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EY Outtake ~ Jasper & Alice by Gemmah

I could make you happy

It was a long time since I had this kind of reaction to a woman. As Alice agreed to let me walk her home, my heart began to thump nervously in my chest.

Since the first time we'd spoken in the schoolyard, when she first held out her hand for mine, I'd been entranced by her. I was drawn in by her boldness and her energy and held there by her bright, intelligent eyes.

This would be the first time that we'd been alone; all our other meetings had been during the day or with an audience.

Dinner with Bella and Jake had gone well. I'd been reluctant to let Charlotte spend the evening with virtual strangers, but when she begged to go and knowing that they were Alice's family, I realized it was only my own issues that were getting in the way.

"Well, that was fun!" Alice commented as we strolled away from the house in the light of the street lamps. As soon as Bella had waved us off and closed the door behind us, her hand had immediately found mine again. It was so tiny that the feel of it wrapped between my own large fingers immediately made me feel protective of her. The thought made me want to laugh a little. I was certain that if there was anything that this woman did not need, it was protecting.

"Yeah, I replied. "They're a nice couple." Alice laughed, a beautiful, relaxed noise, and I looked down at her, puzzled. "What's so funny?"

"Call yourself an expert on relationships, Jasper?" I stopped, dragging her to a halt too.

"What?" I demanded. She smiled up at me and my irritation disappeared.

"They're not a couple," she explained.

"They're not?"

"Nope." Alice pulled gently on my hand and we started walking again. "Bella is Jake's best friend. He lost his wife a few months back and she's helping him and the boys through it. And you know what else? She has the hots big time for my brother, Edward."

Before I could respond, my cellphone rang. I pulled it from my pocket and pressed answer. It was Alice's sister-in-law, Rosalie. She was calling to say that the girls were having a good time and were in the middle of watching a movie, and to see if Charlotte could stay over? I repeated the question out loud for Alice's benefit as I looked at her pointedly, needing her opinion. She nodded.

"She'll be fine," she whispered.

I told Rosalie that it was ok and made arrangements to pick her up to take her to school the next morning. Rosalie had offered to take her with Grace, but for my own peace of mind I knew I'd need to see her myself by then.

I ended the call and slipped my phone back into my pocket.

"So, I guess you have the rest of the evening free now?" Alice observed, squeezing my hand.

"I guess so," I told her, guessing where the conversation was going and hoping I was right.

"Come back to my place then." She spoke quickly, an edge of excitement to her voice. "I can fix us some drinks and we can watch a movie. It's only a ten minute walk from here." Her face was filled with expectation as she looked up at me.

"I don't think so, but thanks," I told her. Her face fell and I couldn't help smiling. "Hey, don't look so sad, sweetheart." I reached forward and put my thumb to one down-turned corner of her mouth and tried to gently tease it back up. "I only meant that I have a better idea. My place is only one block away, how 'bout we go there instead?"

I froze as she reached up and placed her hands on either side of my face. She pulled me down slightly, stretched up and placed a kiss on my lips.

"That," she said. "Sounds perfect."

I spent the rest of the short walk to my place stealing glances at her. We made small talk about our evening, but otherwise a companionable silence fell between us.

"Home," I announced as we reached the house that I'd bought for Charlotte and myself. It was small, but plenty large enough for the two of us. Four steps led up to the front door and I let go of Alice's hand to find my keys as we walked up them.

I opened the door and flicked a switch, illuminating the hallway. I watched Alice closely as she stepped over the threshold and evaluated my home. Her eyes roamed over everything, until finally she looked up at me and smiled.

"Have you finished?" I asked her teasingly?

"Mhmm." She nodded. I pushed the door closed and she took a step closer to me.

"And?" I asked, smirking.

"Oh, I like what I see," she said, moving another step closer as she licked her lips. My heart began to pound again. It had been so long since I'd been involved with anyone, and Alice didn't feel like just 'anyone'. I genuinely liked her.

"Let's get those drinks." I side-stepped past her, but grabbed her hand and towed her behind me. I needed some liquid courage; not because I was afraid of being with a woman, but because I didn't want to risk rushing things and ruining them. I was usually so together; the way that she was making me feel made no sense to me.

I yanked the refrigerator open and peered inside. Hmm. I looked back around the door and smiled apologetically.

"I only have beer. I wasn't expecting company any time soon." She smiled at me.

"Beer's good," she assured me. I reached in and grabbed one, twisted the top off and handed it to her, then pulled one out for myself and opened it. I took a large drink from the bottle before I even closed the refrigerator door in an attempt to calm my nerves. When I looked up, Alice was watching me, smirking.

