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Chapter 2: It Started Here

Kyouko opened her eyes and saw nothing but darkness. Her body felt warm and comfortable lying on the soft mattress and surrounded by fluffy pillows and being covered by a soft blanket. The first light that caught her eyes were the red digital numbers of her clock beside her bed. The time was 10:47pm.

'… Its 10 pm...' …

"10PM!" Kyouko screamed and jumped out of her bed, as soon as she did that her whole world turned and she had to kneel next to the bed so she could lean her head on it.

"oww…" Kyouko heard a door got banged open and the lights were turned on.

"Kyouko? What happened? Did you fall off the bed?" Kyouko turned her head a bit sluggishly to the source of the voice. It was her neighbor… He looked different then how she usually sees him. Right now his hair was a bit messed up (A/n: Ren's sexy bed hair! XD), wearing a simple t-shirt and khaki pants, and he was barefoot. Holding in his right hand was a phone. The man came next to her and helped her sit on the bed.

"How are you feeling?" He asked, concerned. Kyouko looked around her in confusion.

"Wh- where am I?" Kyouko asked, worried.

"Don't you remember? Well, you had a very high fever and since there was no one to take care of you in your house I brought you here" The man said

"I… Was? Oh yes, I think I remember…" Flash backs from that time came and once again Kyouko felt alarmed.

"The letters, I have to go and explain-"

"No need" was the quick reply. Kyouko turned to the Ren in surprise.

"What do you mean?" Ren seemed to have realized he responded to quickly and cleared his throat to hide his embarrassment.

"I know I have no business doing so but I wanted to help so I called a friend of mine to help sort out the problem about the banks. You're under aged you see, you're not eligible to handle it" Kyouko looked at Ren with relief filled eyes but then another thought came to her.


"Yes, but you are underage so… I just told my friend to make something up why you've been living with me al the times your mother wasn't here." Kyouko stared at him blankly for a little while. 'Wha-?'

"What? L-living with-" Kyouko couldn't help it, a deep red blush crept onto her cheeks. Ren's eyes widened as he also realized what he said and looked away to composed himself.

"That's not what I-" Ren cleared his throat and turned to face Kyouko with his usual calm face.

"If they learned a minor was living on her own, they would have sent someone to take you. Well I should have asked first. I'm sorry… I did unnecessary things" He said in such a gentle and sincere sounding voice… Kyouko didn't have to know he practiced the whole night for this one conversation. Kyouko's smiled at the kindness this man was going to such length for her.

"I… Never thought of that, thank you so much for everything… Oh no! I need to call work! C- can I use your phone, please?" She asked in a tiny voice. Feeling guilty of having to trouble the man again. Ren gave her his phone without hesitation having his own thoughts like 'How could you be thinking about work when you're like this?' He frowned inward.

"I'm just gong to call to let them know what happened" She told Ren as if to try and make him understand why she was doing this. Ren just nodded and got up.

"I'll get you some water, just try to rest some more when you're done with you're call alright?" He said and left the room. Kyouko's hands shook slightly. She wasn't sure what to do after her call. After Ren gave her a drink, He had to force her to rest some more and insisted they will figure this out in the morning. Kyouko, almost against her will, complied.

Early The Next Day

Kyouko woke up slowly, almost finding it painful to leave the comfort of the bed but she had too, she had responsibilities to take care of. She can relax when this is all over. Almost tiptoeing, Kyouko got out of her room and looked around. She was in the living room and for a small house, the inside décor and furniture's were all very expensive looking. Ren even have a huge flat screen TV.

'Where is he?' She thought to herself. She walked around the house and ended up in the kitchen. She blinked when she got there. It was so clean and sparkly and… Unused! Kyouko frowned. 'Such a shame, it has 2 oven, a dish washer and a huge fridge, I'd love to cook here…' She couldn't helped it, Kyouko tiptoed towards the fridge and looked behind her nervously. 'I just want to know what he eats-' She opened the door and her jaw dropped. The fridge was packed with boxes and boxes of microwavable food and instant coffee packs!

