One Piece and Inuyasha Crossover

Summary: Higurashi D. Kagome, younger sister of Portgas D. Ace and Monkey D. Luffy. With a grandfather who has high hopes of making them Marine material, you would think he'd drag them all to the academy… Well, at least he was smart enough to grab Kagome, even if she is girl…

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Maybe it would be better if I never woke up.

Maybe it would be better if I just died.

Maybe it would be better if I could never reborn again and again and again.

But there is no maybe.

I'll always wake up, I'll always be alive, and I'll always be reborn.

Again and again and again.

Eyes lingered at her hand, staring harshly at it. Several feet away, a sword laid innocently there, shinning and glinting under the light.


The male in front of her twitched in agitation.

"It flew away. What do I do now?"

He stabbed the sword into the ground before marching up to Kagome, eyes lit aflame. No doubt she was going to get another scolding again.

"You can't shoot a gun, you're terrible at hand-to-hand combat, you have not a single ounce of physical strength, and you can't even sword fight to save your life!" The male was so very close to tossing his cap off and ripping his hair out. "Why are you even here at Marineford!?"

Arms crossed, Kagome tilted her head to the side, pondering for a moment.

"Baka-jii-san, blame him."

If her trainer could, he would probably kill her. But it seems that he was going to settle with glaring and finger pointing instead.

To be honest, she was surprise that he had made no attempts to murder her so far. Or perhaps that all those 'accidents' during the past weeks were his attempts. Who knows?

Either or…

"Or maybe you're a terrible trainer?"

Maybe that wasn't the smartest thing to say, Kagome mused to herself, as she watched her trainer turned red and began to rant at her. She was use to this. This was probably her seventh coach so far, and she was sure that there was going to be an eighth one coming up soon. After all, these guys don't last for a long time and usually give up in rage after a couple of weeks.

Her grandfather has insisted that she learn how to be a proper Marine. When he noticed that she was slacking and doing absolutely horrible in her lessons, he realized that she needed a tutor. There were questions on why he didn't personally train her himself, and to be fair, he has trained her. Her endurance and stamina were fantastic, thanks to his… unique and special training.

She even had all the bruises and broken walls to prove it.

Sadly he did nothing to help her in learning how to fight. Kagome only had the bare basics beat down into her mind, and that was mainly thanks to her brothers. Even then, her instructors ripped it apart, stating that what she learned was nothing but clumsy footwork and weak punches. Hearing that, she being who she is, refused to change her way of fighting. She was stubborn to a 'T'. Her brothers taught her how to fight, and no way in hell was she going to toss it away because one other person declared his form of fighting was altogether 'superior' compared to theirs.

Returning her attention back to the trainer, Kagome wondered if she could just casually walk away while he was angrily sputtering at her.

Before anything else could escalate, a voice interrupted her trainer mid-rant.

"I'm sorry to interrupt, but Vice Admiral Garp has assigned to train his granddaughter. I shall be replacing you in her lessons."

Both turned around, only to see a male with a bowl cut and…. a piece of grilled meat stuck on his cheek.

Kagome began to wonder how her dumb grandfather was able to find and convince these people to train her.

Her ex-trainer on the other hand, grabbed his sword and began to walk out, not before patting on the new male's shoulder and muttering a 'good luck'. There was no comment about the food stuck on his face, and she wondered if it was because he knew him, or if it was because all that ranting had tired him out. It didn't surprise her that he ignored her, she could feel the distaste and hate radiating off of him as exit the room.

Turning around, her new trainer stared a bit at her as she did the same to him.

"I am Captain Vergo. Your grandfather requested me to train you to become a proper Marine."

She opened her mouth, but closed it quickly soon after, debating whether or not to tell her how it was useless and he should just leave.

"You have a giant piece of meat on your face."

Or she could just point out how ridiculous he looked.

Kagome watched in marvel as he peeled the meat off his cheek and ate it in front of her, without any ounce of humiliation or embarrassment.

"Unfortunately, I am part of the G5," he continued, as if nothing had happened, "so I won't always be around to train you." Vergo finished the remaining bit of his grilled meat, "So before I get called out for assignments, I'll be training you every day at dawn."

"Wait what?" Her eyes widen in disbelief.

"From there we will train until breakfast is served. After you finish your training session with your class, we will train again until dinner. And then after digesting our meals, we'll continue on until nightfall."

"Idea rejected!"

"You have no say in this matter." He shook his head, kneeling before her. "I promise your grandfather that I would train you to be Marine material. I'm sure you have the ability to be a great fighter if we try hard enough." Lifting a hand, Vergo reached out and patted her on the head, "My little sister is sort of like you, so I'm sure we can get along."

Blinking, Kagome was unsure of the feeling in her chest. She didn't know how to respond back, something felt so off with him. Though, hearing him say 'little sister' made her heart clench. She missed her home and her brothers, and she was sure they missed her. But, even without her, they were probably training hard to be the best pirates. And here she was, lazing around and avoiding any sort of exercise. If they saw her now, they would most likely be disappointed in her.

Shaking her head, she pushed away the uneasiness she had and stared up at him.

"I'm only doing this to be stronger, not to be a dumb Marine. So you better be more successful than the other guys."

Standing straight back up, he grabbed a sword and handed it to her with a smile.

"Let's begin."

Hidden on the corner, Inuyasha shook his head silently to himself, knowing that no matter how many times Kagome was to be reborn, her skills as a fighter would always be terrible. But there is one thing she was good at, and he wondered how long it would be before anyone realized it.

A/N: This... this turned out a lot longer than I thought.

Originally I wanted Smoker or Hina to be training her, but I felt that personality wise, Kagome wouldn't really open up or even train with them. With Vergo, I can get a lot of interesting things happening between them, so expect a lot of chaotic things.

I hope you guys enjoy this extra long chapter. See you all next time.