"Thirsty?" she asked. I just smiled and closed the refrigerator.

"C'mon. You said you wanted to watch a movie, right?"

I led her to the living room and pointed to the shelves where row after row of DVDs stood.

"You choose," I told her. She looked at the shelves and then back at me.

"This could take a while," she said seriously. I sank down onto the couch and kicked my boots off.

"Take as long as you like." I smiled at her and she returned it as she turned away and placed her beer on the side table.

I kept my eyes on her as she ran her finger along the cases, her head tilted to one side to read the titles. Every so often she'd pull one out and study the case, and then she'd shake her head and slide it back into its place.

Suddenly she squealed and yanked one out. I watched her in amusement. She ran over and sat on my lap, surprising me. I swallowed deeply at the feel of her small body touching my own.

She held the DVD case to her chest so I couldn't see what it was.

"This," she announced. "Is possibly my favourite movie ever. I used to love it when I was a kid, but I haven't seen it in years!"

"What is it?" I asked her, unsure exactly of where to put my hands but keeping them pointedly to myself like the gentleman I'd been raised to be. She flipped it around and held it up for me to see.

"The Wizard of Oz!" she exclaimed. Suddenly her face looked more serious again. "Actually, I can think of a whole new reason to love it now. It reminds me of three of the men in my life."

I was intrigued by this statement from her and was eager to know more.

"How so?" I asked.

"Well," she began, her voice softer now as she looked directly into my eyes, her face only inches away. "My brother, Emmett, he really needs a brain. Edward…well, he's in desperate need of a heart since that bitch shattered his." I wondered what the story was with Edward, but had a feeling that this wasn't a good time to interrupt her. "And you…" She paused and looked down at my lips and then back at my eyes. "I think you could use a little courage." She leaned forward slowly and placed her lips gently on mine.

Holy shit, that felt good. It had been too long since I'd had this kind of intimacy with a woman. I'd worked hard to be on my best behaviour with Alice, but I was beginning to get the message that my best behaviour wasn't necessarily what she wanted. If she wanted courage, that was fine. I could do that.

I responded to her kiss and pressed my lips a little more hungrily against hers. She parted her lips a little and swept her tongue across my lower lip. I opened my own mouth and allowed her in. She teased my tongue with hers, but each time I tried to deepen the kiss she pulled her tongue away. As soon as I backed off again, she'd start teasing me once more.

I wondered whether she was doing it on purpose to frustrate me or because she wanted me to take control. The next time she drew back, instead of retreating, I let my tongue follow hers and slip deeper into her mouth. Alice moaned loudly against me. Now I'd got it; control it was.

Without breaking the kiss, she readjusted herself on my lap so that she was straddling me. I gasped as she lowered herself right onto the place where my hard cock was straining against my jeans, and she hummed as she tilted her hips and rubbed herself against me.

The position meant that her short skirt had ridden up. I tried to keep my hands firmly on her waist, but the way she was grinding herself onto me and her words about courage caused me to slide my hands down, over the bunched-up fabric of her skirt and onto her hips. My flesh burned against hers and I hummed at the feel of her silky skin.

She rubbed against my crotch again and then lifted herself clear, without breaking our kiss. I automatically moved my hands onto her ass and pulled her back down onto me, causing her to pull away from my mouth and gasp at the contact.

Emboldened by her response, I trailed my mouth along her jaw to her neck, moving my mouth to kiss and suck my way down and across her shoulder, nudging her blouse out of the way with my nose as I went.

Suddenly Alice grabbed the hem of her blouse, yanking it up an over her head. Gazing at me, she reached behind her and unfastened her lacy red brassiere. My eyes remained locked with hers as she slid it off and discarded it; but once I gave in to temptation and glanced down at her breasts I couldn't tear my gaze away. They were small, yet perfect; my favorite kind.

I leaned forward and took one of her nipples into my mouth, sucking and grazing my teeth over them gently. As I moved to the other one I realized that she was trying to unbutton my shirt. I froze, moving my hand from her breast to cover her own hand with it. I moved it away from the buttons.

Alice was watching me with a puzzled look on her face.

"What's the matter? Don't you want to—"

"No, no! I do!" I cut in hurriedly. "I just…" I huffed in frustration. "Shall we take this somewhere more comfortable?" Preferably somewhere dark, I added silently.

