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Prologue: The day the demon was revived

A deep breath disturbed the flow of the limited air. The place, once small, dark and silent, was now submerged by an irregular stroke of breaths. Someone needed air more than anything. The breath slowly turned deeper and calmer, as if the man was now used to it.


Breatheā€¦ Something he hadn't done in a long time. And all he could was to breathe. He breathed, because, for the first time for what seemed to be an eternity, he could feel pain. It hurt. He tried to move, but was suddenly cut short by a deep pain in his chest. He gasped. By instinct, he put his hand on his chest, rubbing to lessen the pain. And he slowly waited, until the pain was bearable enough for him to stop. He concentrated, as his mind proceeded to analyze his situation he was in.

From the sound of his breath in the silence, he figured he was in a small place. There was the trace of the perfume, as if there once had been flowers around him. But his hands felt nothing, instead there was only the coldness of floor underneath him. He raised his hands, only to find it stopped by what seemed to be a wooden sealing. He was restrained. He was in a small place. He tried to open his eyes to figure out where he was, but only darkness welcomed him. But there was more than enough information. A box, perhaps. A sealed box.

A coffin.

He shook his head to get rid of the thought. Instead he concentrated to find the reason, if there were any, of why he was...

'How did I end up in a coffin?' he asked himself. His mind quickly started to review his memories to find the right answer.

And he remembered.

He felt some regret and wish he didn't. But he did remember.

How can he forget?

He could still feel the pain in stomach, as if it didn't want him to forget the truth.

He remembered the masked man, in black, jumped through his guards, holding a sword that himself had hold when he declared war against the whole world. The pain pierced through, cutting through his flesh and bones alike. The masked man. The hero he created. Zero. His friend. His gasp was replaced by so many thoughts, so many unspoken words, so many words, so many lies. But he knew that time wasn't on his side anymore. So he carefully chose and whispered words that only them both could hear, gave his last geass, his last wish, to his best friend. Only then, had he realized that the pain he felt the moment he was pierced, was not his own. No, it wasn't. Maybe it never had been. It was the pain of those he killed, the pain of those who lost their loved ones. Those like Suzaku. But he would never know. He suddenly felt regret. His bloody hands slowly swiped the mask, to touch the last thread of humanity remaining inside, to wipe out the unseen pain from his last friend's eyes. To hope that he could atone for killing the humanity in his last, his best, his true friend. He himself had unshed tears, but he could only swallow them away. Because it was too late. They both knew. Their fate was sealed the moment he was slain. His fall down the stairs of his glory sealed it. The bloody trail he left behind as he slid off the stairs was the proof. But somehow, it brought him peace. And rest. Finally, he would atone for his sins. His lies, his sins, his guilt, his regret vanished away. Vanish with his life. As his senses slowly left him, he had felt someone holding his hands and crying. That someone was the only regret he would ever leave behind.



I'm... sorry...

I destroyed... the world... and created... a... new...

Those were his final words. He remembered. The ending of the Zero Requiem. The end of Lelouch Vi Britania. The end of The Demon Lord.

His end.

He gasped. He realized... He realized the unshakable truth. Impossible. But the pain was the proof.

No... He realized... How can it be possible... He can't...

His double geass eyes glowed in despair. The features of his pale face crisped to form a horror that words could not describe. Soundless words were formed on his lips. He knew. He just couldn't say it... He just can't bear to face it. His fist clenched. He tasted blood as he bit himself, not letting the words slip away.

He can't. For the sake of the Zero Requiem... For the sake of the world... He can't... Why... How is it possible...

Why... No...




A chuckle.

That slowly turned to an insane laugh, leaving no trace of the silent peace that was there only moments ago.

"Is that so?"

He knew what he had to do.

"... So be it."

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