Chapter 1

I stared up at the stars. Halloween tomorrow. I thought happily. Halloween was my favourite holiday.

"This is Halloween, this is Halloween." I sang quietly. Oh, my name's Hazel, and in case you are wondering, I love The Nightmare Before Christmas movie. I dream about visiting Halloween Town, and all the other towns too. Tomorrow I was going to go into the forest next to our house and go looking for the doors. My friends think I'm weird, but I'm going to look anyway. My mum opened my bedroom door.

"Hazel, Scarlet's here."

"Thanks Mum." I replied and hopped off my bed. Mum left and I followed her down to the living room.

"Hi Scarlet."

"Hi Hazel!" Scarlet jumped off the couch. "Um, I kinda need some help." she confessed.

"With what?" I asked, even though I was pretty sure.

"My Halloween costume." She grinned ruefully at me, blue eyes twinkling. I grinned back. Every year, the day before Halloween, Scarlet came over and asked for an idea for a costume.

"Let's go to my room." I suggested.

"Alright." Scarlet agreed and followed me up. In my bedroom, I shut the door and sat down next to Scarlet on my bed.

"So, what were you thinking?" I asked.

"Um, I don't know, uh. Ghost?" Scarlet said the first thing that came to her head. I shook my head. Ghosts were so old.

"How about a movie character?" I suggested.

"What are you going as?" Scarlet asked me.

"A winged demon." I said and jokingly bared my teeth and growled at her. "Grr!"

"Well, I think I'll go as... a devil." Scarlet told me after much thinking.

"A devil?" I asked sceptically. That was so unoriginal.

"A black devil." Scarlet amended quickly.

"Hmm..." I looked at her with a smile. "Ok, great. Now lets start making our costumes!"

"We need black material for me and... what does winged demon look like?" Scarlet asked curiously.

"Just get lots of black material, pillow stuffing, pipe cleaners and cardboard. And don't forget the sewing kit!" I called after her as she closed the door. I had lots of art stuff and material under the stairs specially for Halloween costumes. She came back a few minutes later and we got to work. An hour or two later we held up our finished costumes. Mine was a black dress that stopped halfway to the knees and black tights, with huge black bat wings that arched over my head and trailed on the ground. I also had a black tail. Scarlet's was a red jumper and long black pants with a black tail and black devil horns. We looked at each other's costumes.

"Wow." I said to Scarlet. "That's really good."
She, however was gaping at mine. "That's so good! You could win a prize for that!"

"It's not that good." I said blushing. "Lets try them on!" I said, changing the subject. Scarlet went into my walk-in closet to try hers on. When she came out, I smiled.
"You look great!" I told her. "Go show my mum."
"No, I'll show them on Halloween." She replied. She took her costume off and came back out. I picked up my costume and went in to put it on. As I came out, Scarlet grinned.
"Wow! You look awesome!" Scarlet told me. I grinned back at her and changed back into normal clothes. When I came out, Scarlet had folded up her devil costume.
"I better go now." She said.

"See you tomorrow!" I replied. Scarlet grinned and left, taking her costume with her.