"Ok," she replied; although I could tell that she was definitely not as relaxed as she had been. I knew that she was confused at me stopping her. I'd have to see what I could do about that. She climbed from my lap and pulled her skirt back down over her hips. I moved behind her and found the side zipper, sliding it down and letting her skirt slip to the floor as I kissed her neck. Quickly I moved to surprise her, placing an arm around her back and one behind her knees as I scooped her up into my arms.

She let out a squeal and I laughed. The laughter became mutual and she wrapped her arms around my neck as I carried her out of the room, up the stairs and into the bedroom. I didn't flick the light switch before I kicked the door closed behind me. The room was completely dark until our eyes adjusted to the faint glow of the street lamps that crept through the blind.

I put Alice down on my huge bed, knowing that she was going to complain about the lack of light.

"Jasper, it's so d—"

"Sssh." I cut her off, ready to thoroughly distract her so that she had no clue about her surroundings. Gently pushing her down I locked my mouth to hers, kissing her hungrily. I felt her fingers fumbling with my buttons again, but this time I let her, safe in the knowledge that the dark would hide the secrets of my past.

I hovered above her, holding my weight off her tiny frame. As she unfastened the last button and pushed my shirt off my shoulders, I knelt up. With my knees either side of her legs, I pulled my shirt off.

I was taken by surprise as Alice suddenly sat up and pushed me over, rolling me onto my back. She sat astride my thighs and I felt her unbuckling my belt and then popping the buttons on my fly. Her small, warm hand reached inside, and she gasped as she found my hard cock straight off.

"No underwear?" she asked me, giggling.

"Nope, I prefer to go commando." I told her as I ran my hands up and down her bare thighs, enjoying the sensation but wishing I could see her. I moved one hand across and slipped a finger inside her lace underwear. I gently ran the back of it downwards, across the smooth, bare skin. My cock twitched in her hand and she wrapped her fingers around it, stroking it up and down.

I moaned as my finger found the source of the moisture that had soaked her panties.

"Damn, Alice. You feel so good," I told her huskily, my voice affected by the things she was doing to my body and with hers.

I slipped my finger out of the lace and slid my thumb inside in its place. I moved it upwards between her slick folds, until I found the bundle of nerves nestled at the top. I passed my thumb gently over it and felt my heart thump as she cursed loudly and moved her body. Her hand tightened around my length as the sensation washed over her with each movement of my thumb. Suddenly I removed my thumb and she protested so loudly that I laughed affectionately at her.

"I just want to be naked with you," I told her.

Within seconds she had moved to pull my jeans off me and was back, laying next to me before I knew it. I took her in my arms. It was a long time since I'd held a woman like this and I'd forgotten how good it could feel, as we kissed some more.

Our grasping and stroking of each others' bodies was growing more frantic and I was almost certain now that sex was on the agenda. Some people may have felt sure before this point, but I'd had several experiences that had taught me that it's not always a sure thing, even once you're naked together.

"I want you," Alice murmured against my mouth.

"I want you too," I gasped back, as her hands stroked me. I moved to position myself over her.

"Shit!" I exclaimed, pausing.

"What?" Concern was evident in her voice.

"I don't have a condom," I admitted.

"Oh." The disappointment in her voice made me hate myself for getting to this point before I even thought about it.

"No, wait! I do! Don't move," I instructed her, placing a quick kiss on her mouth.

I clambered off the bed and made my way over to the closet, feeling for the door handle and pulling it open. The box of promotional packs of condoms was on top of another box, waiting to be moved to my new office. As I reached blindly in, I managed to dislodge it. It fell out and I felt the packs spilling out all over my feet. I cursed.

"Shall I put the light on?" Alice asked from the bed.

"No!" I barked, and then felt bad for snapping at her when she was trying to help. "Sorry, I meant no, I'm good. I've got one." I grabbed a pack off the floor and made my way back over to the bed.

I jumped eagerly back onto the soft mattress and immediately a pair of arms wrapped around my neck and pulled me in for a heated kiss.

"I missed you," she told me. I chuckled at the pout I could detect in her voice.

"I missed you too," I reassured her. And I meant it.

She pushed me back so that I was half propped up on the head-board. Finding my hand, Alice took the packet from me. I heard the sound of the packet being torn open, and then the smoother sound of the foil ripping.

Next thing I knew, she was holding my cock in her hand while she put the condom on with her mouth. I smiled as I thought of the times I'd wished I had a woman who'd do that. For a moment I thought I would come right there and then; it had been a while for me and that shit was hot. Luckily she was fast so the sensation didn't test me for too long. Before I knew it she was on her knees over me, my tip just brushing her entrance.

