Chapter 3

Nina walked into her home with Lottie asleep on her shoulder. Smiling she kissed the top of her daughter's head and went up stairs. Now she knew what was really going on she would try her hardest to keep her daughter safer. With everything going on she knew that she would have to discover what powers Savitar hadn't given back to her, which ones she still had would be nice to know but she couldn't do that with Lottie in the same room as her. So placing her on the bed Nina went to her basement and focused all her thoughts on seeking out her powers.

Damn it, all the ones that had been given to her at birth by the three head big guys were gone. She couldn't call upon the earth, sea and sky. She really hated this, which was half of her powers. Yeah she could do the small stupid shit and but when it came to killing and taking the powers of the other gods there was nothing she could do about it. She wanted to kill Savitar for this. There was no way she was going to sleep with Nick again even if that meant getting her powers back. Once she did though Savitar was going to pay, with blood. She had been very naughty as a goddess and finding some one from the source was not going to be easy. But that wasn't going to be as hard as she thought.

Locking all the doors she went to her temple on Olympus and saw that it was over run with weeds. Taking them down was a snap but once inside she saw that some of the other gods had went nuts with destroying her things. She had never had servants or hand maidens for that just proved that she was self centered and she had hated that about her mother and father. They had kept them close but not her, any child sent to her she blessed and placed with a good family that would love them. She knew when everyone saw her do that they hated her for it because she was showing them their own stupidity.

With a snap of her fingers everything was fixed and placed where it should have been. The alter from her first temple sat to the right of the door, the black curtains all hanging over the open doors and windows. Her own she-hounds came running to her and licked her. She had missed them. Just as she was going to her bedroom to check out the damage there her mother walked in.

"I see you have returned to us," the voice was like birds singing but cold. Her mother had never wanted her. She had just passed her off to some of the other goddess to raise until she had been old enough to claim her powers.

"Nice to see you too mother. I see you haven't changed in the last eleven thousand years. How is everyone? Same?" She said as she fixed up her bedroom and put a bed in the corner for her daughter.

"I don't see why you even returned. You know that no one up here likes you. Why not go back to where ever you have been for the last eleven thousand years and not ever return."

"I was trapped until today thank you. As for you all not liking me ya'll can kiss my ass. The only reason I'm here is so that my daughter learns to use her powers from some one besides her uncle. And yes I have a daughter who could take you all out if you are not nice to her." Nina walked toward her mother and looked the cold hard woman in the eyes. "You know there use to be a day when I was young, all I wanted was for you to show me just a little bit of love but no you reserved that for your favorites and I wasn't among them. So tell me mother did you ever love me? Or was I just a mistake that proved you to be the whore that you are?"

"Hecate, if you think that of me then you have no idea how wrong you are. The day you were born I loved you but then that damn Oracle had to open her mouth. You know that you are to bring down the Greek parathion along with Cratus and his bitch. So tell me will you?"

"If I have too yes. After what you all have done don't you think mankind needs a defender from us? All the Gods do is fuck their women, mess with their lives, and the Goddesses are no better, even you mother. If you had just let Achron be I wouldn't have been here and neither would my daughter. So I ask you do you think I would hesitate for even a second to protect them and kill all of you given the chance?"

"You haven't changed. Get off of Olympus and don't come back." Gaia walked out with her long chocolate brown hair flowing behind her. It was all Nina could do not to grab it and kill her mother. She was the one Goddess not strong enough to protect herself, and easy game for anyone wanting to bring down the Greek gods.

Petting her she-hounds she looked around. There were a few Greeks that were good, but not many. Some you could say had a soul. It was a shame Seph couldn't be with her husband all the time but then again it was probably a good thing as well.

"Ladies, you're coming home with me. Hope you like the human world because once my daughter is trained in her powers I'm finding Cratus and we're bringing these bitches down." Stroking Zoe and Sophie she looked out at the scenery, the tall oak and willow trees made a path to her garden full of herbs and a place for her she-hounds to roam while she worked and hunted.

Teleporting them to her home she made them look like your average looking German Shepherds and kissed them both. Looking at the back yard she summoned dog houses and put dog food bowls out full of cooked meat and water. She would never feed them dog food. That would just make them angry. Walking up stairs she went to her room and went to bed. Tomorrow was going to be a long day. She knew that since it was winter Seph was with Hades and that meant she could take Lottie to go with her for that visit. Seph had always loved kids and so did Hades but he would never openly admit that.

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