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Chapter One

Coming Home

Nina Douglas walked the streets of New Orleans. It was just starting to get dark and she didn't want to keep Lottie up for much longer but she wanted to stop in and say hi to Cherise and introduce her to her grandchild. Once at the front door she saw the ever sexy Dev. He hadn't changed a bit since she had left.

"Hey Dev," she said as she walked up picking up her daughter. "I want you to meet my daughter, Nicolette Cherise Douglas. Lottie this here is a good friend of mine, Dev."

Lottie buried her face in her mother's long black hair as Dev smiled at her. "Hey there beautiful. Nicolette was my mother's name. She was pretty like you are." Lottie looked at him and smiled but soon hid her face once again. "Let me guess, Nick doesn't know does he?"

"No, and I mean to fix that. I shouldn't have ran away from him when I found out. It was just that one night and now look at me, I'm a mother that never told the father and he is going to hate me." Kissing her daughter on the top of her head she looked up at Dev.

"Not if you break it to him gently. But um…there is something you need to know. Cherise is dead, so is Lo and Papa Bear." Dev didn't let her see the tears in his eyes. "It was bad Nina, really bad. Nick went missing for a while and then when he came back he was changed, different. When we lost mom and dad it hurt everyone. We're still trying to get over it."

"Oh Dev, I'm so sorry I didn't know, if I did I would have sent flowers and called. How's Aimee holding up?" She said as she one arm hugged the mountain of a man.

"Good, she has Fang now. They married a few months ago and guess what I'm married as well. A lot has changed here but go on in. I'll let everyone know your coming in with your daughter." He opened the door while he sent the message over the headset.

Walking into the club you could barely see with all the smoke, dim lighting, the noise was loud and Lottie just stayed in her hair. She wasn't shaking which was a good thing. The first person she saw was Aimee. She was waiting on a couple. Then there were a few others that she saw, Colt, Quinn, Remi, and Kyle. When each one saw her they all smiled at her and rushed over to see Lottie plus to catch up. Since she had heard about their mother she said that she was sorry that she had missed the services. Everyone understood and told her that it was for the better she hadn't been here. When she heard a voice from the past that she thought she would never hear again.

"Hey Nina, how have you been?" The voice was deep and sexy. It was like smoke but it was so smooth and had that light Cajun accent to it.

"Nick, good. How have you been?" She could feel Lottie lifting her head and looking the man that stood in front of her over. "This is my daughter Lottie. Lottie this is…"

"My daddy. I know him anywhere, I have his eyes." She had never told her daughter what her father's name was or what she had got from him. But it seemed that her daughter was smart just like her father.

"Nicolette Cherise Douglas, you can't go about saying things like that." She said as she watched Nick's face.

"Is she mine then Nina?" The tone in his voice told her everything she needed to know.

"Yeah she is. She's the reason I left. I over heard you telling some guy that you would never have any kids, unless you were married when I came to tell you. So I got scared and pissed, packed my things and left." Switching hips she glared at him. "I see I had a right to be pissed. See ya Nick. Hope you have a nice life." She started to storm out of Sanctuary when she literary bumped into some one. "Sorry," Nina said as she looked up at the six foot eight inch tall man. Just as she was looking into his eyes she felt the world start to spin.

Her eyes closed and as she swayed backwards the last thought she has was one word. Brother.

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