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Chapter 4: Real Life

Chad and the rest of Mackenzie Falls walked out of the Random's suite with a smile of victory on their faces.

"Chad, this has got to work!" Chastity warned as she closed the door to the rival's show suite.

"Chastity, it's going to work. The Random's will go to the stupid sea school late, we will tell the teacher that they obviously did not want to 'try' and resolve our feud, therefore, not showing up to school, keeping to themselves in their cabin. This will make us look amazing, and Condor will cancel So Random! And Mackenzie Falls will forever be the number one hit teen drama. See, it's a well thought out plan." Chad explained as he and the cast headed towards the elevator.

"And if it doesn't?" Ferguson asked

"Didn't think of that" Chad said thoughtfully

"Of course you didn't." Chastity sighed

"Okay, you know what, if anyone else doubts by amazing plan, I will make you walk upstairs to our suite! Okay?" Chad yelled as he pointed to Chastity and Ferguson

"Were in different suites, remember?" Chastity reminded

"And now you know why" Chad said quickly as he stepped in to the elevator. Chad pressed the 'close door' symbol on the elevator controls before Chastity could get in. "Oh, sorry, no doubters allowed. Awww" Chad smiled mischievously as the doors closed, leaving an embarrassed and angry Chastity behind.

"Book, check. Pencil, check. Multi color pen, check!" Sonny said enthusiastically as she packed all of her new stationary into her new purple pencil case that had a picture of a dove on one side. "I actually cannot wait for tomorrow!"

"Wow, what's got you so happy?" Tawni asked as reapplied her Coco Moco Coco.

"Oh, a boy, a really cute boy." Sonny sighed happily.

"Oh, tell me about this really cute boy" Tawni said intrigued.

"Well, there isn't really much to tell" Sonny replied "Just that his name is Cody Martin and he goes to the Seven Seas High. Where both in the 11th grade so hopefully we will be in the same classes." Sonny smiled as she put her books into her back pack.

"Well, I hope what's- his -face is in your class. Meanwhile, I hope I get put into London's class. She has no idea who I am. I am a trend setter, so is she. I've seen her several times at award shows, I have even had lunch with her! Why doesn't she remember me?" Tawni whined as she hugged a throw pillow on the couch.

"Probably because she has been on this sea school for about a year now, so she hasn't exactly been in the 'lime light' as much. Well, not at all really." Sonny explained thoughtfully as she zipped up her bag. "Okay, I'm all ready for school tomorrow!"

"Okay, you are way too excited for school." Tawni said as she got off the couch.

"I know!" Sonny shrieked.

Chad arrived at the Seven Seas High admissions office by himself. It was a decent sized office that had a creamy coloured wall with the Seven Seas High logo behind the two, smartly dressed middle aged woman. Chad walked up to the desk and cleared his throat to get their attention. "Hi I'm Chad Dylan Cooper, I'm a new student here." Chad handed in his forms to the office lady with red hair with the name 'Irene" on her name tag.

"Oh, yes, Mr. Cooper. Good to have you enrolled. You shall be a great asset to the school, but we need to make sure we are clear about one thing. Just because you are a big shot Hollywood star does not mean you get special privileges. We have done this with London Tipton and we will be doing it with you and the rest of you Condor Studio folk." Irene said sternly, clearly not star struck that she was talking to the most famous celebrity of the younger generations.

Chad was taken aback by what he was told and looked at Irene confused. "So I don't get a body guard? What about the girls who are mad about Chad?"

"Funny rhyme Mr. Cooper, but there is another boy who thinks he needs a bodyguard at this school too, he thinks the girls want to take a 'crack at the Zack'. And we told him the same thing that I'm about to tell you. No. Get your head out of the clouds and stop thinking that you are so high and mighty." Irene walked grabbed a thick blue folder that had 'Seven Seas High' on the front and handed it to Chad with his timetable and home room. "You are in 11ET in room D104. Do not be late. Your locker is number 45 in the isle of D104. Our school is clearly different, for the simple fact that we are on a boat. But this is a big school, we take up half a deck. There is a map in the folder I have just given you, but juniors are on the East side of the school."

