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"Speak to the Goddess of knowing and understanding." David Rossi couldn't help but roll his eyes at their tech analyst's greeting. It was very much like his Garcia. Wait, since when did he think of her as his? If she belonged to anyone, it was Derek Morgan. The rest of the team, minus Dr. Spencer Reid, had bets as to which one of the two would crack and admit their feelings first. Reid insisted that she wasn't into Morgan and it was all just talk. Even though Reid had his own secret, complicated love life; Dave just wasn't seeing that he could be right in this instance.

"Hey, kitten. I need that information on the suspect's other alias's."

"Helloooo, my Italian angel, that information is currently zipping it's way to your phone as we speak and should be there…"

His phone beeped at him.

"Now. Tell my chocolate god to be careful, please. And make sure you take care of Reid, whenever Hotch isn't there. Make Emily behave herself and tell her not to piss off the unsub. And you… don't you do anything stupid either, yummy goodness!"

"I'll tell Morgan and he'll ignore me. Reid is at the station and Hotch is making him stay there since his knee is acting up. Prentiss is in a good mood and unlikely to say anything. I never do anything stupid, kitten. Why doesn't Hotch get a warning?"

She huffed out a breath,

"Because, he usually behaves himself and if he doesn't, you yell at him for it. Thus, I don't have to. Now, my babies are calling. Garcia out!"

Dave just closed his eyes. He knew that he was starting to enjoy these conversations too much. His skin still tingled a bit from where she called him her Italian angel and yummy goodness.

God, Rossi, get a hold of yourself. She calls everyone by cute nicknames and you act like an infatuated teenage boy. You know that she's into Morgan. Why can't you get her out of your head? She belongs to someone else and you're too old for her. Get a grip.

He almost jumped when his best friend's hand landed on his shoulder, but his innate control won out.

"Was that Garcia?" Aaron Hotchner asked

"Yeah, she just sent me the stuff, but I didn't get to look at it yet."

Hotch looked pensive

"Why don't you let Spence deal with it?"

Rossi broke into a teasing grin

"Lover driving you crazy?"

Hotch rolled his eyes

"He's going stir crazy and starting to whine like Jack does when he doesn't get his way. He was limping this morning when we got up and it's still bothering him. I don't want him running on it until we get it checked out."

Dave's eyes danced as he said

"No wonder he says you're paranoid. I'll forward this to him."

"Thanks. Wait, what? When did he say I was paranoid? David?"

Rossi just walked into the station, chuckling to himself. At least he had gotten Hotch's mind off of worrying for now. He saw the object of his best friend's affection pacing around and muttering to himself about the case. When his phone buzzed, the young doctor about jumped out of his skin. Rossi smiled to himself.

"Garcia sent me that information. Hotch wants you to deal with it."


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