I placed my hands on her waist, just barely able to make out her outline in the dim light. How I wished I could watch her face as she sank down onto me. If the sounds she made as she did it were anything to go by it would have been spectacular to watch.

Alice was in complete control, which was fine by me. She moved and writhed on top of me, while I encouraged her by paying attention to every part of her that I could reach with my mouth or hands.

The darkness was filled with the sounds of our movements and of two people having a very fucking good time. Pun absolutely intended. Moans, groans, gasps, declarations and heavy breaths; they were all there.

After a while, Alice pressed her knees against me and coaxed our bodies over so that I was on top of her, without even our breaking contact. Her hands grabbed my ass and pulled me towards her, as though she were trying to push me deeper inside her. I already had this covered though and her hands were barely on me before I was thrusting deeper inside her.

I needed to slow down, or this was going to be over far more quickly than I considered acceptable. As her legs wrapped around my waist, I put one hand under her ass and sat up, bringing her with me. I sank down so I was sitting with my legs crossed, with Alice on my lap, legs still around my waist. She wrapped her arms around my neck as we sat nose to nose, our breaths deep and our bodies trembling as we slowed our pace right down.

There was something amazing about holding her this close to me; although in truth I felt that I'd only be happy if I was able to actually absorb her.

As we clung to one another we began a deep and intimate kiss, like nothing I'd ever experienced before. This girl was special. She lit fires in me that had long since been extinguished, and others that were being brought to flickering life for the very first time. It was a long time since I'd felt any sort of hope for myself, but now I did.

We continued that way, in an unbroken kiss, our bodies moving naturally together. At the exact moment that I felt my own climax approaching, she began to tighten around me.

In complete synchronicity, the likes of which I'd never known with any other woman before, we rode the powerful waves of pleasure out. We clung to one another as we broke our kiss to cry out, to gasp and moan, and finally to share a disbelieving laugh as we stilled. We stayed like that, in a tight embrace for a few moments, and then we sank down exhausted onto the mattress.

I must have dozed, because at some point I felt myself surfacing towards consciousness. I realized as I lay on my back, that my arms were empty. I opened my eyes to look for her outline in the darkness. Only it wasn't dark. The bathroom door stood open and the light was on, illuminating the bed, and my body on it, uncovered. There was no sign of Alice and so I turned my head in the other direction. She was sitting cross-legged next to me, gazing down at my chest, a pained expression on her face. I attempted to reach down and grab the tangle of covers from around my legs, but she put a hand out and stilled me.

"What happened to you, Jasper?" she asked softly. I exhaled quietly and turned my eyes away from her and then rubbed a hand over my face. "Who did this to you?" She reached out to touch the scars and I caught her hand in mine. She looked up from my chest and into my eyes. I stared back, my heart thumping. I'd never told anybody. Not a soul.

"My ex-wife."

I watched her face carefully, waiting for the snort of disbelief or any other sign that she thought I was lying, weak, or worse still that I must have done something to her to deserve it. Her actual reaction shocked me.

"I'm sorry," she said simply.

"Me too," I replied.

"Is this…" she gestured to my chest with her hand. "Is this why you left her?"

"No," I said, smiling sadly as I shook my head.

"No?" I could tell that she was trying hard to control her responses and I respected her greatly for that.

"This isn't the result of one incident. This is eight year's worth. It's quite the collection, huh?"

She was shaking her head in disbelief. She reached out again and this time I didn't stop her, although I did cringe slightly as her fingers made contact with the raised patterns at first.

"So why did you leave?" she whispered.

"She hit Charlotte." I pushed myself up so I was leaning with my back on the pillows. "I took it for eight years, but the moment she laid one finger on our five year old daughter, I was out of there so fast that she barely new what had happened."

"Well, if I ever meet that bitch, she better make sure she's got some good health insurance…"

"Sssh," I told her, smiling at the fire in her eyes. "That would make you no better, and you're worth a million of her. I don't wish her any harm; I just wish she'd get some help."

Alice smiled down at me, then lay down and snuggled up in my arms.

"Jasper, if a good soul could protect a person from harm, then your chest would still be as flawless as the day you were born." My heart leapt.

"Where did you come from?" I asked her, my voice a revered whisper.

"I was here all along," she replied. "You've kept me waiting a long time." I smiled.

"I'm sorry ma'am," I told her in my thickest Texan accent. She smiled and moved to press her lips gently to mine.

"Just make sure you don't go away again," she whispered.

"I have no intention of going anywhere. Not anymore." It was the truth.

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