature book in the Library and had recognized it from the Basilisk's shed skin down in the chamber which was very large and long as it looked to be about 70 feet as that is very large as a normal one is 50 feet long."

The others looked surprised and shocked at the size of the snake but Bill had then asked "How did the trunk that I gave her not destroy the diary?"

Mrs Weasley looked puzzled at Bill's question and said "What do you mean Bill dear?"

Bill answered his mother's question "I had placed protective ward's onto a spare trunk that I had bought some time ago and given it to Ginny as a gift and because what with the current social status and reputation that we are labelled by other families, it would have been a perfect chance for some dark Pureblood family to slip some dark artefact in her belonging's that could be fatal to her and the trunk that I had warded was able to detect and destroy any dark items placed inside the trunk but I had not told Ginny or you mum as I did not know how you would have reacted to this as you could have overreacted to me doing this."

Mrs Weasley looked cross and was about to start yelling but was cut off by Mr Weasley who said "I am sure that it was a good idea son but I am curious as-well about how your wards did not work and the diary was destroyed?"

Neville answers "It appeared that Tom had been one step ahead of you Bill as Tom/Voldemort had told Harry and I about how Ginny had wrote in the Diary and told of how you were a curse breaker and the trunk had came from you so Tom/Voldemort must have figured out that the diary was not safe inside the trunk so Tom/Voldemort had taken control of Ginny and made her place another compulsion charm onto the book that made Ginny keep the Diary in her robes or pockets and nowhere near or inside the trunk."

Bill looked sad at this as he seemed to be upset that his plan did not work but he gave a look at Harry who returned it with a small near invisible smile for covering up who had actually owned the trunk and who had placed ward's on it.

(A/N:Look up Mystic Summer for information on this)

The Weasleys were silent for awhile until Mrs Weasley thanked both Harry and Neville for saving Ginny but were soon cut off afterwards by the Headmaster who said "Well I am sure that Miss Weasley is very tired and weak and will probably need to be taken to the Hospital Wing for a check up by Madam Pomfrey and Miss Weasley may need to be alone with her family while she recovers."

Mrs Weasley nodded and so Mr Weasley carried Ginny out of the office in his arms followed by the rest of the family bar the twins who spoke together to the old man "What about Luna Headmaster shouldn't she be taken to the nurse also."

The old man looks surprised but Harry could secretly see in his mind that the old man did not care about Luna as she was not one of his Pawns to manipulate in his big chess game he called 'The Greater Good' but the old man spoke after a few moments and said "Ah, yes please take Miss Lovegood along with you Messrs Weasley while I talk to Mr Potter and Mr Longbottom alone."

The twins eyes narrowed a bit at the old man and both coming to the same conclusion as Harry did about the old man's views and actions lately.

When the Weasley family were gone Hermione came up to Harry and hugged him tight whispering "I'm glad your okay, can we talk later."

Harry nodded after hugging Hermione and she left the office afterwards along with Minerva leaving both boys with the Old man who began speaking "I really must congratulate you both for what you you've done and I'm glad that it had happened today as earlier on when I was with the Minister and Lucius Malfoy in the great hall who were both confronting me on two different cases as The Minister was trying to detain our gatekeeper Hagrid for the crimes of the attacks but thanks to you Mr Potter I believe that Hagrid will be relieved in not being arrested and Malfoy Senior was telling of how I was to be fired and stripped of my title of headmaster but I believe that Lucius Malfoy had somewhat forced most of the members of the board of governors into agreeing to forcing me to end my term as Headmaster."

Just as the old man had finished speaking his office door was again opened with a bang and there standing in the office was Lucius Malfoy in his regal and imposing manner but beside him was a small creature that was the 3 feet tall and wore what looked like a mangy/dirty pillowcase or small table cloth but it had large dark green eyes pinkish pale skin and large pointy ears that completed the look that Harry knew to be a house elf but a poorly treated one at that.

"So!" said Lucius Malfoy, his cold eyes fixed on the old man. "You've come back. The governors suspended you, but you still saw fit to return to Hogwarts."

"Well, you see, Lucius," said Dumbles, smiling serenely, "the other eleven governors contacted me today."

"It was something like being caught in a hailstorm of owls, to tell the truth; They'd heard that Arthur Weasleys daughter had been killed and wanted me back here at once."

"They seemed to think I was the best man for the job after all, Very strange tales they told me, too… Several of them seemed to think that you had threatened to curse their families if they didn't agree to suspend me in the first place."

Mr. Malfoy went even paler than usual, but his eyes were still slits of fury. "So — have you stopped the attacks yet?" he sneered then said "Have you caught the culprit?" "We have," said Dumbles, with a smile as Lucius

"Well, who was it?" Malfoy asked the old man impatiently.

"The same person as last time, Lucius," said Dumbles.

"But this time, Lord Voldemort was acting through somebody else by the means of a dark artefact of which apparently took control of Miss Weasley and forced her to unwillingly partake in the attacks of the other students who were thankfully only petrified and not killed."

