She thought that their connection wasn't as strong as it was before.

There were times in conversations that she could tell he was about to say something, but held back. It was like he was holding a part of himself back when all she wanted to do was figure him out.

A week had passed since he stayed for her.

It was selfish of her to ask him to stay. She knew that. But that didn't stop her from letting the request fall from her lips.

Kate had arrived early to the bullpen, as usual. A creature of habit, she draped her leather coat around her chair, the chair that he used to sit in just to get a rise out of her. Lately he had been doing those things less often. He wasn't being himself.

When she saw the disarray her desk was in she decided to clean it. When she was almost satisfied, she saw a magazine article sticking out from a case report with a post it on it. She recognized the handwriting as Lanie's and it her writing looked rushed, it seemed from excitement.


Seems like you and Writer boy have quite a lot to talk about. I still think he is so into you!


She began reading the article published a little over a week ago.

Talented mystery novelist Richard Castle is preparing for his newest release, Naked Heat. We were offered a sneak peak, and we're quite impressed. While others have argued that Richard's "muse," Detective Katharine Beckett, has been distracting for him, I can most certainly say it had paid off in the end. The depth added to the characters is phenomenal as well has the relationship between Rook and Nikki. In an exclusive interview about his novel, we discussed with Castle the inspirations he encountered.

"So Richard, have you preferred writing the Nikki Heat series or other series in the past?"

"I love writing all of my series because it's my passion. I can write about anything. I would have to say writing this series has been my favorite but I've struggled as well with it. The fact that I get to write some pretty heated scenes too adds to it." He replied in his typical boyish humor.

"You mentioned problems arising while writing this series. What were some of them and why?"

"Every novel comes with it's own difficulties. The main problem with this series, this book in particular, is that it's one of my most personal books. I like to incorporate the things I experience, while also creating the characters in a way that they have their very own story to tell."

"Does Nikki Heat have a different story than Detective Kate Beckett?"

"Nikki Heat is a fictional character inspired by Kate. While she is the based off of her, she has her own unique story."

"A lot of controversy has arisen about you shadowing Kate Beckett."

"Oh believe me I know." He said as he chuckled.

"Do you think that Kate Beckett has been a distraction to your working process, like some of your fans do?"

"After all is said and done, I believe that the end justifies the means. A lot of people, including both fans and my own friends and family, have brought this topic to my attention. My poker buddy James Patterson included."

"And how did you respond to his input?"

"I then proceeded to kick his butt in poker of course!"

"While I'm sure that was fun, do you have your own opinion about this that you'd like to share?"

"Without Kate Beckett, there would be no Nikki Heat series. If my writing process has slowed down and is not satisfying my fans, that's too bad. Nikki's character has become so relatable in my opinion because she's developed fully and realistically."

"Is your relationship with your inspiration confusing at times?"

"What relationship isn't? I enjoy pulling her pigtails and while we are dealing with serious issues, I think I've found a connection that I thought didn't exist."

"With just Kate or others as well?"

"Ultimately, the precinct on the whole. I've met so many great people that day in and day out change lives and fight for justice. They don't get that much credit, which can most certainly be shown through their paychecks if I may add, but they're still there doing their job. I admire each and everyone of them for the amount of time they commit and feel a bond not like any other. I've witnessed their interactions and they aren't just the 12th, they're a family that I hope to say I am apart of."

"And what role does Beckett play in this family?"

"She's a strong leader with a tenacity like no other. Part of the reason I requested to shadow her was because she is determined and has her mind set on things. She's a inspiration, she's a confidant, and ultimately, she's my best friend."

"The relationship between the two of you, is it strictly professional?"

"Like I said, she's my best friend. I've recently discovered that I guess it is possible to have a hot friend and be just friends."

"Do you see your relationship changing in the near future?"

"I've been trying to live in the present nowadays and I've been struggling with it. I try looking towards the future but I'm just an author. I can write things that I want to happen but it doesn't mean it will, heck, who even knows if there is going to be another book after this."

"Really? I wasn't aware that it was up to debate."

"It's more of a recent issue that will be dealt with."

"Do you want there to be another book?"

"Sometimes, when you're writing the lines between fiction and reality start to blur. A clean break from this might be the best but so could sticking with Nikki Heat. Nikki Heat will always hold a very special place in my heart. Previous characters like Derrick Storm have as well but Nikki… she's exceptional and like no other."

Richard Castle has some big decisions to make concerning the next book. Personally, I would be devastated if there wasn't another book. As he said himself, Nikki is special and she has captured the hearts of many.

Wow. He's hasn't mentioned any of this to me. Why didn't he tell me about the article being published? And a clean break might be best?

They had grown so close and she was upset that he hadn't discussed any of this with her. He used to brag about being interviewed, and now it was like he was hiding it.

She saw the light on in the captain's office and got up and slipped her jacket on and walked over to peek inside to see if Roy was there.

"Sir?" she asked.

"Beckett. You're in earlier than usual. What's up?"

"We don't have a case and I'm caught up on paperwork so I was wondering if I could take the morning off?"

"Well this is a first."

"I know it's pretty late notice but I have to take care of something." She said with pleading eyes.

"Alright. Go ahead."

"Thank you."

She turned to leave when Roy's voice stopped her for a moment.

"Straighten things out with Castle and make sure to tell him hello for me."

She began walking with a smirk on her face. She pulled out her cell phone, the iPhone that Castle insisted on buying her.

From memory she dialed Rick's cell phone number.

"KB, what's up?"

"We need to talk."

"Um, if this is about eating the last snickers from your candy stash you had in your desk drawer I was dying of hunger! I'm on my way to grab coffee in the park and afterwards I'm going to replace your stash with all the good stuff, cross my heart."

"Relax Castle - what? You ate my snickers?"

"I was hungry!"

"Castle you are so – that's not what I was calling you about but make sure you replace it with the usual. Can I meet you at the normal coffee stand in five and we'll take a walk?"

She sensed his hesitance to answer.

"Please?" She added.

"See you in five." He said, promptly hanging up the phone afterwards.

She returned her phone to her jacket pocket and made her way over to the elevator to push the button.

The questions in her head would finally be answered. The restlessness she often suffered from at night would cease. She would often stay up all night wondering where her relationship with Castle is going.

Hopefully she would find out how the story ends.

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