Kyouko's lips trembled a bit. 'I-its so… Unhealthy!' After getting over her shock, Kyouko closed the fridge door and turned around to leave. It was then that she saw the note on the table. Kyouko picked it up and read:

Ms Kyouko

Gone for a little while. Please stay in the house till I get

Back. Make yourself at home. There is food in the fridge and

some clean clothes on the foot of the bed. I'll be back soon


"S-stay here?" she gasped. Was that really okay? She was a stranger! How could Ren trust her so easily! What if she really was a thief or- or something like that. Suddenly, guilt took over her, this was a feeling she would have all the time when her mother was home. Its almost become like second nature. It was horrible really but she couldn't help it. When something bad happened to her mother, she'd always feel that somehow it was her fault. Kyouko embraced herself for comfort feeling so alone. 'I must have been troubling him… I have to make it up… ' "That's right, food!" Kyouko nodded to herself. That was what she was best at! She'll cook Ren a delicious meal. Then she remembered that Ren told her to stay here until he got back… Surely Ren wouldn't mind a lot if she just went out to buy some groceries…

5 minutes later and Kyouko was out the door.

Grocery Store

Kyouko didn't mind that she was using her tightly kept money for groceries. The only problem was that she didn't know what kind of food Ren liked. Looking round and comparing prices, Kyouko didn't notice curious pair of eyes watching her. The figure stepped closer and placed on a fake smile.

"My, is this little Kyouko?" Upon hearing her name, Kyouko turned around to see her neighbor from across the street. Mrs. Margaret Crooner was a loud and jolly woman, at least Kyouko seemed to think so. They don't get along with her mother though.

"Mrs. Crooner, Hello" Kyouko said with a smile.

"Kyouko dear, in a shopping spree so early in the day?"

"Yes, I'm cooking for… A friend"

"Well, isn't that great! And I thought you were a loner, always working and no time for play. Sometimes I even wondered if you don't like people." Mrs. Cooner said laughing in her usual loud voice and this attracted attention. Kyouko's ears turned pink.

"Well, I'm no-"

"You know Kyouko" Mrs. Cooner said, having a sudden idea. " I have a nephew who's coming over next week. He's just about your age and I think it would be great if you could show him around town, that is if you have time." Kyouko gave a polite smile. " Mrs. Cooner, I don't think I-" She trailed off as Mrs. Cooner 's phone rang. "Oh, would you excuse me for a moment dear, Its my husband" Kyouko gave a polite nod and waited patiently as she was told. It didn't take long and as soon as Mrs. Cooner hung up she turned to Kyouko with a jolly smile.

"Kyouko dear, I'll just contact you when my nephew gets here. Thank you so much for your help it really means a great deal to me and my husband!"

"E-eh?" She said, a polite smile plastered on her face. "Oh but-"

"Oh, my. Is that the time! Oh I would love to stay and chat but I must get going" Mrs. Crooner gave a perplexed Kyouko a big hug and with a hearty laugh, walked away. Kyouko stood there for a moment then gave an small exhausted sigh. 'I guess… I'll have to do it…'

Not long after that, Kyouko left the grocery store. Kyouko decided to make soup since it was a bit cold today.

Luckily, Ren had an extra key hung near the front door and she took it before she left. Kyouko entered the house, making as little noise as possible. She listened and sighed in relief. 'He's not back yet, that's good'

Feeling slightly nervous and giddy, Kyouko made a beeline for the kitchen. Its been a long time since she last cooked for someone. When She and Shotaro were still friends, Kyouko would always make an effort to him a bento because he'd always tell her how good her cooking was. She'd then be so happy when Shotaro returned the bento empty.

Not wasting a single minute, Kyouko began to unload the groceries and started chopping.

It was lunch time when Ren returned. Kyouko was sitting in the kitchen, waiting eagerly for his arrival. All the while thinking- 'Will he like it?' 'Will he think it's a bother?' 'I hope he's not allergic to any of this-'

"Kyouko?" Kyouko stood up and faced the door to the kitchen as Ren entered. "Wow" He breathed when he saw the food prepared for him. "You made this?"

"I- I hope its okay. Its just that you've done so much for me and I wanted to repay you somehow and this was all I could think of so I hope this is okay! I mean, I know you said I should stay here and wait for you but-"

"Kyouko" There was something in Ren's voice that made Kyouko pause. She looked at Ren and saw him giving her a gentle smile.

"Its been such a long time since someone's cooked for me… Thank you" Kyouko's eyes widened and her heart began to pound. 'Oh wow.. He's so handsome. His girlfriend is so lucky!' she thought and returned a smile.