"Thankyou" Chad said sarcastically as he picked up the surprisingly heavy folder and walked out of the office and headed towards the east side of the school.

Chad found his classroom after twenty minutes of searching through the folder Irene gave him and another ten trying to find his actual class room. He found D104 and walked in. He noticed Ferguson was in his class. Chad smiled of relief that he wouldn't be a loner and sat next to him. "This school is not going to be good for me, the snobby admissions office thing, Irene, treated be like an actual person. I'm Chad Dylan Cooper, I deserve respect!"

"You went to the admissions desk? I had my stuff sent to me" Ferguson said as he looked in his Seven Seas High school manual.

"Okay, you have got to be kidding me?" Chad said in disbelief

"No, a guy named Woody gave it to us. Biggest afro I have ever seen."

"Why didn't this 'Woody' give me my stuff?" Chad asked

"Because you fired that Zack kid, Condor found out and decided that it's time you stop being spoilt so he gave me the assistant. How nice?"

Chad shot him an evil glare and Ferguson face dropped

"I mean, how could they? Letting Chad Dylan Cooper to stuff for him? It's ridiculous!"

Cody walked into the classroom followed by Woody and Zack. They all looked at Chad and scoffed.

"Man I hate that guy. He fired me because I didn't make his sandwich right. Biggest fricken baby, I swear." Zack said as he took his seat away from Chad and Ferguson. Cody and Woody followed Zack and sat either side of him.

"Yeah, he is the reason Bailey broke up with me. Oh, and he slapped me on the face and told me he was out to get me. Great guy, really." Cody said sarcastically as he crossed his arms and eyed down the back of Chad's head.

"I don't know him, but he sounds like a meanie. I served his friend he is sitting next to though. He was really nice, and quite surprised that someone was serving him instead of pampering to Chad's ever needs." Woody said surprised.

"Well don't get used to the niceness." Zack said "Moseby would do anything to keep Chad happy. If a big Hollywood star is on the ship, it means more business for the S.S Tipton and praise for Moseby by Mr. Tipton. You'll probably be serving Chad soon."

Woody pouted. "Darn it!"

Ms. Tutwiler walked into the classroom and looked at Chad and Ferguson. "Oh good, happy to see you two here on time" She smiled at the two Hollywood stars. Ferguson gave her a toothy grin while Chad gave her a quick side smile. Ms. Tutwiler looked at the clock on the classroom and gave a worried frown and then looked back and Chad and Ferguson. "You two seem to be here early before the first bell, which goes in about three minutes. Do you know where Sonny Monroe and Grady Mitchell are?"

Chad smiled and looked at Ms. Tutwiler. "The cast of So Random! are very unreliable, I'd be surprised if they even show up."

Ms. Tutwiler nodded and sat down concerned. She grabbed her cell and called room service to make sure that the cast of So Random! were planning on making it to school.

Chad's smile quickly dropped. But as Ms. Tutwiler got off her phone Sonny and Grady walked into the classroom, both not pleased that they nearly arrived late.

Sonny quickly took her seat beside Cody as the bell rang, and Grady sat beside Woody. "Sorry that we're almost late" Sonny said apologetically "Someone tampered with our alarm clocks. Thankfully I set an alarm on my iPhone." She eyed down Chad who lowered himself into his seat.

"Great plan Chad." Ferguson said quietly as he also lowered himself into his seat.

"Stupid Sonny and her double checking-ness." Chad said through gritted teeth.

Ms. Tutwiler looked at Chad and Ferguson and then at an annoyed Sonny and Grady. "I'll have Mr. Moseby contact Mr. Condor about that situation." Ms. Tutwiler said as she opened the role book.

"Like Moseby will do anything about Chad and that guy. Moseby would do anything for Chad." Zack whispered to Cody.

Cody nodded. "This isn't just going to affect the cast of So Random!, this is going to affect everyone. This is going to cause some tension between people, and I have a funny feeling we're going to be right in the middle of it."

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