I don't own X-Men Evolution Characters, the nativity story in the bible, and I hope the lawyers don't sue. I will be sure as a follower of Jesus that I don't mean to offend other people who don't celebrate the holiday.


Jean-Mary (She is around the real Mary's age)

Logan –Joseph (Yes he is ancient but Joseph was historically reported to be an older man than Mary plus Jean and Logan had some romantic history in the comics)

Saber tooth-Herod (Obvious choice considering his bloody nature and besides it would open a can of worms having Magneto being him)

Angel- Gabriel (This was definitely an easy role to pick out)

Storm- Elizabeth (She was the only older female I knew who is friendly with Jean besides Mystique)

Professor Xavier -Zechariah (He is a great fatherly figure plus he looks the part of a priest)

Fred, Todd, and Pyro-the three shepherds (Yes because they seem like the type of simpletons who would be the most unlikely people to witness the Messiah's birth)

Magneto – Inn keeper (I was thinking of him of being Zechariah but nixed it)

Pior, Hank, and Forge- The three wise men (I can certainly say that Hank and Forge are smart; I put in Pior because I needed another spot)

Jean-Although I like the idea of getting the main role but pretending to be Logan's wife is crossing the line and he's old enough to be my great-great-great-grandfather.

Logan-Hey Red, I don't like the idea but we are in contract and yes I tried to shred the dang thing but that woman has back ups so we can't get out of it.

Saber tooth- I don't care much about the play but anything endorsing cruelty is good in my book

Logan-Not if I have something to say about it

Then both Logan and Saber tooth got into a bawl that destroyed half the set luckily I had them shot with tranquilizers to stop them

Storm-I can't complain but I am reluctant about playing a character beyond my age.

Angel-Why do I always get type casted into angel roles it gets so old?

Professor Xavier- I myself am rather pleased with my role. I have always wanted to act on the stage but due to my disability couldn't

Fred- I wonder if we get to eat the sheep during the production

Todd- Fred don't say that out loud or she might tape your mouth shut

Pyro- If she does allow it I would be sure happy to make some roasted lamb chomps

Jean- Huh, why did she let you guys in this story?

Fred- We had nothing to do and Red I would be nicer at this time of year

Magneto- I mostly skip Christmas related stuff but I don't trust leaving Pyro any where that he start the fire and I have to clean up the mess

Smoke started to appear as Pyro came out from the back stage yelling

Pyro-Burn baby Burn

Magneto-I spoke too soon

Me-Okay he's your responsibility so you pay for his destruction

He grumbled as he took out his check book

Forge- Who's giving what gift lady?

Me-Huh, do I have to repeat myself again you give the myrrh, Hank gives the frankincense, and Pior gives the gold!

Forge- Geez, Lady no need to get touchy

Me- Come on I want all of you to get ready and start the play

All of them did as I commanded

Me- This is going to be a exhausting play