Mr Malfoy said slowly "I see..." to Dumbles who was looking as if all was right with the world but spoke again.

"Imagine that what this could have done if not for Mr Potter here and his friend Mr Longbottom had saved Miss Weasley then it would cause Arthur Weasley to sink into a depression and made it a simple matter of using that time of Arthur Weasley's depression to stop his Muggle Protection Act and discard it for another act that would benefit other Witches and Wizards of non muggle descent."

Mr Malfoy looked a bit stiff but said "Yes it would be very unfortunate." as the old man replied back "Let us hope that this does not happen again and we can be safer knowing that none of Voldemort's dark items will be used again in future."

Mr Malfoy was silent at this but was glaring a bit at Harry who knew that it was Malfoy all along who had gave the diary secretly to Ginny and would need to work out how to get the senior Malfoy to face his crimes later on during the upcoming Magical government meeting but kept that quiet as the elder Malfoy left the office in fury kicking the house elf violently who screeched in pain out of the office which made Harry want to help the poor elf and an idea was beginning to plan in his mind at how that could be achieved but stopped his plans for the moment by speaking to the old man while strengthening his mind shields so to keep his secrets from the meddling old fool.

"I think that Myself and Neville should probably go and check on Hermione as she may be a bit shaken and in need of calming down."

The old man frowned at this but nodded so Harry and Neville left the old man's office as quick as they could.

A Month Later

After the whole school had returned to normal with the victims recovering from their petrifaction attack and the now safety of the school, most of the students had celebrated their now peaceful time and other years had exams to finish along with schoolwork.

Harry along with his friends had enjoyed the time with more training and discussions about certain plans that they would put into action soon also Hermione and Harry had spent more time together being happy with their relationship and the group had also helped out Ginny by listening and consoling with her about what she had experienced with the Diary when she needed it.

Ginny had gladly accepted the comfort but had responded mostly to Neville which Harry would smile at as he could see that the girl had a small crush for Neville which made Harry glad as it showed a sign of Ginny not being attracted to him and being so star struck around Harry.

The school year had ended for Harry and his friends, while walking towards the Hogwarts Express he could see Hagrid being taken by a few ministry Auror's one of whom Harry recognized as Tonks who saw Harry and gave him a smile which he returned and soon got onto the Express waiting and enjoying their peace from the old man for a while; but Harry, as he was sitting in his compartment, was interrupted by the twin's speaking.

(A/N: From now on I will label Fred and George by their first initials like [F] for Fred and [G] for George when they do their twin speak as it is easier to follow)

[F] "Hey Harry we forgot to tell you what had happened to Locktwat when we were taking Luna to the nurse's room."

[G] "Yeah we saw the idiot running towards us trying to get out of the school but when he saw us along with mum, who looked kinda shocked at how the idiot looked as the twat had his cases and things from his office on him but they looked to be barely packed, the guy stopped running."

[F] "Mum saw how he looked to be just giving up on the school and not even caring that Ginny and Luna were captured but what really got Mum going was a book that had fell out of one of the twats pockets and right in-front of mum which seemed to be a large journal that detailed how the twat was a fraud and how he got all of his supposed 'fame' by taking credit for others and wiping the memories of those who really had done all those great achievements leaving them mindless idiots."

[G] "Yeah when Mum had picked it up and read some of the pages she was really mad at this and stunned the twat before the idiot who did not even notice that he had dropped the book, he just continued running but when Mum stunned him he went flying and crashed into a wall leaving the twat knocked out but toothless."

[F] "It was so funny to watch but Mum got Dad to call in the Auror's and arrest the twat but she also had gave the book to that girl you told us about Tonks, the one with the pink hair but I think that the old man did not want to advertise that he had selected a fraud for a teacher so it was not really mentioned except for that 'He had taken a leave of absence' a couple of weeks ago and Dad sent us a letter telling us that the idiots going on trial and afterwards their gonna find the right people who did do those achievements that the twat had stolen from them."

Harry along with the other Marauders smiled at this as they had hoped to catch the twat and have him convicted for his crimes but a bit disappointed that the group could not do it themselves.

Sometime later the group were packing up their extra sweets as they were nearly at Charing Cross station but were interrupted by a knock on their compartment door which Harry answered and standing there was Daphne Greengrass and her friend who Harry recognizes from Potions as Tracey Davis and soon Daphne speaks out loud to them.

"Hello can I talk to you for a moment Potter?"

Harry nods at this as he can tell that she is not being hostile nor was her friend who seemed to be eyeing the twins in interest but Harry follows Daphne to an empty compartment and they both sit down where Harry begins speaking "So what is it that you wanted to talk about Mrs Greengrass."

Daphne looks at Harry for a moment and said "I had heard that you and Longbottom had faced off against a Basilisk and wanted you to know that I could hear it also during the attacks and it kinda frightened me but I thought on how the only way to get into the Chamber of Secrets was by speaking in Parseltongue and that made me think that you were one also."