"I'm so glad" Ren oulled a chair and motioned for Kyouko to sit. A bit surprised, Kyouko sat blushing.

"Oh- um, I just cooked for you…" Ren sat on the opposite side of the table and looked at Kyouko.

"Ms Kyouko, I'd love it if you'd join me in eating this magnificent feast you have prepared for me" Kyouko looked down and gave a small giggle.

"Its just cabbage soup and fried fish" Ren gave a smile showing his pearly white teeth. Again Kyouko had to calm herself because heart was pounding so fast. 'He really is so handsome…' before her thoughts could go in a direction she'd rather not, She took a bowl and filled it with soup and gave it to Ren.

"Here you go"

"Thank you" He said in kind. Kyouko gave a shy smile then served Ren rice.

They ate together. Kyouko found out that Ren couldn't cook for his life and had survived with microwavable since he'd started living alone. She also enjoyed telling him about some of the oddest jobs she's ever worked in. Ren was being so charming that for a moment, Kyouko forgot about all her worries. When they were done eating, Kyouko stood up to clean the dishes but Ren motioned for her to sit down.

"I wanted to talk to you about something."

"Yes?" Kyouko said eagerly.

"Its about your situation… I'm not going to force you, I just wanted you to know that you can always have this option"

"Option?" Ren reached over the table and for a moment, Kyouko thought he was going to grab her hand but then he seemed to hesitate and pulled it back.

"Kyouko… While you're mother Is not around, Why don't you stay here with me?" Kyouko's back stiffened.

"E-eh?" Ren combed a hand through his hair and gave a lopsided smile.

"I'm sorry, was I too straight forward?" Kyouko didn't look him in the eyes incase he might see how much she wanted to say yes.

"Its just that, Your always alone in that house and its just not safe. I have an extra room here…"

"Well… I- I don't know" She said, still not looking at Ren. "I would feel bad living here for free… And who would take care of the house? A-and… "

"Your house is next door, you can go anytime you want. If you descide to stay here, I can pay for all your school expenses. You don't have to worry about your food or the bills-"

"I- I don't want charity!" Kyouko said in a small yet pained voice. She's been looked down to all her life, She didn't want this man to look at her that way too.

"Charity? I was hoping you do something in return for me" Kyouko's head snapped up

"Really?" She said that a little too eagerly and had to fight the blush away. Ren playful smile that sent her heart into hyper drive.

"Kyouko, you've seen my fridge right? And frankly I'm sick of it and I don't like fast food… I want you to cook for me"

"… Cook?"


"Just… Just cook?" Ren's smile widened.

"Yes" Kyouko swallowed hard. It was just too good to be true. He was willing to take care of her in return she gets to cook his meals… It was too easy! Kyouko opened her mouth to answer but no voice came out. Ren must have noticed the struggle in her because he reached out across the table and gently held Kyouko's hands in his. Her hands looked so tiny in his. Long slender fingers, so warm and slightly rough against her hands. Kyouko's eyes were transfixed.

"Relax Kyouko, I'm not forcing you to accept my proposition-"

"I'll do it!" Ren froze and so did Kyouko. They stared at each other eye to eye and for a few moments no one dared to move. Then suddenly a wide smile appeared on Ren's face. His eyes sparkling and in a deep and husky voice he said "Thank you" Kyouko's face burned red. Ren was still holding her hands and it was starting to burn where Ren touched. She was getting to nervous that she was positive Ren could feel her shaking. If he did, he gave no indication instead he gently released her hands.

"I'm really happy, tonight were eating out as a celebration!" Kyouko's eyes widened

"Oh, no there's no need!" She said, with a shake of her hands. "I- I'll clean the dishes now!" It was at that moment that the house phone rang. Kyouko heard Ren's chair being pushed back and thought he was going to answer the phone but to her surprise, a hand fell on left hand which was holding a sponge. Kyouko stood stiff as Ren's face came closer to her left side. Then in a low voice he said

"Kyouko, this made me really happy, thank you" And with that, Ren released her hand and left the kitchen. Kyouko's knees buckled and was now kneeling in front of the sink. She brought a hand to her chest and closed her eyes. She'd never felt something like this before. It was like she couldn't breath because of nervousness.

Was it really going to be okay after all?

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