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Chapter 5

Scarlet and I stared. There were numerous torture devices littering the room or lodged in the walls. It was exactly like in the movie!

"Wow." I said, finding my voice. This was totally awesome! "Thanks for letting us stay." I said to Shock.

"Our pleasure." Lock drawled leaning on the couch. Shock whacked him with her mask for – how many times had she hit him? - the third time today.

"He's gonna get a sore head soon." Scarlet whispered and I giggled. The trio immediately stared suspiciously at me.

"What's so funny?" Shock demanded. I shook my head.

"Nothing." Shock stared at me a little longer, than shrugged and turned away.

"We were going to prank the Mayor before you guys arrived." Barrel commented, licking his lollipop. [I just realised this is the first time for ages that Barrel has said something.]

"Oh yeah!" Lock said, yellow eyes lighting up.

"Well what are we waiting for?" Shock asked.

"Lets-" Shock.

"Go-" Lock.

"Prank-" Barrel.

"The-" Scarlet.

"Mayor!" Me.

Lock, Shock and Barrel looked at us for a second, then burst out laughing. They ran to the cage elevator and went inside. As the cage lowered, I stood on the cage and held onto the rope. Scarlet hung from the edges f the trapdoor and allowed herself to drop the remaining space between her and the ground, which wasn't very far. I jumped of the cage just after the trio got out. The trio watched our strange ways of getting down with curiosity.
"Come on, lets go!" I called, and they giggled and ran off. Scarlet and I followed after them.

We climbed silently into the attic of the Town Hall, with a microphone and mischievous thoughts. So far, we crept ninja-style into the Town Hall, connected this microphone to the speakers and disconnected the original microphone. Now to wait for the next unimportant Town Meeting, which wouldn't be very long, because the Mayor held random meetings all the time, according to Lock, Shock and Barrel. We waited, trying to hold back our giggles as the Town Hall filled with monsters. The Mayor took is place at the microphone. I took short, quiet breaths to stop giggling. Scarlet held her breath, then let it out very slowly and silently. We were calm again. I made shush motions with my hands, and Barrel smirked, Lock put both hands over his mouth and Shock took the microphone. None of us were giggling anymore, but on the inside we were laughing hysterically. The Mayor took a breath to speak into the microphone.

"Go now!" I whispered to Shock. She giggled, and spoke.

"I'm the Mayor and I think I'm so great!" she said in a poor imitation of the Mayor's voice.

"My turn!" Barrel whispered and snatched the microphone.

"I'm the Mayor, and I like pink underwear!" Lock took the microphone of Barrel before he spoilt it by laughing into the microphone.

"I'm the Mayor, and I look dumb!" Lock said defiantly. All five of us collapsed into giggles, Lock covering the mic so that it didn't catch our giggles.

"Let us have a go!" Scarlet volunteered. Lock wordlessly handed over the mic, trying not to giggle. I took it, and after a moment's pause, I began.

"I'm the Mayor, and I always let Lock, Shock, Barrel and their friends do whatever they want!" I said in quite a good imitation of the Mayor's voice. Scarlet took the microphone laughing.

"I'm the Mayor and I SMELL!" she said childishly. We all looked at her for a second, then burst out laughing.

"That was the best. Prank. EVER!" Lock yelled afterwards.

"Yep." I agreed. "Definitely."

"But now we are going to go to bed." Scarlet said firmly. The trio looked at her, about to complain when they saw her face.

"Okay." They said meekly. Shock took Scarlet and I by the hand and led us to the couch.
"One of you can sleep here, one of you can sleep there." Shock pointed to the couch, and then to a huge, and I mean huge, mound of pillows.

"You know, I choose the pillows." I said casually.

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