Harry looked a bit shocked at this but tried to keep calm and spoke back "What did you mean when you could hear the Basilisk."

Daphne sighed and said quietly "I think that I am a Parselmouth too." Harry looked shocked and was running through how this could be possible and came to a startling conclusion as he thought.

"Of course, Selena did say that Salazar's daughter had married a French person and Greengrass is a French family name so Daphne must be related in some way from either her father or mother who may also be French and come from a French Magical family."

Harry snapped out of his thought by asking Daphne "Which family did your mother come from and this may be relevant to how you can talk to snakes?"

Daphne blinks and answers back "My mother came from the Bellamy family in Marseilles, France but My Father is obvious as his family is from Paris but My father had married my mother some years ago during the war with Voldemort and had moved from France to Britain after Voldemort was defeated."

Harry looked slightly surprised at the name of Daphne's mothers family as from what he knew the Bellamy family were made up of ward makers and powerful political people while the Greengrass family was mostly a neutral family during both Wizarding wars and were excellent potion Brewers and duellers.

Harry looked at Her and asked "Do you know Occumelency?" Daphne nodded and said that she learned it from her father when she was young and Harry also asked if she would be able to keep things secret for him and also asked if her friend Tracey could do Occumelency as-well which she nodded and said that she had taught her friend it in their first year so Harry began telling her of what he knew so far about Salazar's apparent daughter and how Selena told him of who had married Salazar's daughter Stephanie and how Daphne was Slytherin's other heiress through either of her parents family.

Then Harry told her of how the old man Dumbles had played in Harry being sent to the Dursleys knowing that Harry would be abused and return to the magical world weak and ignorant of the old man's meddling but he also told Daphne of how he discovered all this and about the potions he was controlled with by the old man and all of this made Daphne feel enraged and sick of how Harry was set up to be a type of weapon by the old man.

After all this Daphne told him that she would help him in any way she could and that she would try and find out where her Slytherin line came from and anything else that she could from her family but Harry told her that she would be best going to Gringotts and speaking to Ragnock about all this as they could help in a number of ways like how it did him during the previous summer but he also said that she could tell the goblin's that Harry was requesting this and it would help smooth things over as he was on good terms with the Goblin's.

Once they finished their discussions they made their way out of the compartment and along with Tracey who seemed to be interested in what they were talking about but was told by Daphne that she would find out later and from this the group of 3 made their way to the compartment that Harry was in first, but made sure to pick Daphne and Tracey's stuff and enter the compartment where Hermione and Neville looked curious at the new girls now with Harry.

But Harry gave them a look that told them 'explain later' which they agreed with and soon the twins had engaged Tracey in a conversation of pranks and mischief whereas Daphne was speaking to Luna about what she was doing during the summer.

Harry Neville and Hermione smirked and remembered their last trick they had done on the old man as Harry had Hedwig port inside the old man's office and with the help of Fawkes who had agreed on spying on the old man and helped find a certain stone when Dumbles was out of his office during Dinner and was making announcements but to make sure to not trip any alarms Harry had fashioned a sort of ring that wrapped around both of the Phoenix's clawed feet which would negate any charms, spells or security hexes in the old man's room while they were inside.

Then when both magical birds had searched for the stone they had found it hidden deep in a magically protected box which Harry had happily taken from Hedwig when she had teleported to him and presented the stone that was supposedly destroyed and had Hedwig mail it herself to the rightful owners The Flamel's who had happily returned a thank you letter and offered him to visit them along with any of Harry's trustworthy friends and Harry had agreed that he would visit them during the Summer.

Once the train had stopped at Charing Cross or 9&3/4, the Magical section of the Train Station Harry and his Friends walked off the train and to their respected Families where Harry was surprised by a big hug from Mrs Granger who he knew was now considered an actual witch and could now use magic again, thanks to Harry she now had a wand to use.

Which was made of a wood called Black Poisonwood and it drew from the element of earth also it was a powerful combination of strength and versatility which sought a companion of strength and determination, however indifferent to its owner's will it was excellent for defensive spells, curses, or protective magic.

The core was from a Nundu which was a gigantic, ferocious, gray magical feline that was also called a Mngwa and the wand was strapped to her by a holster made of Canadian Sharptooth Dragonhide.

Harry after being hugged by Mrs Granger was clapped on the back by Mr Granger who Harry returned with a nod in greeting to him.

Harry could see his other friends being taken away by their families and they all waved to Harry in goodbye which Harry returned but not before grinning at the twins who one of them holds the box that used to hold the Philosophers Stone but had a few more spells and wards that would soon hold a certain rat until the time was right for it to be given to himself and used to help a certain dog-father.

Hermione who was beside him the whole time smiled at how different things were now between them and everyone they knew and was hoping to see more later on what could be changing soon for what was to be a Mystical time for her and Harry.

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