Cody Martin woke up with a loud bang on his cabin door.

"Cody, can you get the door?" Asked Woody Fink who also got rudely awakened.

"Fine" Cody groggily said and opened the door.

"Cody, you and your hooligan of a brother are in deep trouble" Mr. Moseby said with a stern look. Cody looked at Mr. Moseby blankly and narrowed his eyebrows.

"What for?" Cody questioned

"Does breaking the anchor refresh your memory?" Mr. Moseby asked as he walked into the cabin.

"Uh, no." Cody responded crossing his arms. "But I do believe that Woody and Zack came in late last night, saying that if they got caught, they would be in deep trouble." Mr. Moseby looked at Woody with an expression of anger, but Woody had fallen asleep again.

"WOODY!" Mr. Moseby yelled. Woody sprung up and looked at Mr. Moseby.

"It was Zack's idea; please don't throw me out the sewerage flap!" Woody pleaded as he got out of bed and begged.

"Even though I am considering it, I have a better idea." Mr. Moseby calmly said "the cast of So Random and Mackenzie Falls are coming to stay on the S.S Tipton, and we are short of staff. So instead you and Zack will be catering to their every need to pay for the anchor." Woody looked at Mr. Moseby and blinked and then begged again.

"Please throw me out the sewerage flap!" Cody shook his head and sat down.

"No, now I'm going to tell Zack. Waking him up is going to be the highlight of my day." Mr. Moseby said with a smile.

"Ahh, the S.S Tipton, such a lovely boat." Tawni said as she got on to the Sky Deck. "Yeah well, it's a pity that I can't see anything because apparently I'm a Bell Hop!" Sonny said, annoyed.

"Stop complaining; just be happy that you're making me look good." Tawni said as she flipped her hair with her hand.

"Yeah, Don't we all" Zorah said as she walked passed.

"And what is that supposed to mean?" Tawni said as she stoped in her tracks.

"Nothing, just keep walking." Zorah responded.

"Um, why?" Tawni asked, twirling her hair with a finger.

"Because if you don't, Sonny will run into you." Tawni spun around as Sonny ran into her. Tawni's bags went flying, and as soon as they hit the deck, the bags bolted open, throwing the contents of the bags all over the deck.

"Owww!" Both girls cried as they fell onto the floor.

"Don't you watch where you're going?" Tawni yelled at Sonny as they got up.

"Well, if I didn't have your bags, this wouldn't have happened!" Sonny yelled back. "Tawni, your stuff is everywhere" Zorah said casually as she pointed to where Tawni's belongings had scattered.

"Eww, it's covered in dirt!" Tawni cried as she ran to her clothes.

"What dirt?" Sonny said, confused.

"That dirt"

"There is no dirt" Zorah explained.

"See that spec right there?" Tawni pointed.

"Um, no" said Sonny.

"I do!" cried a voice from behind. The three girls spun around to face the person who spoke.

"London Tipton! So nice to see you again!" Tawni said happily as she gave London an air kiss.

"And it is so nice to see you again… err…" London looked at Tawni and gave a nervous smile. "Wow, the rumours are true" Sonny whispered to Zorah. Zorah nodded and whispered back

"This is the only thing Sharona got right; London Tipton has the IQ of a three year old."

"I can't believe Chad Dylan Cooper is going to be on this ship, today!" Bailey Pickett squealed as Cody watched her jump up and down. Bailey was waring the dress she wore the very first day she started as Seven Seas High, before she changed into a boy. Except she had her hair in a pony tail on the side. Cody couldn't help but think how good she looked and how badly he wished that Bailey jumped up and down about him.

"You know, as your boyfriend, I'm not feeling the love."

"Sorry, I'll stop jumping now." Bailey responded with guilt and stopped jumping.

"You know, I've watched You Tube videos and been on Sharona Knows, and apparently, Chad Dylan Cooper is a stuck up, selfish drama snob, along with the rest of the cast at Mackenzie Falls." Said Cody as he crossed his arms. Bailey rolled her eyes and looked at Cody

"Well, Sharona is a very mean person and you can't prove that Chad Dylan Cooper is a stuck up drama snob." Bailey said defensively.

"Don't forget selfish." Cody smirked. Bailey shot him a dirty look. Cody flipped his hair and smiled.

"You love me." Cody taunted. Bailey gave a fake smile and walked away.

"Awww, come on sweetie, you know he is a stuck up selfish drama snob"

Bailey stopped in her tracks and turned around with an even dirtier look then before. "You know there is a line, and boy, you crossed it." Bailey yelled angrily.

"Bailey, it's a celebrity, why are you so defensive about it?" Cody said, feeling unappreciated.

"Because, I've liked Chad Dylan Cooper since I was fourteen" Bailey said frustrated. "And for your information, he is a lot better looking than you."

Cody was now officially angry. "Wait, so you like a guy, who you don't even know?" Cody asked. Bailey raised her eyebrows and nodded.

"And let me guess, if you met Chad, you would dump me for him"

"Maybe" Bailey responded flatly.

"Well, you know what, it doesn't even have to be a maybe, I am worth better than this." Cody said even more frustrated "You treat me like a piece of garbage, and the only reason why you probaly agreed to go out with me was to get those Hannah Montana tickets six months ago. Since then, you have treated me like crap." Cody paused to calm down a little bit and looked at Bailey. Her face had softened up a little bit and tears started to form in her eyes.

"You're right" Bailey said softly. "I have treated you sourly."

"Yeah, you have."

"Maybe we should just end our relationship" said Bailey softly.

"We never even had one." Cody said coldly as he walked out of her dorm, leaving Bailey to fall to her knees and cry.

"Okay Zack, Woody, here are you schedules. Zack you will be catering to Mackenzie Falls and Woody to So Random, tomorrow you will switch."

"I have a question, regarding the hot girls on Mackenzie Falls." Zack said as he raised his hand.

"No conversing with them, no looking at them and no breathing around them, does that answer your question." Mr Moseby said smugly.

"Yes, yes and yes." Zack sighed. "But, how do I talk to them and ask what they need if I can't even look, breathe or speak to them?"

"Because, you won't be. You will be catering to Chad Dylan Cooper, the best actor of your generation." Mr. Moseby said. "Oh, here he is now" Chad walked into the Lobby of the S.S Tipton followed by his Mackenzie Falls cast and their entire luggage.

"Hi, I'm Chad Dylan Cooper from the number 1 hit tween Drama, Mackenzie Falls." Chad said as he walked up to Mr. Moseby. Mr. Moseby shook with excitement as he went to shake Chad's hand.

"It's wonderful to have you here Mr. Cooper, please make yourself at home." Moseby said as he gestured to the elevators.

"Will do, and where is my 24 hour butler?" Chad asked as he took his Neptune Suite key cards from Moseby.

"Unfortunately, there." Moseby said unenthusiastically. Zack smiled and walked up to Chad.

"Hey, my name is Zack, and instead of –"

"Yeah, don't care"Chad cut Zack off "get me a sandwich with no crusts"

Zack was taken aback by what Chad said but did what he was told anyway.

"This is going to be a long 24 hours" Zack mumbled to him self.

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