One Piece and Inuyasha Crossover

Summary: Higurashi D. Kagome, younger sister of Portgas D. Ace and Monkey D. Luffy. With a grandfather who has high hopes of making them Marine material, you would think he'd drag them all to the academy… Well, at least he was smart enough to grab Kagome, even if she is girl…

Disclaimer: I do not own One Piece or Inuyasha, both belong to their respected owners.

"There's too much water here baka-jii-san."

An old man, at least the age of 60, laughed at the young girl. She glared at him as she held his hand tighter and gave another glance at the oversized base. A scowl appeared on her face and tugged onto his white jacket.

"It's all white. There's no greenery… I don't like it here."

Ignoring the girl, he ruffled the hair her on the head and gave out another loud laugh. "This is your new home, Kagome-chan!" He pointed towards the large ominous building. "That's the Marineford, it's our headquarters. You'll be training there to be a full fledge Marine like your grandpa!" He gave out a chuckle when Kagome stuck her tongue out at the sight of the building, muttering soft insults underneath her breath.

"Vice Admiral Garp!" The old man turned his head over to his officer, "We are ready to dock, please avoid falling off the rail."

Garp laughed, "Of course! What do you take me for, an old man?"

Staring at him, Kagome nodded, "You're a baka-jii-san…" She released her hold on her grandfather and walked over to the railings. She blinked and pouted unhappily, wondering why her of all people, had to be taken to be trained as a marine.

Kagome! It's good for girls to start young if they want to be in the Marines! So your brothers will stay here and train, while I take you to Marineford to be a full fledge Marine!

Oh yah, because of that.

Turning her head, she watched as her stupid grandfather fell asleep while standing up. Her face darkened, smiling devilish. She began thinking of a way to punish the old man. Her head turned towards the railings and the sea, her smile growing impishly every second. She walked over to her grandfather and poked him to see if he was awake or not. The snoring continued, proving that Garp was truly a heavy sleeper.

Five minutes later…



A/N: Heh, I'm finally done exams, yay~ *throws confetti in the air*

Yup, another drabble people, don't expect much out of it. I'm not even sure if I want to have a pairing in this. Though, if I do, it will most likely not have Sanji or Zoro as her man (since they both belong to Nami's harem :D) One thing you should expect in this fic is that Kagome is going to be very, and I mean VERY mean to Garp. Ahahah, impish!Kagome is going to be so fun to write~

Not sure if I want her to eat a Devil Fruit though...